8 The Best 5wt Fly Reels

  1. Aventik Z Center Drag System Classic III
  2. Piscifun Sword ‖ CNC-machined Aluminum Alloy Body
  3. Orvis Clearwater Large Arbor
  4. Redington Crosswater
  5. M MAXIMUMCATCH Maxcatch Tino
  6. ANGLER DREAM EX-ALC CNC Machined Aluminum
  7. Orvis Battenkill Disc Drag
  8. ANGRYFISH with CNC-machined Aluminum Alloy Body
TOP #1
Aventik Z Center Drag System Classic III 5wt fly reel
Aventik Z Center Drag System Classic III 5wt fly reel

  • Polymeric material made for durability and corrosion resistance
  • Rugged central disc drag for extremely smooth and consistent drag control. One-way bearing for easy conversion between hands, silent forward retrieve, and a clear clicker sound on drag
  • Size info: 3/4 dia 76mm Weight 4.2oz/120g Line capacity, WF3F+60m backing. 5/6 dia 86mm Weight 4.9oz/140g
  • Unique Line Weight Identification: Aventik unique design allows you to easily identify the line weight and floatbility on each spool
  • 5wt fly reel
TOP #2
Piscifun Sword ‖ CNC-machined Aluminum Alloy Body 5wt fly reel
Piscifun Sword ‖ CNC-machined Aluminum Alloy Body 5wt fly reel

  • Three-Year Warranty
  • Solid And Lighter Weight – Precision CNC-machined 6061-T6 aluminum alloy for high-impact durability
  • Silky Smooth Drag – Multi-disc cork and stainless steel drag system with one-way clutch bearing
  • Corrosion Resistance – Hard anodized for surface protection increases abrasion resistance and weather fastness; Cold forged and tempered for superior strength and rigidity.
  • Mid-Arbor Design – Reducing line memory while also facilitating lightning-quick line pickup.
  • 5wt fly reel
TOP #3
Orvis Clearwater Large Arbor 5wt fly reel
Orvis Clearwater Large Arbor 5wt fly reel

  • Orvis Clearwater Large Arbor II Fly Reel – 4-6WT
  • A great new die-cast reel design with a stealthy matte-gray powder-coat finish
  • Easily converted to either left- or right-hand retrieve
  • Size II (4-6 wt., Size IV (7-9 wt. In gray
  • 5wt fly reel
TOP #4
Redington Crosswater 5wt fly reel
Redington Crosswater 5wt fly reel

  • Cloth reel bag included
  • Durable composite design with easy to change spool, large arbor design for easier and quicker retrieve
  • Strong disc drag System for stopping power
  • Easily converts to right or left hand retrieve
  • Limited 1 year Warranty
  • 5wt fly reel
TOP #5
M MAXIMUMCATCH Maxcatch Tino 5wt fly reel
M MAXIMUMCATCH Maxcatch Tino 5wt fly reel

  • New TINO fly fishing reel from Maxcatch, Pre-loaded with WF5F fly line, backing line and tapered leader
  • Strong and Durable All-aluminum construction with CNC cutting for reinforcement, Large arbor design for rapid line retrieval
  • Rugged disc drag for putting serious pressure on the fish.Teflon disc and stainless steel drag system with one-way clutch bearing allow for smooth, immediate drag engagement
  • One-way bearing for quick and easy left-to-right hand retrieval switch with no tools needed in 30 seconds
  • 5wt fly reel
TOP #6
ANGLER DREAM EX-ALC CNC Machined Aluminum 5wt fly reel
ANGLER DREAM EX-ALC CNC Machined Aluminum 5wt fly reel

  • CNC-machined: This fly reel is made of CNC-machined 6061-T6 aluminum alloy
  • A killer fresh water fly reel for multi species fishing in rivers, lakes, streams, creeks
  • Light Weight: larger CNC hollow design makes the reel lighter than ordinary ones.
  • Warning: This reel is designed for Clear water
  • Size for You: 3/4 5/6 7/8 9/10WT and silver/gunsomke color fly fishing reel.
  • 5wt fly reel
TOP #7
Orvis Battenkill Disc Drag 5wt fly reel
Orvis Battenkill Disc Drag 5wt fly reel

  • Mid-arbor design
  • Technically superior sealed-drag based on the Hydros SL
  • Ported jewel finish
  • Battle-tested performance, remarkably accessible price
  • 5wt fly reel
TOP #8
ANGRYFISH with CNC-machined Aluminum Alloy Body 5wt fly reel
ANGRYFISH with CNC-machined Aluminum Alloy Body 5wt fly reel

  • Precision CNC-machined 6061-T6 aluminum alloy for high-impact durability
  • Hard anodized for surface protection increases abrasion resistance and weather fastness. Cold forged and tempered for superior strength and rigidity
  • A great balance between backing capacity and rapid line pickup, not easy for line backlash
  • Used in multi-species fly fishing
  • All Aluminum handle provides more comfortable design and easily converts to left or right hand retrieve
  • 5wt fly reel

Aventik Z Center Drag System Classic III 5wt fly reel

Aventik Z Center Drag System Classic III 5wt fly reel

  • Aventik C-III, Classic III, is new graphite large arbor fly reel, light weight and strong. Polymeric material made for durability and corrosion resistance. Large arbor design for backing capacity and fast retrieve. Two extra spools are constructed in polycarbonate shock and break proof.
  • Rugged central disc drag for extremely smooth and consistent drag control. One-way bearing for easy conversion between hands, silent forward retrieve, and a clear clicker sound on drag
  • Size info: 3/4 dia 76mm Weight 4.2oz/120g Line capacity, WF3F+60m backing. 5/6 dia 86mm Weight 4.9oz/140g Line capacity, WF5F+60m backing. 7/8 dia 96mm Weight 5.3oz/150g Line capacity WF7F+80m backing.
  • Unique Line Weight Identification: Aventik unique design allows you to easily identify the line weight and floatbility on each spool.
  • 5wt fly reel

  • Manufacturer: Aventik
  • Brand: Aventik
  • Material: Graphite
  • Color: 3/4 Cassette
  • Fishing Line Type: Fly
  • Type: 5wt fly reel

Piscifun Sword ‖ CNC-machined Aluminum Alloy Body 5wt fly reel

Piscifun Sword ‖ CNC-machined Aluminum Alloy Body 5wt fly reel

  • Three-Year Warranty – Your reel has been set at the factory for left-hand retrieve. To convert your reel to right-hand retrieve, please contact us for guidance.
  • Solid And Lighter Weight – Precision CNC-machined 6061-T6 aluminum alloy for high-impact durability; Larger CNC hollow design makes the reel lighter than ordinary ones.
  • Silky Smooth Drag – Multi-disc cork and stainless steel drag system with one-way clutch bearing for smooth immediate drag engagement. Accurate click drag and silent retrieve.
  • Corrosion Resistance – Hard anodized for surface protection increases abrasion resistance and weather fastness; Cold forged and tempered for superior strength and rigidity.
  • Mid-Arbor Design – Reducing line memory while also facilitating lightning-quick line pickup.
  • 5wt fly reel

  • Product Dimensions: 0.1 x 0.1 x 0.1 inches; 4 Ounces
  • Manufacturer: Piscifun
  • Brand: Piscifun
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Hand Orientation: Ambidextrous
  • Color: Black
  • Item Weight: 4.61 Ounces
  • Fishing Line Type: Fly
  • Bearing Material: Stainless Steel
  • Type: 5wt fly reel

I’m fishy bee with fly fish tx and I’d like to walk you through the features fun sword fly reel and show you a bonus, fly fishing adventure of the sword reel in action, taking on big louisiana, redfish and black drum. We used the sword, 910 weight reel the entire day and saw backing with every fish we brought to the boat and the reel worked absolutely perfectly uh truth be told knuckles when you get out of bed now for less than a 20 pound fish in a shrimp basket, and who can blame him he’s ruined on salt water, the real upon initial glance? It’s simply hot uh has an absolute beautiful finish to it.

Uh I really like the gunmetal and green accents makes it look really sharp. In my opinion, uh when you place the reel in your hand, it’s solid, precise and has a really tight tolerance. There’s absolutely no play, and given this drill at all, the sword reel is equipped with a mid arbor spool. This is great for reducing line memory, while also facilitating quick line pickup off the water.

This is a real benefit when finessing big fish on like tippet. Also this reel here has 150 yards of 20 pound backing and 11 weight line, and there’s still ample room on this spool for additional backing. If you want to add some more, I mentioned that the sword wheel is solid, but it’s also extremely lightweight too. It is a precision cnc machine from 6061 t6, aluminum alloy for high impact and durability.

You’ll also notice the larger cnc hollow design, which makes for a lighter reel compared to other reels in the same size. The person I like the extreme hollow body design makes it look really sharp. The sword reel has a hard anodized treatment, which is which increases the abrasion resistance and weather fastness. It’s also cold, forged and tempered, which makes it tough as nails.

If I had a nail right now and a board, I tried to drive my nail with it so, but I don’t I’ve been saving the best part of this reel for last and that’s the drag system. The sword reel comes with a multi, disc, cork and stainless steel drag system. The click drag design provides an accurate and repeatable drag setting, and it’s a very silent whenever you’re doing your retrieve and very smooth, you can’t even hear it also.

I love the drag adjustment knob it’s a little bit bigger than normal and has a knurled edge on it. So it’s really easy to grab onto whenever you’re fighting big fish, so you can make adjustments quickly with it. Okay enough talking, let’s see this sword reel in action and we’ll come back and discuss maintenance, so you.

About this item three-year warranty your left-hand retrieve to convert your reel to right-hand retrieve. Please contact us for guidance, silky, smooth, drag, multi-disc, cork and stainless steel drag system with one-way clutch. Bearing for smooth immediate drag engagement, accurate click drag and silent, retrieve, solid and lightweight precision, cnc machine 6061, t6, aluminum alloy for high impact durability, larger cnc, hollow design makes the real lighter than ordinary ones.

Corrosion resistance, hard anodized for surface protection, increases, abrasion resistance and weather fastness, cold forged and tempered for superior strength and rigidity, mid arbor design, reducing line memory while also facilitating lightning quickline pickup. You.

Introducing the pc fun sword 2. The sword, 2 is loaded with incredible features. Giving you amazing, fishability the cnc, machined t6, aluminum alloy frame, makes this real light and comfortable. The multi-disc, cork and stainless steel drag system is ultra smooth for battles with big fish. The mid arbor design reduces line memory, while also facilitating lightning quick line.

Pick the hard anodized service increases, abrasion resistance and weather fastness check out the pc fun sword. 2 today do bye.

Orvis Clearwater Large Arbor 5wt fly reel

Orvis Clearwater Large Arbor 5wt fly reel

A great new die-cast reel design with a stealthy matte-gray powder-coat finish, the Clearwater Large Arbor is still the best performance-to-value reel in the industry. With a powerful inline, Carbon-to-stainless, stacked disc drag that can hold its own with high-performance machined reels, the new Clearwater Large Arbor is easily converted to either left- or right-hand retrieve and has a positive click drag knob for consistent settings every time. Whether you’re looking for your first large arbor or want a spare reel or two in the bag, this modern and updated Clearwater Large Arbor can handle anything a machined reel can and looks awesome doing it. Size II (4-6 wt., Size IV (7-9 wt. In gray. Imported.

