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  Trophy Ridge® Ultralightweight 9" Static Stabilizer – Black BOWFIT™ Archery Fit DVD Sims LimbSaver® Super Quad Split Limb Silencer - Camo Neet Longbow Stringer 2 Tip Cup Cabela's Digital Bow Scale Cabela's Digital Archery Scale OMP Versa Cradle Bow Vise and Stand PSE Roller Glide Cable-Guard Slide Sims LimbSaver® Sims Bow Lubricant Pen Bohning Mini Server Plano® Broadhead Box TRUGLO® Kisser Button Easton® Elite Multi-Pliers Accubow® Band Axion Limb Damper Trophy Ridge® Blitz Bow Stabilizer Doinker Quick Disconnect Sims LimbSaver® LS Hunter Lite Stabilizer TRUGLO® Deadenator™ XS Stabilizer
  Trophy Ridge® Ultralightweight 9" Static Stabilizer – Black BOWFIT™ Archery Fit DVD Sims LimbSaver® Super Quad Split Limb Silencer - Camo Neet Longbow Stringer 2 Tip Cup Cabela's Digital Bow Scale Cabela's Digital Archery Scale OMP Versa Cradle Bow Vise and Stand PSE Roller Glide Cable-Guard Slide Sims LimbSaver® Sims Bow Lubricant Pen Bohning Mini Server Plano® Broadhead Box TRUGLO® Kisser Button Easton® Elite Multi-Pliers Accubow® Band Axion Limb Damper Trophy Ridge® Blitz Bow Stabilizer Doinker Quick Disconnect Sims LimbSaver® LS Hunter Lite Stabilizer TRUGLO® Deadenator™ XS Stabilizer
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Brand Sims Vibration Laboratory PLANO Cabela's - Sims Vibration Laboratory Cabela's Bohning NEET PSE Easton Trophy Ridge Trophy Ridge TRUGLO TRUGLO - OMP Bowfit LIMBSAVER DOINKER

Trophy Ridge® Ultralightweight 9" Static Stabilizer – Black

  • Unique design allows air to easily pass through
  • Gives you a steadier shot during windy conditions
  • Ballistix CoPolymer system is lighter than aluminum
  • Featuring a unique design that allows air to easily pass through, Trophy Ridge's Ultralightweight 9" Static Stabilizer gives you a steadier shot during windy conditions. Made of Trophy Ridge's Ballistix CoPolymer® system, which is 25% lighter than aluminum and just as strong. Comes with two customizable 1-oz. weights that allow you to control the weight and balance on your bow and a braided wrist sling.
    Length: 9".
    Wt: 6.5 oz.
    Color: Black.

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    BOWFIT™ Archery Fit DVD

    This is a video guide to archery strengthening and injury prevention featuring some of the top names in the industry. Hear training tips from professional archers, coaches and international bowhunters including Randy Ulmer, Dwight Schuh, Brenda Valentine, G. Fred Asbell, George Chapman, Alexander Kirillov, Keith Beam, Joella Bates, Dave Cole and Tom Nelson. You also will see great archery exercises and workout routines from the pros that are guaranteed to improve your bow-holding power. DVD.

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    Sims LimbSaver® Super Quad Split Limb Silencer - Camo

    Take the vibration and noise out of your limbs by up to 80% by installing a pair of Super Quad's. The innovative design is both extremely efficient and effective. And to make them even more versatile, the Super Quad can be used in both 1/2-3/4 and 3/4 to 1-1/8 split limb spacings. Just rotate the dampener to the side with the correct spacing and push the dampener between the limbs until you feel it sit in the grooves that hold it in place. No brackets or hardware are required for this universal application. Per 2.
    Color: Camo.
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    Neet Longbow Stringer 2 Tip Cup

  • Eliminates limb twist
  • Leather end cup
  • Adjustable length longbow stringer with leather end cups. Made in USA.

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    Cabela's Digital Bow Scale

  • Compact size for convenient portability
  • Digitally measures peak draw weight up to 110 lbs.
  • Displays weight in pounds, ounces or kilograms
  • Our portable Digital Bow Scale features a large backlit LCD display for easy reading. Measures peak draw weight up to 110 lbs. while providing optimum accuracy to ±0.05 lbs. Automatic weight lock. Displays weight in pounds, ounces or kilograms. Reinforced ring for long-lasting use. Runs on two AAA batteries (included).

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    What