  • Manufacturer: Orvis
  • Brand: Orvis
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Hand Orientation: Ambidextrous
  • Color: Gray
  • Fishing Line Type: Fly
  • Type: 5wt fly reel

Hey folks figured I’d, give a quick review here fly rods. I got my hands on this summer. We’ve got the echo carbon xl, this one’s a four weight, eight foot four inch, and then we got the orvis clear water. This one’s also a four weight. Eight foot six inch so basically the same class rod uh the orvis retails around 198 dollars, because echo was about 164 dollars, but anyway, earlier this year I bought the clearwater first uh sort of got back into fly fishing this year, after not doing it.

For a little while- and I noticed a nice rod- had no issues with it, but it felt a little bit heavy uh for a 4 weight, both in swing weight and in stiffness a little bit more than I was expecting so as the summer went on. I also wanted to get a smaller rod for some native streams and I had trouble finding two weights anywhere and I ended up finding an echo two weight and once I got that rod and started fishing with it, the feel was so good.

I thought you know what I want to see what their four weights are like. So I actually then got this four weight. It’s the carbon excel version. They have some different grades and I’ll tell you. The big difference is uh. The echo has a lot softer, feel a lot lighter swing weight and for the fishing I’m doing. You know medium to smaller size streams, usually not casting really far.

You know, probably 30 foot and in typically, and what I found was the orvis clear waters, just a little stiff for that you don’t quite get the line, feel you want and the swing weight’s fairly heavy on it. Where this echo 4 weight. A lot lighter hand feel feel in the hand with the swing weight, and you really feel the line a lot better on those shorter casts.

Now again, I’m using mostly dry flies, maybe a dry dropper. So I’m not slinging big uh. You know bigger, nymph rigs or streamers, very much if you were doing the heavier stuff or really looking for pure distance. You know probably that clear water would be what you want, but if you’re going to be using more lighter fries dry fly fishing and a little bit closer in the uh.

Echo is going to give you a lot. Silkier nicer feel so anyway, you can see. I bought the uh orvis as a package uh. I like the real lots. I actually have the reel on the echo, because that’s the the run I’m primarily using just because of the better feel, but hopefully this is helpful to you if you’re shopping around for some of these rods again they’re both similar price points, but if you’re looking for a little bit lighter, feel more dry fly fishing closer in I’d, go with the echo.

If you’re looking for something that’s got a little more power probably feels a little bit more closer to a five-weight rod than you go with the clear water, nothing wrong with that rod either hope this helps appreciate it. Folks.

Redington Crosswater 5wt fly reel

Redington Crosswater 5wt fly reel

The all new CROSSWATER reel offers style and function at an affordable price. The unique design is constructed from durable polymer, and it features a reliable disc-drag system that offers fish-stopping performance with head turning looks.

Features Include:

  • Cloth reel bag included
  • Durable composite design with easy to change spool, large arbor design for easier and quicker retrieve
  • Strong disc drag System for stopping power
  • Easily converts to right or left hand retrieve
  • Limited 1 year Warranty
  • 5wt fly reel

  • Package Dimensions: 15 x 10 x 1 inches; 0.16 Ounces
  • Manufacturer: Redington
  • Brand: Redington
  • Hand Orientation: Ambidextrous
  • Color: Black
  • Item Weight: 0.4 Pounds
  • Fishing Line Type: Fly
  • Type: 5wt fly reel

In this video, we’re gonna take a look at the Reddington cross water real. This is a durable little entry-level, real great for a beginner or someone just getting into it or used as a backup. Something like that has a disc drag. It’s fully adjustable. You can lock it down, so it’s very, very tight. You can loosen it all the way up, so that practically will free spin protecting your nice light Tippit’s.

It is a large arbor design, so you’re gonna get in lots of line with each crank of the reel. It does have a removable spool, you simply just unscrew the spool cap here, then you can pull the spool off, does have a seal drag in there. I’m gonna put it back on just simply slide the reel back on put the spool cap back on there, but great little entry level reel for the beginner fly fisherman and that is the Reddington cross water, large Arbor reel you can find them at in the riffle com.


Hey I’m Jeff from avid Max and today we’ve got the cross water rods with us. Here. It’s a great entry-level rod from Reddington, so it’s gonna have a lot of the features that you’re gonna find on some of the higher-end rods, but still come in at a great price. It also comes with a large variety of ways that you can purchase this and what I mean by that is.

It comes anywhere from a four weight to a nine weight, there’s also three different sizes that vary a little bit depending on which weight you get so you can get seven and a half feet eight and a half feet or nine feet, and then they come in either two piece or 4 piece. So this is the size 2 piece here that you’re gonna get with an 8 and a half foot rot, so obviously adjusts it a little bit if you get one of the others, and then this is the 4 piece rod.

I believe this is from one of the 9 foot rod lengths. So this is the longest that’s going to be. If you were to get one of the four piece rods, it’s gonna come with kind of a lot of the standard features got a nice cork handle here. It’s got an anodized aluminum real seat, which is great. You can use it kind of at any different kind of water and they’re also going to come with a nice cloth bag just to kind of keep them from getting scratched up, getting real dirty as they’re in the car.

Something like that. These are all kind of a medium to maybe medium fast action rod. Obviously, you’re gonna want to make sure that you get the same sized rod that you do the the line and the rest of it going up and match that to the type of fishing that you’re going to do so. This is just a four weight rod here, which is obviously going to be used for a lot smaller fish.

Maybe some of those high mountain streams where, as you get up into those seven eight-nine weight- and you got the fighting butt on it, you’re going to be able to go for a lot bigger fish that way as well. The nice thing about these rods, too, is they also come as a complete outfit. If you want to take some of the guesswork out of what size line you get and then the leader that needs to go on the end of that, you can just order one of the complete kits as well and it’ll take all that guesswork out of it for you and send you one.

We package hey, if you liked our video make sure to give it a thumbs up as well as add any of your comments or suggestions down below for more fly. Fishing and outdoor related videos subscribe to our avid max youtube channel. Thanks for watching and we’ll see you out, there Oh.

Hey I’m Jeff, with avid max and today I’ve got the Reddington cross water real with me here. It is great real, it’s one of the entry-level reels from Reddington and even though it’s one of their entry-level reels, it still comes with a lot of nice features that you’re gonna find on some of the higher-end reels. So it’s made out of a really durable composite material, which is going to be great as its going to kind of resist some of those Nicks and scratches and and really still be able to hold up for you pretty well.

You can tell here as well. They’ve also tried to make this a little bit of a larger Arbor reel. So that’s going to help you be able to draw the line in a little bit faster, and it’s also going to help a little bit with keeping some of the memory out of the line. This reel is going to come in a couple of different sizes. So, if you’re going for for a little bit smaller fish and got a little bit smaller rod size there and it comes in four five six weight design and if you’re going for a little bit bigger than like this one- and it also has a 7 8 9 size to it as well.

These reels also come with interchangeable spools. So if you’ve got a couple of different kinds of fly line, maybe sometimes use a floating and sometimes a sinking, you can order some extra spools as well and just pop those off real, easy and put them back on. Then. You can also see, as you take, that off that this has a nice sealed, disc, drag system and on the back here, we’ll just put the spool right back on there on the back.

Here it’s got a pretty easy to to manipulate knob. There that’s going to adjust the drag for you and when you crank this down, it really does have quite a bit of drag with it and then there’s a lot of play in between where the drag is all the way on and all the way off. And that’s going to help you as you move from maybe hooking into a pretty big fish, then maybe the next one isn’t quite as big you’re going to be able to adjust this pretty well specific for each different fish that you’re gonna be catching there.

It also comes with a kind of a great little cloth bag here that way at the end of the day after you take this off your rod, you can throw it in there. Then it’s not going to get dinged or scratch, as you put it in your truck car, whatever you have on the way home there. It’s also pretty easy to convert these from right hand retrieve to a left hand retrieve whichever one’s going to be easiest for you, you’ll be able to do that real well.

The other great thing about these reels is that they also come pre-loaded. So if you want to take some of the guesswork out of which line, you should be ordering, you can just order. One of these kits here that’s going to come with the reel, as well as the right kind of line and leader as well already attached and tied on to it there all you need to do is string this through your rod, tie a fly on and you’re good to go.

So if you’re, just kind of looking forward that reel that’s going to get you into fly, fishing or maybe just kind of an entry-level reel, that’s going to be great for kind of an all-around use. I think this one’s going to do the awesome. If you liked our video make sure to give it a thumbs up as well as add any comments or suggestions down below for more fly, fishing and outdoor related videos subscribe to our Abbott max YouTube channel.

Thanks for watching and we’ll see you out, there.

Hey I’m Jeff, with avid max and today we’ve got the cross water fly-fishing outfit with us here from Reddington. It is a great set up that has really a lot of different options with it. So we’ll go over some of those options in a minute, but before we did I just wanted to show you what’s going to be similar about all of them. So with all of the outfits here, you’re gonna get the cross water fly rod and then you’re also going to get the cross water reel and then the reel is going to be matched to the rod.

So it’s going to be the appropriate size for it, and it’s also going to come with the right line for it as well. So all these rails are going to come with your backing and then the fly line as well as a leader. That’s matched through that as well and I said there were a couple of different options and there really are quite a few. So you’ve got two different sizes here: the the two-piece or the four-piece, and that’s just kind of a preference on which one you like better you.

Don’t kind of if you got a little bit smaller car might be nicer to get the the four-piece there and then they also come in a couple of different sizes. So you can get seven and a half feet eight and a half feet or nine feet, and then there are a variety of different weights that you can choose as well, so they go from a four weight, all the way up to a nine weight and on the little bit bigger rods here. I think this is a nine weight here, but for all of the rods from a seven weight up to a nine weight, they’re also going to have the fighting, but on the in there it just makes it a little bit more comfortable as you’re trying to reel in some of those bigger woods.

The reels that come on these rods are entry level reel, but it comes with a lot of great features, so they’re all going to be set up for a left-hand retrieves, but they can also all be swapped out to be used as a right-hand retrieve as well, and then they all have a disc drag system. As well and as you can see here, it’s a pretty big easy to manipulate, drag knob on the back and when you crank it down, it really does have quite a bit of drag. So this is going to be real easy to use on the fly.

So if you hook into maybe it’s just a little fish that you catch first and then the next one is really a monster. It’s going to be easy to kind of crank that down on the fly and be able to use it like that. The cross water rods are all medium action of fly rock and they feel really good in your hand. So they’ve got kind of the traditional cork handle there and, as you put them together, they feel really bounce and then just a nice rod. They also all come with a really nice here.

Rod tube and one of the things I like about these kind of rod tubes, is that they have an integrated spot here for the reel as well. So, at the end of the day, you just have to break the rod down and it doesn’t matter whether you’ve got the four piece or the two piece here. You can just break them down, and then you don’t even have to take the reel off of the rod you just throw it all right there in the rod, tube and you’re, not gonna have to worry about the fly, rod, something landed on it and it getting broken in half or kind of damaging and scuffing up reel at all here.

The other nice thing about this reel is that it has, as you can tell here, it has a really large arbor and one of the things that the larger Arbor is going to do. It’s actually going to do a couple of things for you, it’s going to help with the retrieval speed, but it’s also going to keep the line memory out of this line as well. All the lines that come on these reels and this outfit are going to be the same they’re all going to be a weight forward floating fly line.

That is going to be great for a variety of different freshwater fishing applications. The reel seat here is also saltwater. Compatible, though these reels don’t come with the salt water line on them. So you’d have to switch that out if that’s a type of fishin that you wanted to do all in all, if you’re, just looking for kind of that one entry level system to get you out on the water the first time, but that still comes with some really nice high quality components.

This is going to be a great outfit for you being able to choose from a variety of different sizes and weights, even a two piece or 4 piece and then having everything that is matched so that all you got to do when you get out there in the water. Just pull some line, throw through tie a fly on it and be ready to go. It’s going to be a great setup for you, hey if you liked our video make sure to give it a thumbs up as well as add any of your comments or suggestions down below for more fly.

Fishing and outdoor related videos subscribe to our avid max YouTube channel. Thanks for watching and we’ll see you out, there.

Today, we’re gonna be reviewing the nine foot, five weight version of the reddington path. Two we’re gonna go over the build the quality the reel, and then we have three different casters casting a ton of flies over several weeks. Just so we can make sure we get you the best possible review. I did purchase this rod with my own money, so there’s no bias when it comes to this review. We test this rod out for several weeks, just to make sure we did it correctly. So let’s jump right into it. Let’s start talking about the build and the quality of this rod, we’ll start from the bottom and work our way up.

Starting from the bottom, you have a nice anodized screw nuts for your reel seat, the five weight that we’re reviewing actually has a burled wood reel seat with a ridington path, laser etched into it. If you do want to get a full anodized aluminum reel seat, you will have to get a 7 weight or a bulb, and that’s better for salt, water, of course, but love the feature of the laser etched path on this. It just looks really good, looks really high quality, as you move your way up. The rod you have the cork handle here.

This core handle feels very good in hand as you’re casting it feels very comfortable and feels very high quality for an under 200 rod. As you move away up the rod, you see you have a nice hook, eyelet here, that you can put your hook on as you’re traveling between your favorite fishing spots and it comes up to a nice logo on here readington path. It displays the line weight as well as the size of the rod, a really nice dark brown, chocolate, brown color, looks really good in the sunlight. One of my favorite features that the redington path 2 has.

Is the alignment dots? I love the alignment dots. It’s very easy to put your rod together, make sure those eyelets are nice and straight. So your line, slides right through those eyelets with no problems, the wraps of the rod, the snake guides, look great they’re, chrome, snake guides and the wraps are nice and straight they’re, not crooked, a very nicely built rod. So now, let’s talk about the reel. This comes with a cross water reel. This is not a metal reel, it is a hard plastic. It’s a polymer type.

This reel does come with a disc drag system and it works pretty well nice and easy to adjust right here on the back of the reel very easy to make adjustments on the go, and you can get some nice drag produced from this reel. The reel does come loaded with some backing some dacron backing. It also comes with fly line and a fly leader attached. The fly line that it comes with is real mainstream and we’ll talk a little more about that during the casting session. So really this rod out of the package is ready to fish.

You just need to tie on your fly now the quality of this reel. Yes, it is a hard plastic, but it kind of does feel a little flimsy um. We actually did test this rod up against three other rods under 200. So please check out the link in the description below just to see how this reel and this rod compared against those other ones. Before you make a buying decision, so now, let’s jump into the casting portion of this rod. We tested this rod with a small dry fly, a large dry fly. We put a split shot on there to mimic some streamers, as well as a double nymph rig, with an indicator on there as well.

We had a beginner fly fisherman and then some intermediate to advanced casters try this rod out while casting the dry flies in order to get our accuracy. It was fairly simple. I will say that it did take us a little while just to get a feel for the rod. There was a little wind outside, so it wasn’t doing as well as it could, but placing that small dry fly uh being accurate with it was simpler, as we just got the feel of this rod. The big dry fly was much easier. I think it was the added weight of the fly but easier to get that fly out there and be accurate with it.

Once we did get a feel for the rod. The consistency of the casting came right. Along with it. We were able to place that fly where we wanted to more often, we did every once in a while lose the feel of the rod and we weren’t as consistent with it. It turned over the indicator and the devil nymph rig pretty well. I had no complaints about it being in between the moderate to fast action. I think that definitely helped turn over that double nymph rig. We did try. Some roll casts with this indicator, and it did actually perform very well and very accurate as we turn those flies over now.

When we add to the split shot to this, it did have a little trouble, turning that streamer that heavier weight over, but it eventually did get it out there. We were able to get a feel for it, but, of course, if you’re looking to fish streamers, very often I do recommend sizing up with at least a six weight in this rod. Now what we did notice was the feel of this rod is, it did feel a little clunky while we were casting it, which was kind of surprising, because, with the high build quality, we expected to have a good feel, but the clunkiness was definitely there and it is a little on the heavier side.

My wife’s arm was getting a little tired as she was casting this for several hours, but the clunky feel was just a little hard to get rid of other than that. It was. A very good. Caster lacks a little bit inconsistency, but once you feel get the feel for the rod and you get accurate with it, it is easier to replicate those casts and be consistent with it. Now, let’s talk about the warranty of this rod, this rod actually does come with a lifetime warranty, which is awesome, especially for under 200, but that warranty does just stick with the rod.

The cross water reel actually only has a year warranty with it. So anything that happens to the reel after a year, you’re most likely to have to replace it with your own cash. The rod also does come with a nice cordura case. This case is very tough, very hard. As you can see, you can also put the reel right into it while attached to the rod. So that’s a nice feature to have the case does have separate areas for each pieces of the rod, so you make sure they stay nice and separated and nice and safe.

As mentioned this rod is under 200. I was able to pick this up on sale at my local store sports warehouse, for I believe, 160 dollars, so definitely a great price for all the features that you’re getting as you can see the redington path. 2 is a wonderful rod to not only get into fly fishing as a beginner, but also as a backup rod to keep with you in your truck, as mentioned, though, please check out my other review to test this against three other rods in the same price category, just to make sure you pick which rod is right for you.

If you want to purchase this rod, please check out the link in description below as well I’ll leave a affiliate link there. So you can check that out. If you have any problems with me receiving a small commission from that link, please find it on the website of your choice and purchase it there. If you like this video, please like and subscribe it. Let me know if you have any questions about the rod, any reviews that you want us to do or anything that we can improve on. Thank you so much for watching hope.

You have a great day.

Video in today’s video I’m going to be reviewing the reddington crossover, fly fishing rod and reel combo uh. This is a fly, fishing rod and reel combo that I picked up over the summer. I don’t like to review fishing gear as soon as I get it, because rods break um reels break just I like to at least have it for a few months or have it for half a year or so before. I actually do a review video because I don’t feel like you can really give a good review right out of the box.

I mean: what are you really reviewing what you see whenever you open it? That’s more of an unboxing in my opinion today we’re going to be reviewing this combo and I’m going to be telling you exactly what I think of it as a person who is more of a bass fisherman than anything. But I wanted to dip my toes into fly fishing and try to get better at fly fishing when I’m fishing for trout, small bass, pan fish stuff, like that, I wanted to be able to have a fly rod for, and so I picked up this reddington crosswater fly fishing combo.

So this is the six way and, like I said, I wanted something for trout where I go: trout, fishing, it’s mainly big stock trout, and so I didn’t want a small fly rod. I wanted one that could handle a five pound, trout and a six way I feel like has been the perfect size for that, but I also wanted something at the same time to where I could take it to a creek and catch small bass and by small bass I mean like two and a half pounds or less this rod and reel has been great for that.

I’ve absolutely had a blast, uh fishing with a fly rod. It’s just a lot of fun. It’s so much different than fishing with a bait caster fishing with a spinning rod. It’s just a lot different so to get into some specs on this rod. As you can tell, it is four pieces which is very different than what I’m used to uh. You know, being a bass fisherman. Most rods are one piece um, some rods are two-piece, but fly fishing rods are usually longer in length. You guys know that if you’re watching this video, I’m sure, but this is a nine foot rod and I heard from some fly fishing people.

I know that a nine foot rod is generally better than a like eight foot six, and I think they have like an eight foot rod, not specifically this combo, but I’ve always heard a nine-foot. Rod is like the perfect size or like your most versatile fly, fishing rod, size and the nine foot rod has worked good for me. I love that it’s in four pieces, though, because it comes with this case and a lot of fly. Rod combos come with a case like this and it’s hard shell, which is just great.

I mean it, protects your rod so much. I kind of wish like bait. Casters were like this or I could find a bait caster that you know broke down into three or four pieces and was like this size because yeah two-piece rods are all right. I guess but they’re still like. I don’t know a little bit longer than this, but this is like the perfect size. You can throw this in your backpack. I mean you can do whatever you want with it, but it’s a hard shell. You can throw it in the back of your car, you don’t have to worry about and I have a car.

So I don’t have to worry about like running the rod up through my seats and having to put my seat down and all that this you can stick it behind your seat. In your truck you can put in the trunk of your car. You can put it in a backpack it’ll, just be sticking out the back of your backpack and very mobile, very easy to lug around if you’re hiking or you know you just want to have a rod in your vehicle at all times. Just in case you see a pond or you see it like a little stream or something that you want to hit up.

You can pull this out and you can get your fly rod out, and I think this is just great like I will always use this case. It will always stay in this case, no matter what, but a lot of these combos are gonna. Have this case. Whenever I was deciding what fly rod to buy. I was looking at two different combos. I was looking at this one, the rattington crosswater, and then I was looking at the orvis encounter and both of those at the time I bought this were around 170 dollars and the reason why I wanted something that was like 170 dollars is because when it comes to fly fishing stuff, that’s kind of like entry level, but still high quality stuff.

Now you can get a fly fishing rod for a lot cheaper than 170 dollars, but it’s most of those are junk um. I’m just going to be honest from my experience. Most of those are junk. I did buy one one time that was like 50 or 60 dollars, and it’s just junk. Um fly fishing gear just tends to be on the higher end as far as prices and stuff, but this crosswater rod and reel the reason why I decided to go with it rather than the orvis encounter was because I read a ton of reviews online and everyone liked reddington rods and reels way better than they did the orvis and the orvis one.

I’ve read a lot of reviews about it breaking on people and I just didn’t get it. So I can’t tell you much about the orvis encounter, but what I can tell you is that this rod has held up extremely well. I’ve probably been fishing with it I’d, say 15 to 20 times. Maybe I’ve been I like playing around with it. Sometimes I’ll just bring you with me bass fishing and throw it a few times, and you know catch a bluegill or something like that on it, and it’s just fun.

I mean it’s just straight up fun cool thing about fly rods. Is they have these little dots? I don’t know if you guys can see that they have these little dots here, but um that helps you line up your whenever you put it together, helps you line up all your pieces to where your eyelets are straight, which all those have been like perfectly placed on this rod. I feel like and everything lines up, good whenever you put it together. This has a plastic reel on it, which I wanted like an aluminum reel, of course, but again, if you’re looking for something that’s like entry level and I wasn’t gonna break the bank, to I mean heck.

This is 170 dollars to me. This breaks the bank, I’m a cheapskate, but then I was thinking about it and I was like you know what basically all the baitcasters I have all the spinning reels. I have they’re all plastic, pretty much. I mean I have a couple. I think that have aluminum and like one that’s all metal, but for the most part it’s just all plastic and plastic tends to hold up pretty well from my experience when it comes to fishing reels, so I wasn’t too.

I wasn’t too crazy about getting an aluminum reel. I would have to fork out a little bit more money for that, but the plastic grill is held up just fine for me. You know most of the time when I’m fly fishing I’m stripping in the fish, rather than actually reeling it in and one of the main reasons for that is because these reels are slow uh by slow, I mean they’re, they’re, very low gear ratio, I’m not sure exactly what gear ratio. This is, but it’s very, very slow, like you crank it one time it’s like, I don’t even know it’s.

Basically, it’s basically like a one-to-one gear ratio, because every time you turn it, it spins one time when you’re reeling in a fish with a fly, rod you’re not gonna, be pulling it in, like you are with a bait caster or something like that. So that’s. Why mainly I’m stripping the fish in because you have more control over it and you can do it faster than you can reeling this in mainly. This is just to pull up pull in your line whenever you’re um done casting so cork handle on this.

It’s held up very well um. No problems with it held up extremely well has a little hook keeper here, like most rods. Do I don’t really use this um because I always put it in the case, and so I never really use the hook keeper, but I don’t keep the rod put together at all times and then hook it down like. I would normally like a bait caster, so never really use the hook keeper overall, very impressed with this rod. Of course it just has the handle right here.

It doesn’t have the little butt uh cork. I don’t even know what you would use that for honestly, like I’ve never felt like I needed to grab right there. I thought that the ones with the cork on the bottom looked better, but maybe that’s just the thing to catch the fishermen rather than the fish. All you really need is the cork handle up here. It works great, no problems like overall, no problems out of this rod. The line like the fly line. That’s on here it has held up very well as well, I’m not sure how often you’re supposed to replace the fly line, but I wouldn’t think it’s too often um it’s floating line.

It’s held up. Well, it’s very strong I’d, say it’s it’s! It’s extremely strong! I’ve never got all the way down to the backing um because I’ve never fought a huge fish on this. That’s you know taking out my line, I mean I think, in order to get to the backing, I would have to like hook into a muskie on this thing and that just would be a nightmare. It’d probably break me off pretty quick. All the eyelets have held up on this rod. It’s very durable, in my opinion, as long as you keep it in this case, which has been perfect, you know, if you have it in this case, it’s kind of hard to break it on a ceiling fan or in a door or, however, some other ways of broke rods.

There’s a lot of different ways that I’ve broken rods. This keeps people like me from breaking their rods, which is just absolutely terrific, um yeah. So we got the hard case, so whenever a little bit about the rod, it’s a six weight. I think that six weight size is perfect for the bigger trout and the small bass. I will say if I was going just for bass, I would get a bigger rod and reel I’d, probably go with a seven weight or even an eight weight, because the problem with this is is it casts like woolly buggers really well, but once you start throwing around like one of those bigger poppers or something it just becomes extremely hard to cast and like one of the like, bigger streamers.

If you were to cast it on this, it would be really really hard to cast, and then, whenever I’m going for bass, I like to use bigger lures and bigger flies. I guess so. I didn’t really get this to be a bass rod. But if I were to get a fly fishing rod to be a bass rod, I wouldn’t get a six weight. I would get a seven weight or an eight weight. Probably it might be a little overkill to get an eight-way. But if I was just fishing for bass, I wouldn’t be throwing small flies, and so an eight weight would be just fine.

In my opinion, that’s pretty much going to do it for today’s video. I hope you guys enjoyed. I don’t know a ton about fly fishing. I just wanted to tell you guys my experience with this rod and reel. I haven’t had any problems with it when it comes down to it. I really like the reddington crosswater. I think that the reviews online that I read were pretty accurate. So if you guys go read up on the reviews on reddington cross water on my cabela’s or where did I get this thing, sportsman’s warehouse, I think amazon has it right now.

Has this same combo right now for 140? I think a lot of them are on sale for like 120 130 140, which is a lot better than when I bought it for 170. So you guys should go pick up one of these. If you, if you want to get into fly fishing, I think it’s like the perfect entry-level rod in real, because it’s not junk, but it’s not the best of the best, and so this gets the job done. Um and I absolutely love it. So if you guys want to pick up one of these, I will link down below a link to this rod and reel combo, and you can pick it up on amazon.

I think for around 140, which is a great price for this rod and reel. I paid more for it myself. That will do it for today’s video again and I hope you guys enjoyed and as always go take someone fishing. You.

Okay, here we are in Vermont middle of March I just had two foot of snow just the other day and definitely going through a yeah, a fisherman withdrawal right now and so now, I’m just practicing tests trying out my new Orvis access number four with this Remington cross water, it’s a number six line and it’s a nine-footer for peace. So, let’s see how it works out. Oh yeah, it’s gonna, be nice. Give me a good combo here, oh yeah! This is definitely good for Rochester, pawn well lick, Champlain’s I think I can hold on its own.

This rod pretty much stiff enough and got enough backbone to uh. You know maybe hook on it like a accidental gun to like a pike or something I think it can handle on its own. It’s pretty stout, oh yeah, and the cats beautifully with this uh. With this line. This is a seven weight forward. Floating line forward weight, I should say in along with the the orbits access flywheel. Oh yeah, beautiful, definitely big enough. This rod to probably flip and cast turnover, big flies.

I think it would do well this summer cannot wait. Forget summer, I’m gonna not gonna, wait that long, I guess and then wait until the end of a winter early spring and I’m just gonna head out and just pick this as much as I can. Oh there you have it s, trying new Orbis excess number four and a Rankin cross water number six, and should we get.

Hey guys, this is Patrick Sessoms with due south outfitters fly fishing guide service and fly shop located in Boone, North Carolina I wanted to take a minute and just kind of talk to you guys about something that I get faced with a lot of questions about from a day-to-day basis. Ultimately, I have guest fishing guests and folks who come into the shop that asked me all the time. Is there a way I can get into the sport without spending an arm and a leg. You know maybe they’re fresh to the sport.

They haven’t tried it before they want to dabble in it, but they’re not fully committed to buying really expensive or nice rod and reel setup. Well, the answer. The question is: yes, there is a way and I think Reddington has really hit the nail on the head with this year’s kind of redo of their cross water combo. The cross water is a rod. That’s been around from Reddington for a while now, but they just revamped it this past year the graphics are a little different.

It’s got a different, real, really, a handsome rod all at the price of one, forty, nine. Ninety five there’s a two-piece, it’s one, thirty-nine that’s available, but the four-piece that I have here. I personally prefer just because singer to travel on a plane somewhere, it’s much easier to carry a rod. That’s broken down to this size, rather than double the size. The cross water does come in a nice Cordura rod tube, and it also has a real case built into the rod tube.

But yet so, let’s talk about this for just a second. The rod itself comes in various weights and sizes, ranging from a four weight all the way, through an on way. In lengths of seven six through nine feet, there’s a pretty large gamut of rod, sizes that you can cover with across water combi. The line on it is Rio mainstream, which is typically a forty dollar line. So within the package itself you get line, rod and reel and, to be perfectly honest, I mean unless you’re really experienced caster as an angler getting into the sport or even an angler.

That just needs a backup rod. This is a great little rod just because price point solid. The action of the rod is gray. It cassadee, you know, think the days of people thinking oh you’ve got to pay for a super. Expensive rod to get performance are kind of done. I mean this is a great performing little rod for the price like I said, especially for the intro angler yeah I just wanted to take a minute and show you guys a rod that we kind of are willing to back as a great entry-level rod that a won’t break.

The bank is easy to navigate casting wise and kind of just hits a nail on the head in terms of a great beginner combo to get into the sport without breaking the bank. Ultimately, oh yeah there it is the Reddington cross water, combo,.

Hi, it’s Nick from the Madison River fishing company. Gonna talk to you about reels here today we talked about rods in a previous video we’d, a lot of questions on what style, what kind of reel to put on a rod, and we try to break it down into a couple different options for everybody. Most of them are depending on line weight, size, balancing castle looming them, verses, machined, aluminum large, are ver versus mid Arbor and those are all good. A lot of good questions, sealed reg versus click Paul.

One of the major things is you want to try to balance out your reel with the rod, for example like the able TR here it is a click Paul reel machined out of pure aluminum. It is made more, for you know, lighter rods doesn’t really have a drag system. Has the original click drags is to click Paul system. That’s from you know the about two hundred. Fifty year old technology, they’re more traditional, more, you know three, four, five weight they’re a lot of reels can hold multiple different line weights, usually two four five, five, six, seven eight.

You know continuous, like that. That depends on you know also the arbor size. For example. The saltwater reels will have a lot more of a mid Arbor, so they can hold more backing when the fish runs the permit takes off running. You know you got some backing there to help you out. A lot of the entry-level reels are more of a cast aluminum. It means that molten lumen goes into them, they’re, not as durable, they’re, entry-level kind of beginner style, reels kind of have an either a cork system or an unsealed drag system.

Then you deal with the cast or the machined aluminum again it gets cut out of a complete cnc’d out of a complete bar of aluminum way more durable. You know way more styling. They can do a lot more with that. Some of the reels have a pressure pull apart spool. This allows you to swap spools, add spools we’ve seen a downtick in that than in years past. Then you deal with the you know: clique Paul system, which is the you know, older technology versus the sealed, drag system on the newer, saltwater reels and fresh water wheels allows less corrosion on the bearings they’ve, pretty much gone away from the cork, and that’s just a little bit older technology.

You know on the drag systems with the sealed rigs. A lot of them are able to you fine-tune them nowadays, on how light and strong your drag is going to be one of the major things again is the the arbor size you can see here. This holds very little backing more of a trout rod compared to the big saltwater rods that hold a lot of baggage. If you have any questions about, the reels feel free to get ahold of us at 800 to two seven, seven, one two seven visit us online at MRF c-calm and subscribe to our youtube channel a lot of our these reels.

All here will be in the links below so feel, free to click on them and take a look at them. Thank you. You.

Reviewing the Redington, Path rod and Crosswater reel combo So. I picked this up. Uh kind of on a whim had a gift card for my birthday or a couple of them, and uh saw this marked down to about 130 bucks from 200. So I picked it up. Uh, replacing a Redington nine foot, five weight. This is a Redington nine foot, five weight, um obvious difference between this one and my other one. This is a four piece, so it packs nicely into this little case which it came with um, clear pouch.

So you can see what reel you got on there and a pretty solid little tube should be a good, lasting product for me and keeps this thing nicely packaged the crosswater reel is their base model? It’s not anything spectacular! It’s fine! I will probably upgrade this reel relatively soon and uh definitely change out the line because I hate this color. That’s just personal thing: it came with the backing the line, a leader on it.

The line was pretty well memoried around the reel, so the first couple hours of fishing-, it says ready to fish on the box, but I don’t know after a couple hours and you run line through your fingers a little bit. It does stretch out and it’s it casts nicely and it’s a perfectly perfectly serviceable rod and reel combo. The rod I really like it’s casting really nicely for me, um four piece with the dots to line it up goes together, real nice and it’s just been a nice little upgrade for myself um over the other one.

So I do recommend it. I have a lot of Redington gear as I looked around thinking about making this video I have noticed that a lot of my stuff is Redington, I. Think for a entry level intermediate fly fisherman like myself, Redington makes good stuff it’ll get you going and uh. You can kind of decide what you need and spend more money on uh on your gear later at least that’s the path that I’m going and a Path like the rod.

You know um, so I do recommend it uh at least the Path rod highly recommend the reel. It’s like, I said their bottom of the line. It’s got a one year, warranty on it, it’s fine um, but I will be looking to upgrade that but uh. Basically they sell the rod for 140. I got the package for 130, so got it for free or negative 10, I suppose with the sale price so great deal uh bought that at Sportsman’s, Warehouse I, don’t know if that sale is still going on, but look around.

You can find a deal on this and I think that’s it go to frontrangefishing net check us out. We’ve got lanyards coming soon. We’re gonna give away the four that we promised earlier this spring, we’ll be contacting the winners of that giveaway, but our online shop should be up and going here pretty quickly, we’ll do a video to intro those lanyards and we will be back with another video of some kind real soon we’ll catch you later.

Thanks for watching.

What kind of reel should you get? It’s daunting task all right! Let me make this simple first question: we’re going to ask ourselves: where are we going fishing? What are we going fishing for if it’s a high-stakes species like saltwater fish, steelhead salmon, big giant, trophy trout, on light line uh, then you might want to invest a little bit more to reel and get the right drag system and a reel.

That’s going to be there for you when you need it in some faraway place that you made investment to get to now. Let’s say you’re fishing out at your your local river, like this or you’re, creek fishing or you’re fishing for trout and it’s kind of a low stakes species. That’s where we just want something! That’s going to be reliable, it’s going to be fun to fish and you’re, going to be you’re, going to be able to count on it, but you don’t need to spend a billion dollars to do that.

I’m going to sort all this stuff out for you and help you make a good choice on choosing the right trout reel for the job. So the first topic we’re going to talk about is just going to be drag, systeming, drag systems and understanding drag systems now, for the most part, there’s way too much marketing emphasis put on drag systems every real description.

You read touts the fact that it’s got enough drag to stop a mack truck. Well, who cares most of the trout I’m catching out here? Are about this long? They rarely test my drag system. What does test my drag system is me. I am going to abuse it. I’m gonna use it. I’m gonna, wear it out, and I’m occasionally gonna do things that uh cause me distress and one of which I’m gonna talk about is a drag system’s ability to not backlash.

Okay, so what happens? A lot on less expensive drag systems is one I get it set to just right where I want it like this, and then maybe I reel in or I fish a little bit and some things change and that drag just decides for whatever reason it’s going to loosen up on me. Okay and I go to give the reel a big yank and all of a sudden, I’ve got a bird’s nest like that.

In my experience, I’m going to deal with that later. In my experience, less expensive drag settings will tend to wander a little bit and are a little bit more difficult on that light. Setting not to backlash okay, plain and simple. I had that reel loosened all the way up for dramatical purposes. So when it comes to trout, fishing, a good drag system is important, but it’s not the end-all.

There are many other attributes that you want to look for. I’m going to talk a little bit about a click paul we’re going to go to the other end of the spectrum, so drag systems are either going to be a disk drag or a tripod drag system. Typically, uh lamps and lamps and reels have been making that same tripod.

Disk drag system for eternity and it is fantastic, but on the other, end of the spectrum is just this hundred dollar click paul reel. It’s noisy makes a nice sound, and I can’t backlash this thing. I left my click paul reel at home today, so I don’t have one with a line on it. I had to grab this out of the store, but the cool thing about a click paw reel that you should know is when I go to yank it it doesn’t backlash, it can be a very light, drag system, it never wanders it never changes settings it never makes it never uh.

It does never have this evil spirit that tightens my drag a little bit when I don’t want it to or loosens it a little bit and causes a backlash like that, one when I don’t want it to so. A click paul drag system for trout, fishing in a low stakes environment is a pretty good choice. Very reliable reels.

There’s two that I really like one is the sage click reel and then the other is the redington zero at a little bit more affordable price point like this um, but I have a sage, click and love it for most of my, my trout, fishing so drag systems matter little when it comes to trout, where they do matter.

A great deal is in high stakes situations for either large trophy fish, where I need stopping power or fish that are large, that I’m going to fight on light tippet like a bone fish or a permit in salt, water or trout, maybe on light tippet on the missouri river or even the yakima river, if I’m hooking large fish on five or six x, tippet, okay, let’s talk a little bit about arbor size and what arbor size means and what you should consider here.

Generally speaking, saltwater oriented reels are going to be more of a mid arbor design like this to maximize backing capacity when I’m out in the ocean. Maybe I’m fishing for chinook or steelhead, or something that can take out a lot of backing. I would consider a mid arbor reel for those situations.

Most trout, I need 75 yards of backing. That’s going to be adequate. 100 tops okay, and I want my reel set up right where that arbor is filled up right there to maximize the gear ratio, so that when I reel in I’m getting a good gear ratio on my retrieve like this inversely, I’m going to show you a 15 year old ross evolution, which I love, this reel has been awesome.

I love ross reels built in the us great product uh. This reel has been beat up and I threw a euro nymphing line on here the other day, just because I needed a place to put it and you can see that is not filled up at all and I have a horrible gear ratio there I’m going to have to reel in about two or three times to this one, just to retrieve my lineup.

So when you set up a reel, we want to make sure that we set it up right. These super large arbor reels like a lot of these lampsons. A lampson speedster is great a lampson light. Speed is another great reel. These large arbor reels allow you to throw a hundred yards of backing on there, get them set up right, fill that arbiter maximize gear ratio.

The other thing about a large arbor reel is when this line is taken out off of a large arbor reel. It’s actually spinning slower. So that’s one thing: that’s really nice about these is when a fish accelerates on a large arbor reel, the the arbor itself is turning slower and it gives me a much better ability to reach down and maybe put a little friction on a running fish with my finger like.

So if the reel is going 100 miles an hour like this, I’m going to make mistakes and my fingers are going to get possessive and greedy and I’m much more likely to break a fish off when it’s running on light line, a click paw reel. That’s essentially your drag mechanism. Is you get to take the fight into your own hand, so to speak, and you can apply pressure to the rim of a click paw reel when a fish is running again.

Click paul reels are great for low stakes, travel fishing because they’re very reliable. The drag is always set at the same rate. One other uh comment I’m gonna make here is: if you’re looking at getting a reel for a two-handed rod. I can’t emphasize enough getting a reel with a full-frame design like this right here, where my line is contained right in there, so that thin running line cannot get caught between the reel and a spool, and this is a traditional real frame here, where it is not enclosed.

Like that, that’s a more of a traditional design, but for two-handed fishing we tend to recommend people get a full-frame design reel. If that’s something uh that you’re looking to do. Okay outside of drag systems, another consideration drag system is an arbor. Another consideration is, and this we’re going to roll kind of right into cost, and that is the materials that the reel is built with.

That has a profound impact on the longevity of the reel, so I will admit to you: you don’t need to spend 500 bucks on a reel to get a reel. That’s going to work for you and satisfy all your needs. However, the more you spend the more reliable that reel is going to be for the long term. Look at this reel it’s 15 years old and it still works great.

It absolutely is still smooth. Spins good drag works great. I need to set up the fly line a little bit differently and add some backing to that, but all in all a great reel the materials are reel is built with work like this cast reels like this right here, typically going to be less expensive, they can be poured uh and the casting anymore has gotten pretty good cast reels used to be just god awful and the tolerance was wobbly and sloppy and really bad.

They still are to a degree. We see far more defective reels that are cast when we get product or turns uh than machine reels. A finely machined reel like this lampson right here. We see almost zero product failure uh on those right there and a big part of that reason is the tolerances whether it’s, whether it’s a machine from whether it’s machined from a block of aluminum and cut every little part, is cut out or if it’s the body of it can be cold forged where it’s basically hammered to shape.

Those are great reels as well, whether it’s machined or cold forged. That is going to be a much stronger, tougher and more durable alloy, and it is going to be built to much tighter tolerances than a cast reel. So I can’t tell you enough how how important it is to just look at the the small incremental investment, that’s required to get into a machine or a forge reel than a cast reel.

Okay and where that becomes apparent, is when a reel gets dropped and I drop one walking across the parking lot on the way over. It is really important that you use these people use your real boots. Don’t let your reels get beat up when you drop a reel and it lands, especially on the spool. It will bend that spool and it will change the relationship between the real and the spool.

It starts to grind. It starts to sound a little funny. Some of you are watching know what I’m talking about that reel just starts working and sounding a little funny, and then eventually you start to wear out parts on the inside, so machine reels are going to be much more durable if they get nicked and dinged and banged around the the boat or the river a little bit they’re going to be much more likely to last than a cast reel.

The other thing I’ll add in addition, is when you spend the more you spend like this t-bore, for instance, every little screw. That’s in this reel is built by the t-bar reel company, every part they’re not going to use a cheap screw this reel. On the other hand, I can’t say the same thing about I’m not sure exactly what they’re putting into there, but if you’ve ever had a real handle, break off or you’ve ever had something that was built typically overseas and you’ve had screws fall out or quality control issues with those little parts.

That’s an issue. U s built reels are typically going to be uh much better on the components and of things every little part that goes into it from a rubber o-ring that seals your drag system to a piece of teflon to the smallest screw. All of that stuff is going to be better and you’re, going to get much more out of your investment, because all of the small parts are there.

One note real quickly on balance uh in size of reels. Most reels are sized, say two, three, three, four, four, five, five, six, seven, eight, whatever it is. Generally, I like to buy reels that are on the bigger end of things, because most of these reels, you can see how much is cut out of most of these reels anymore they’re very light, and you can get yourself a retrieve advantage by getting a little bit bigger reel, and the other thing to consider is there’s balance and balance.

Uh really needs to be considered in two forms. One is to balance the reel on your rod. If I were holding a rod right now, does it balance? Is the reel heavy and gonna tip back or is it gonna be too light and I’m gonna be holding the tip of the rod up all day? That’s one consideration. The other consideration is the counterweight of the reel acts a bit as a lever when I’m casting, so I do want to have a reel that is going to provide enough weight to help.

Give me a mechanical advantage in loading that rod and keeping that casting stroke, nice and stable and anchored so while light reels are nice, you can use the advantage of a light reel a lot of times to go up in size. A little bit gain yourself. A gear ratio advantage the arbor, spins slower and smoother on a running fish, and you get that good balance to make a crisp clear cast.

So hopefully that answers all or most of your questions, um regarding overall spend uh on a reel. If somebody has an investment to make and you’re trying to figure out what rod and what reel to buy and how to put all this together, generally look like long term to spend about half the amount of money on the reel.

As you do. The rod, if you’re going to buy a 500 rod, look for a reel. That’s about 250 bucks, okay, and that’s a great way to balance your investment. You don’t want to put a hundred dollar reel on a thousand dollar rod, because the rod is going to outplay and outlast the reel inversely. Let’s not put a 500 reel on a 200 rod if you have a thousand bucks to spin spends 600 on the the rod 300 on the reel and the rest on the line and you’ll have a really well-balanced assortment, and you will have spent your money wisely if you’ve got 300 bucks to spend two, you know 200 on the rod 100 on the reel and save up for a line.

I guess, but I think you understand the relationship there. Try to spend your money wisely, put a little bit more money into the rod than you do the real, but don’t skimp, because you’ll regret it. You’ll come back later. Looking for one of these at some point, so hopefully you found this healthy links to all this stuff in the product descript or the video description below you.

Morgan’s world I really appreciate you guys watching my channel and supporting me drink lots of water. It’s hot out. There got the AC running on high I was out plumbing earlier today and now I just got an Amazon FBA shipment ready to go to the Amazon warehouse, so they can sell it. Make me a little bit of profit. I, don’t know if you guys know how that works. Basically, all you need is like a printer, a scale.

They can even do the little labels if you need them to, which is what I’m gonna have them do, because I don’t really have time to do with a lot of this, but I’m Rogers calm, a really discounted sporting goods store I found. These deals on these frog talked pro light. Rain suits I got all these ones for, like eight bucks, a piece so I got four in here and three in here. So I got them for about eight bucks apiece times seven I, don’t know I’m, not good at matte, 56 bugs I think I’m doing that wrong.

64 somewhere between, like 1560 bucks, then by the time I paid all the fees and stuff I’ll get about a hundred and twenty-nine $125, because they’re selling for 30 bucks apiece, but there’s all these Amazon fees, so I’m only gonna make like 50 or 60 bucks. This was not a very good profit margin, so I would you know it was. This was something I actually bought these like last winter, on sale and I’m? Gonna sell them.

So you know, 60 bucks is 60 bucks and it didn’t take me that much time, but in the future, I’ll be looking for better profit margin also got these. These are women’s pro-life rain, jackets or pro life pro pro pro action rain jackets, women’s Pro action, rain jackets. These are pretty nice. They but uh. I’m gonna sell those too, but I had a restriction on my account, so we might have to sell them on eBay again it wasn’t that profitable of an ordeal, but you can just take your little scanning app on your cell phone scan stuff at the stores and figure out what you will make money on and then list that on Amazon you just ship them to their warehouse.

Do they deal with the rest? So it’s really pretty easy compared to like eBay, where you have to actually message. People bought potential buyers. You have to sell it if they want to return it, they return it to you with Amazon. They kind of just deal with all the headaches, so you send it from your house to the Amazon warehouse in a big box and they deal with the rest. So I like that in my video today, as you guys, probably saw in the title for my birthday.

My awesome mom bought me a fly fishing kit because my old fly rod was just you know: I’m gonna get some more parts for it, but it was falling apart and that’s gonna probably be like Able’s or whatever. Alright folks I am back. I was just talking to my mom telling her. Thank you. So here’s what we got. It’s called the cross water by Reddington. It was rated good on Amazon I want to say this was just just over $100, like $120 price point supposedly comes with a little kit trying to get you started so no reason to pull it off anymore laughs.

If this bad boy opened up Amazon, Prime free two-day shipping, always good, you know, buy and sell on Amazon went up, I, just really think, there’s a lot of opportunities for anybody that needs a little extra money and I’m trying to like you know, I’m, not making a living off of the Amazon selling or anything but I’m trying to figure it out if I like it, I’ll keep doing it and if not I’ll, give it up, but I just want to show you guys how easy it actually is to find a secondary source of income, because so many people just are just bummed like oh I’m living on a fixed income, and it’s like we’ll fix it change it there’s other ways to make money.

I know it’s hard. I do know. That’s right! I gotta, try to find scissors, but um I know it’s hard, but it’s possible nothing good! And besides, if you like it easy that’s fine too, but then don’t complain about how much you’re naked right. There is a lot of options out there. So there’s just no reason but I get it life’s tricky and it’s hard to see this because a lot of bad things can happen whatever so case.

It’s like pretty sick, really enjoying it. Reddington looks like it’s already lined up, so we might be fishing sooner than we think. So this is very nice. It’s all lined up for me, I mean. Obviously this isn’t super high-end, it’s kind of plastic. You feeling I, don’t like that, but that might just be that it’s loose. Let me tighten this up. It’s a 5 weight by the way. I should probably tell you guys with all the details.

Five weight 9 foot little. It’s definitely not the best built fly. Rod I’ve ever felt one thing: I, don’t like right off! The bat is that if you wiggle the reel, there’s quite a bit of wiggle and the reel is very plasticy. So that’s not a breaking point for me. It’s a cheaper rod and for how often I fly fish in the trout, little trout that I’m fly-fishing, for we should be fine. It’s a five-piece which is kind of nice because you can literally throw this in like a backpack or the back of a car and you’ll be good to go.

There’s no like sometimes these two-piece rods they break down and they’re just too they’re too big and can’t take them conveniently on trips, where this one definitely throw it in the back of a car, you could throw it on a motorcycle like you’re good to go so I gotta find some flies, I got them around here somewhere. Let’s feel this. You know I really like the feel of it. I think this is not gonna, be a good like rod or bigger fish.

But it’s going to be a great trout, rod, great warm-water fish rod. It’s gonna be a lot of fun, so without wasting any more your guys’s time, let’s get out to the water, my little pond out here, let’s see if we can catch a bluegill, I’m gonna target bluegill, because they’re easy catch, I think I can catch some. That’s the drag, I! Think if you want to take it apart, you have to unscrew this.

My guess again. The reel not as impressed with the rod, seems actually like the better deal. The reel I’m, pretty confident is not anything that special, it looks pretty cheesy but like I said, I mean I’m gonna be happy with it. As long as it’s a fish, catcher I mean I’m, not I did not expect you know it’s not a 500 dollar plus age fly. Rod, you’re, not gonna, get anything. Super super, ridiculously crazy, might kind of replicate.

Something like that. I think would be better all right. Let’s go catch fish, alright, let’s try and catch some I’m, not a very good fly fisherman. So you may give me crap about the my casting, which is fine, I, don’t I you’re, probably right, but I get by okay I’ve caught trout, caught a steely headed on a fly, rod I’ve gotten by not saying I’m good, not saying I, don’t want to improve and to be fair.

It’s a little bit windy. Wow I’m actually really impressed with that. First cast right: there I’m really liking that. So that’s pretty cool. We got a dry fly on there, so, let’s just let it sit see if we can make anything happen, kind of want to try to keep the line tight, I’m actually really impressed with the way that just glided off the rod right there I was really happy with that kind of.

Don’t think that there’s much going on as far as the fish go, I think I’m gonna cast a little over here by the by the lilies, see if that makes a difference, I think they might be hiding up under there. It’s kind of hot today, okay ooh mess that one up. Oh, that wind is brutal. Not bad I mean it’s not not a good day to fly rods. Okay, don’t have to task very far here yourself see what we got come on, give something there’s bluegill bed right over here: okay, don’t have to cast very far yourself there we go see what we got come on.

Let’s get something Oh No! Did you guys see that that’s crazy, freakin, a gonna snap, my line snapped it off right at the fly? Luckily, oh I so close to had him got him got him there. We go, oh shoot. He got off thanks. No, it’s over there I’m gonna try over here, not right. Now, oops got one little guy. No, you didn’t you ask the right way, but yeah next one there we go little. Guy cool, I think I need to catch a bigger one.

Don’t you Mabel’s mad here you want to let him go yep. Nobody has fun. When you’re crying man, you can either have fun or you can be sad. You want to have fun yeah, that’s a good idea, but right now we’re just trying to catch a couple. Bluegill they’re, just not oh, no I’m, not having good luck. Today, we’ll look at this. I just hung myself up in a in a freaking tree or a blackberry, but alright another fly got him yeah all right there.

We go good job, good job, Abel, you sieving. Let him go I caught it, but I. Let you reel it in good job babe. What do you think of that pole? You like it or no? He really gulped it all right! I’m gonna! Go ahead and unhook him: okay does he got caught? Then he wants to do what dog dog there you go. Hey! Let me get the camera, so you can. Let him go all right. Bud! Go ahead! Good job man, oh yeah, dang, it I, didn’t even have that on video did I I’m an idiot all right, Abel go ahead! Try all right man! Here, I’m gonna! We I want to go in for a bit.

Okay, all right! Abel! Go ahead! Try alright man, alright guys! So alright everybody! So we had a little trouble catching the fish, but once we caught him, we had a lot of fun and when I was cast in the rod, I’m pretty impressed, so the Reddington cross water kit comes lined with a real. If you need something in a pinch, free two-day shipping highly recommend it for throwing in a car and just have enough to go at the ready and if somebody jacks it or something it’s not so expensive that it’s gonna ruin your life, but but 120 bucks ish right around 100 bucks, something like that good low end medium quality rod I’m really impressed with it.

It’s exactly what I was looking for. So if you’re looking for something, that’s a good middle-of-the-road, Pole, definitely consider getting yourself. One all right, I think that’s going to wrap up this video and we’ll see you on the next one, don’t forget to subscribe. Abel and I really appreciate it. We really do.

M MAXIMUMCATCH Maxcatch Tino 5wt fly reel

M MAXIMUMCATCH Maxcatch Tino 5wt fly reel

  • New TINO fly fishing reel from Maxcatch, Pre-loaded with WF5F fly line, backing line and tapered leader
  • OUTSTANDING COST EFFECTIVE VALUE – this reel incorporates all of the features of reels that costing much more money. Without break the bank and you can stop any fish smoothly. We just wish to bring the experience of Fly fishing to more people
  • Strong and Durable All-aluminum construction with CNC cutting for reinforcement, Large arbor design for rapid line retrieval
  • Rugged disc drag for putting serious pressure on the fish.Teflon disc and stainless steel drag system with one-way clutch bearing allow for smooth, immediate drag engagement
  • One-way bearing for quick and easy left-to-right hand retrieval switch with no tools needed in 30 seconds
  • 5wt fly reel

  • Manufacturer: Maxcatch
  • Material: Stainless Steel, Aluminum
  • Hand Orientation: Ambidextrous
  • Color: Reel with Line Pre-loaded
  • Fishing Line Type: Fly
  • Bearing Material: Stainless Steel
  • Type: 5wt fly reel

About this item, one year warranty we as offer no hassle warranty for all our reels. If you are not 100 satisfied with our reel, you can return it in any time outstanding value. This reel incorporates all of the features of reels that costing much more money. We just wish to bring the experience of fly fishing to more people, strong and durable all-aluminum construction. Large arbor design for rapid line, retrieval rugged disk, drag for putting serious pressure on the fish one-way, bearing for quick and easy left to right hand, retrieval switch.


Cost price sales we offer this full kit with quality warranty only for taking more friends to start for fishing experience includes a performance, eight four three weight: four pc rod, an aluminum large arbor reel with line backing and leaders, pre-loaded 12 hand-tied lures in a waterproof box neoprene reel cover retractor line nipper and a durable travel case to hold everything perfect to start fishing at a budget and also a backup combo one year warranty and lifetime repairing warranty maxcatch.

As a 13 years, rod factory offer no hassle warranty for all our rods for one year. If you are not 100 satisfied with our products, you can return it in any time and we also offer lifetime repairing for max scatch rods and reels exclusive maxlink rod. Technology pure im724t, plus 30t carbon fiber, with mixed five layers of carbon, including reinforced muscle carbon layer for at least 20 increase in strength. A fast action design, rod blank to excel in distance and presentation to meet the need of a newer, caster, slim taper engineered to be smooth and powerful high-efficiency loading.

All for easy, long-distance casting, especially for new caster pre-loaded aluminum reel and aluminum lightweight reel with an extremely smooth disc drag system, is included. The reel is pre-spooled with backing weight forward floating line and tapered leader the real size matches with each line weight, rod for perfect balance accordingly, lures box and rod bag a durable but also convenient travel rod, bag with real pouch to hold everything together. Waterproof floating box, 5 24 x, 3, 54, 1 38, holds up to 372.

Lures includes 12, pc, hand-tied dry and wet lures hook. Size number 10 a neoprene reel pouch is included for easy protection of the reel.

ANGLER DREAM EX-ALC CNC Machined Aluminum 5wt fly reel

ANGLER DREAM EX-ALC CNC Machined Aluminum 5wt fly reel

  • CNC-machined: This fly reel is made of CNC-machined 6061-T6 aluminum alloy,that made it more durable and corrosion resistant in all environment.
  • Meeting your needs: A killer fresh water fly reel for multi species fishing in rivers, lakes, streams, creeks. Ideal for all around fly fishing species such as Trout, Grayling, Salmon and other predatory fish.
  • Light Weight: larger CNC hollow design makes the reel lighter than ordinary ones.
  • Warning: This reel is designed for Clear water, After usage in saltwater, please open and clean the reel, or the one-way bearing maybe corroded.
  • Size for You: 3/4 5/6 7/8 9/10WT and silver/gunsomke color fly fishing reel.
  • 5wt fly reel

  • Package Dimensions: 4.72 x 4.33 x 3.94 inches; 5.29 Ounces
  • Manufacturer: ANGLER DREAM
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Hand Orientation: Right Hand
  • Color: Gunsmoke
  • Fishing Line Type: Fly
  • Type: 5wt fly reel

Orvis Battenkill Disc Drag 5wt fly reel

Orvis Battenkill Disc Drag 5wt fly reel

There has been a long and historically successful line of Battenkill reels through Orvis history. Simple, trouble free, and easily accessible in price-the ultimate in function and simplicity throughout the years. Welcome to the powerful, technologically advanced, and yet still accessible new generation of Battenkill reels. This latest Battenkill Disc version is true to its heritage in looks and performance, but updated with the latest in design improvements and a significantly more powerful drag. The porting and finish pay unmistakable homage to the Battenkills of the past, but this reel incorporates our best-selling mid-arbor design. Underneath that mid arbor is the same sealed drag system found in the Hydros SL incorporating six interacting carbon and stainless drag surfaces. Positive click drag is simple and easy to adjust. The reel is built of 6061-T6 aircraft aluminum with an ergonomic Delrin handle and changing from left to right hand retrieve is simple. In black nickel. Imported.

  • Mid-arbor design
  • Technically superior sealed-drag based on the Hydros SL
  • Ported jewel finish
  • Battle-tested performance, remarkably accessible price
  • 5wt fly reel

  • Manufacturer: Orvis
  • Brand: Orvis
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Hand Orientation: Left Hand
  • Color: Black Nickel
  • Fishing Line Type: Fly
  • Type: 5wt fly reel

I feel hi and welcome to the inner sanctum the Orvis rod and tackle product development and testing room. We’re letting you in this this secret place today to show you one of our new products. It’s going to be out about a week. It’s already on the website and we’ve got a lot of cool. We’ve got a lot of cool new products coming out in the next couple of weeks on the new exclusive double-sided tacky boxes and the covert rod. But what I want to talk to you today is the new bat and kill disc reel, which you see right here.

The baton kill disc comes in one two, three, four: five: six sizes: there are two spay models: I don’t have the space for at the spay five here, but this is a brand new reel for us and it comes with some really really strong. Dna we’ve had batten, kill reels for many many many years in many iterations and we’re always trying to make the reels a little bit better. So the new bet and killed disc, it’s a beautiful, reel and I’ll show you in a minute how it compares to the access reel, which is the real it replaced.

But let’s talk a little bit about about how it fits in the line. Why would you want a bet and kill disc reel, and why would you want this reel as opposed to other reels in that price range I? We should say this is a mid-priced reel? It’s a you know $200 range reel, so it’s not a super expensive reel. It’s a precision, real, it’s a real it’ll last a lifetime, but honestly it’s not made in USA, so it’s a little less expensive than than an american-made reel, but it’s a very, very functional and attractive reel, so the baton kill disc.

Here it is. This is what it looks like I’ll give you a little bit closer. Look and I’ll. Give you a little bit closer look on this side, so you can see, see the arbor there right. So what does this reel give you, and why would you want it well I’m, going to compare this to the other reels in the family? Okay, these are our mid-priced fly reels now, I want you to look at this reel, which is the hydros large arbor this reel, which is the batten, kill, click and Paul, and this reel, which is the new batten killed disc.

Now all three of these reels have the same line capacity. Okay, so you can see there’s a big difference in the footprint in the profile on your rod. Now the hydros SL has a lot of advantages. It’s a very fast retrieve like foot per second, your line doesn’t come off the reel, quite as kinked it’s a fast retrieve. That’s a those are the big benefits of a large are really getting line and faster, getting it clearing it, get it out of the water getting it out of the boat, whatever really get on a fish when it runs towards you to gather that line and quickly, but as you can see- and it has a pretty big footprint on a rod.

The other end of this scale. You’ve got the smallest one again, all these take the same backing and weight forward five capacity. This is the batten, kill, click and Paul, and this is a very simple reel. It’s a it’s. A real for traditionalist has a beautiful sound, but it does not have a disc drag. Just has click and Paul. So, basically you’re going to get about half a pound of drag on this reel. Some people feel that’s all the really you need for trout, fishing.

You don’t need a strong disc drive for trout, fishing. Pan fish, you know smaller fish, even largemouth bass and smallmouth bass. Probably don’t need it this drug and effect for sure you don’t need a district, but it’s very simple: it’s a nice sound as traditional, and it’s a in it’s a smaller footprint. You know really light graphite, rod or bamboo rod or glass rod. The baton kill disk fits in the middle. It’s for someone who wants a disc drag wants that strong district.

This drag has will go up to a maximum of 8 pounds. 8 pounds is a tremendous amount of drag. It’s like you’ll you’ll, probably never play a trout using more than pound and a half two pounds of drag a bone. Fish might be three or four pounds of drag at max. So eight pounds of drag is a is a tremendous amount of drag. Most of you will never ever need that kind of drag. The great thing about about all these reels is that they have minimum startup inertia.

So what happens is when a fish starts to run? The drag doesn’t ramp up to like four pounds and then go down to two pounds. It goes up to the drag setting you have and it stays nice and flat. So what this means is you don’t get any jerks in that reel when a fish runs which could obviously pop your tippet and kind of you know it doesn’t really enhance the experience. If you have a drag that stutters and stuff, so the baton kill, it’s cut, it’s kind of a mid Arbor reel.

You know this is a narrow Arbor. This is a large Arbor, and this is a mid Arbor. Be honest with you, mid Arbor is really the new standard. Arbor me very few: people want to go with that really narrow arbor unless you’re very traditionalist trout angler. So it’s for someone who wants that disc drag, wants a little bit faster retrieve, but doesn’t want the super large footprint of a large arbor real on your rod. Now people talk about real balance.

I really don’t pay much attention to real balance. Some people do it’s more, it’s more! The aesthetics, it’s more! What you think looks nice on your rod. What feels nice on your router really balance point when you’re talking about a rod that weighs about 2 ounces unreal that weighs a little bit more, the balance point I, don’t think in smaller rods, and even though the larger Rogers is not super critical. So speaking of balance, one of the things one of the one of the reels in the bat and kill series, the new bank of this series is a spay reel.

These reels are designed to hold a big, thick spay line plenty of backing and they have weight to notice this reel isn’t ported. So not only does it look a little bit more traditional, but it adds some extra weight and, in the case of a spay rod where you do have a lot of weight out by the tip of the rod, these do help to balance the spay Ragman that that’s a place where real balance is important. So we’ve made these heavier beefier, Bette and killed discs for spay fishing.

So let’s talk about the features of this reel. Why you would love it? It is the same drag system as the hydros SL and I’ll pop. This drag open in a second and show you what it looks like and show you how to switch it from right to left has the same drag system it’s 8 carbon to stainless plates. So it makes a very smooth. That’s a really high-tech drag. It’s been proven countless times over the years to be just about the smoothest, most reliable drag you can have, and you know to show you the features on this.

It’s probably best to compare it to the access reel which it replaced. So this is the access reel perfectly good, reel again a reel that will last a lifetime very functional reel. There are a couple of things in the excess that we wanted to improve upon with this baton, kill disc one is that the excess spool had a bit of wobble to it, so what we did in the access reel, the spindle. This part here was two pieces. Okay, so you know there’s a chance overtime for that piece to loosen the new bat and kill disc real.

Has a single spindle. That’s a one piece: milled aluminum, machined, aluminum, okay, so you’re going to get a little bit more secure, durable reel with less wobble. Another thing that distinguishes the back wheel, disc from the excess. The excess had a cast Delrin handle hard to see the quality that the batten kill. Has a machine Delrin handle, so it just it looks nicer and it feels nicer now to get to some of the other to get to some of the other parts of the batten kill.

We have to open it up so I’m going to open this baby up. It showed to you one of the things that we changed was that the one-way bearing the thing that gives you drag versus a real end direction was exposed and it was inside the spool of the access reel. So it’s not a sealed, drag the new bat and kill disc, like the hydros SL has a completely sealed, drag and the one-way bearing is sealed inside here so I’m going to take this apart and show it to you.

Real comes with a little spanner rental tool, and you should never have to open this reel more than once. In fact, if you’re a left-hand wind, if you crank with your left hand, you should never open this reel because it’s a sealed rag, it doesn’t need any maintenance, it’s not going to get any any salt or dirt or grime in the drag. Your drag isn’t going to change over time. It’s not going to free spool on you’re, sucking a seize on you, because everything is sealed, so just play.

Take that off and inside are those carbon stainless plates. I am NOT going to take those out of there and you should never take them out either. If you have a problem, send it back to our real repair department, where a competent person will do that for you, but to change it from right to left. There’s that one-way roller bearing all you have to do is flip that over put it back in and it’s now right hand retrieved. All our reels are shipped left-hand whine.

So if your left hand whine you’re never going to have to open this sucker up, if your right hand whined, like I, am I’m right-handed but I still reel with my right hand, I’m a traditionalist I have to open this up and just flip that bearing over that’s all I got to do so. We’re going to put this thing back together and, as I said, this is a virtually a maintenance-free real little drop of light oil on the spindle once in-house. All you ever need you don’t need to lubricate the drag or or touch the drag at all.

It’s sealed! It’s going to hear and protect it from the elements. Tighten this up. The spanner see you against that Oh ring, keep the stuff out of there hand tight, and we’re done so again should never have to open that real up. So that, in essence, is the bat and kill real. It’s a gorgeous real. It has a smooth drag. It has a strong drag again a little bit larger footprint and more weight than the back, kill, click and Paul a little bit less weight and a little bit lower footprint than the hydros SL in the bat kill.

Disc, comes in a size to four lines like one two, three, a three. No three, oh I took the run reel up. Oh my god, there’s a size comparison! Sorry I didn’t kill four out there. Now they got to get somebody. You know we rehearsed this thing for we’ve been rehearsing this for months we got the sound guy. Here we got the lighting guy, we got the key grip and the gaffer- and you know everything’s been rehearsed countless times and then I go and screw up and and show you the wrong reel.

So forget everything I said: I was a baton, kill. Four I was looking at this is the difference in footprint of the three reels that killed disc, back and kill click and Paul and hydros SL show you that side show you this side all right now, I’m going to start again, so it comes into two smallest one for line sizes. One two three comes in a three four four or five: you get a six out there with six on there with not so much backing, but probably won’t need much back.

You know three, then the four is more of your 7/8 weight line, the five eight nine ten weight line, you’re going to fish ten. You probably want to be using a mirage or a little bit higher pottery for fishing, 11 or 12 weight line, you’re, probably fishing for target and UNITA. You need the best reader you can get, and then we have to space sizes of four and a five. So the four more for switch lines and switch rods and the five four to pay rods span lines.

So that’s the family patent killed disc, it’s a great real. They are on our website. Now you can find them on the Orbis website, the new bat and killed disc. They will be in stock about November 7th and we may even start shipping them a little bit earlier than that they’re there they’re here and they’re almost ready to ship. We have to finish a final inspection on them, but they’re ready to go, and so, if you want one order, it now before they’re all gone and you’ll get it in plenty of time for Christmas.

If it’s a gift anyway, that is the bat and kill reel it’s a beautiful reel. It’s a real that you would enjoy putting on any of your fine rods or not so fine rods, but it’s a real it’s going to last a lifetime and it’s a real that is just fun to look at and listen to listen to play with and admire. It’s a piece of precision machinery that won’t break the bank to put on your favorite front favorite. Oh man, I’m, really screwing up favorite fly rod.

God, don’t you hate live things anyway. That’s a baton, kill line, I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s little I, don’t know what we call this face. Cast video cast video podcast face face pod, whatever anyway we’re going to do more of these. When we have new products coming out, hope you enjoyed. If you enjoyed it, let us know so that we can do more and don’t worry about it. The next time we do. One of these are we somebody here that won’t make as many mistakes as me.

So thanks for watching and talk to you soon.

Product review: this is the Orbis baton, kill, disc, drag number 2 and I’m gonna read off the specs for you guys, just because I don’t have them all. Memorized I’ve been using this thing for just over a year and it is killer. It is butter. Smooth, very minimal, startup drag I was just recently fishing fishing, this with unicorn hair, and this is I think this is 5 X, but I had 7 X on here.

Super smooth lots of drag adjustments. Nice seal drag based off their hydro system. This is their size to 3 inches in diameter. It’s four point: six ounces. It’s four line weights between 4 to 5 and I, haven’t paired with a G lumis-foil rod and I had the Rios perfection for weight line on here and there’s like a match made in heaven.

Let me show you some footage of this thing screaming with some 7x on it and screaming, with 12 pound line on there, which is like 1, X or whatever it is with a big brown. Try it on. Let me show you that right now, I don’t know one down stream. These are two killer fish that I landed on this reel, particularly I fished all over the country with us real I’m, not getting paid, but or was it say this? This is actually a really super good reel.

I was nervous when I first bought this from Orvis, mainly because it’s at their lower end of their product lines. I know they have super expensive stuff. This is about a hundred and fifty dollars, I think 150 to 198 in an extra spool. Sixty to eighty nine dollars, which is kind of nice, has a nice seal drag like I said before a nice machined reel seat that mounts on there as well.

Sealed drug has a tool to a spanner wrench to take that out and service said the only thing they do less than this is a click and Paul system. This is the mid Arbor design, as you can see, they also make a size for Spey. Casting I would highly recommend getting something with a drag system into it. This is the next step up in buying a drag system real for landing those bigger fish.

So that’s my positive review of the bat and kill drag system reel from Orbis one year of you really liked. It highly suggest it make sure you guys subscribe and comment below if you have any other products that are similar to this I’d like to try out some other brands, I like orvis their products have never let me now.

Hi, my name is Doug, bear and I work for the Orbis company and we’re here at the 2016 ICAST Show, something showing some of the new products for 2017 and one of the ones that I’m personally very excited about. Is the reintroduction of the baton kill knit Arbor real. We have had for the past few years, the access, but we have looked into a new drag system for the mid Arbor, C’s or series, and within that series we now have a very similar drag system that we’ve incorporated into the hydros real, with a larger, more powerful drag system, though, within the new bat and kill series that will go from a model, one small sizes up to the model 5 for saltwater purposes, and also that for the two-handed, we’ll have a model for model, 5, spay or two-handed version with a solid back.

These reels will share some of the technology that we put into the new hydro sessile. As far as its drag system, it won’t be as sophisticated or have as many drag surfaces, but certainly an improvement over the existing access at a real competitive price between 149 to 179. For the single-handed and 179 and 199 for the model for model 5 two-handed spay rail, so these great new reels are going to be available in November for holiday delivery at trident fly fishing calm.


Hello guys, my new baton kill from orifice just got this today, and this is the baton, kill this number four size four. This is this should be good for seven, eight and nine line weight right. Let’s take a look. All right comes in on nicer pouch. I had the baton, kill number three and it came in a blue pouch. So this is a very good change and yep for line seven, eight, nine and it’s number four and the weight is 5.

9 ounces. Let’s see: okay, nice! Oh, we have a wrench here to change the drag. Maybe all right and let’s see, what’s the weight all right. It is 6. 3 ounces, uh, it’s not 5 9, but it should be. Okay, no biggie and let’s see, what’s the diameters, the measurements: let’s do some measurements. The outside diameters is 90 millimeters, nine centimeters, the outside width is 34 millimeters.

The inside is 24 millimeters alrighty. Now this is supposed to be made or machined from uh solid, aluminium bar stock t6061, and this was made in china right, but I don’t really care and let’s hear it- that’s the outgoing incoming all. Right now, I could feel some drag resistance here, so I don’t think this reel is going to freeze pull and, let’s see how many turns does it take to crank this uh crank the drag all the way up.

Let’s go by that orifice sign one rotation, two rotations and that’s it. Oh it’s tight. It’s really tight smooth. I don’t feel any slippage or bumps really smooth. Now you better hook with something really big to you know to need that much of drag. So, if I were you well, I just set it up. Maybe a halfway: oh yeah, that’s plenty! Yep! Let’s see you know the the drag.

Knob is pretty. What is it clunky, it’s kind of hard to adjust the the drag, so I would just like, I said, set it up to halfway and be done with it, and this is a mid arboreal. That’s tight yeah supposed to be all sealed all right and let’s check the arbor width. You know what I think that um ratchet was to change the the retrieve from left hand to right hand or or the other way around it’s the arbor diameter is 38.

Millimeters all right but yeah, it looks solid, very nice yep all right if you like the video, if you think it’s helpful, please like and subscribe and have fun and be safe. Thank you very much.

Hi folks welcome to my channel. This is a killed click and pour real in the size to take a look at this real and look at its features and, first of all I will start with the looks of this real. It looks very, very good, very classic styling, with very nice kind of titanium, gray anodizing and it’s real gem on a traditional split cane rod or a glass fiber rod, or maybe a classic style graphite rod.

Like I already said it’s a click and poor real. So it means it has no drag only an opportunity to bomb the real side of the spool, with your thumb, orifice States is real, is designed for lines from freeway to five weight. I would recommend this for a free or a full width rod. It’s too small for a five point, so I would combine it with with three or four wide world.

What I like about real is, of course, the loops, but it’s yeah. It’s it’s! It’s simple, but most the most simple designs, work out very well. This reel is is made in China, but that’s no problem, no problem. For me, the design is very good and the machining of this reel, because it’s it’s machine from Boston very nice, nicely done very precise, with very close tolerances.

No sharp edges on the reel, as you can see, and the anodizing is really very and very precisely precisely done. The great attraction in in this kind of reels lay in the sound it and try to a little soundcheck with it. Well, this is it and it sounds very, very sweet. It’s it’s more metallic sound than the most classic hadi reels, but it’s it sounds very, very nice, very good and the great attraction of such a real is that if you hook on a nice fish and the fish goes away, runs away from you, it gives a great sound and the sound is really very nice to listen to the reel is delivered in a very nice box like sit like orvis.

It already says the simplistic click and for real and boss rock constructs. You better kill real, a minimalist dream. Well, I can say that’s pretty pretty dumb right now, some papers in in the real up in the real box, a very simple owners manual I- can read it now, but it’s quite boring very nice detail is that the reel is delivered in a very nice pouch, very simple, very classic, but in my opinion it looks better than neoprene pouch and it gives a lot of protection.

So this is a very short quick view on this on this gem of a little reel and I like it very, very much well, thanks for watching and subscribe for to my channel for more videos on fly fishing, product reviews, dogs, equestrian and all about nature. Thanks for watching cheerio.

ANGRYFISH with CNC-machined Aluminum Alloy Body 5wt fly reel

ANGRYFISH with CNC-machined Aluminum Alloy Body 5wt fly reel

  • Precision CNC-machined 6061-T6 aluminum alloy for high-impact durability. Exquisite appearance, tight tolerances, no wobble, no side play.
  • Hard anodized for surface protection increases abrasion resistance and weather fastness.Cold forged and tempered for superior strength and rigidity.
  • A great balance between backing capacity and rapid line pickup, not easy for line backlash. Reinforced spokes cutting for lightest weight while strong enough for fighting the monsters.
  • Used in multi-species fly fishing in rivers, lakes, streams, creeks. Ideal for all fly fishing species such as Trout, Grayling, Salmon and other predatory fish.
  • All Aluminum handle provides more comfortable design and easily converts to left or right hand retrieve.
  • 5wt fly reel

  • Manufacturer: YILE
  • Brand: ANGRYFISH
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Hand Orientation: Ambidextrous
  • Fishing Line Type: Fly
  • Type: 5wt fly reel

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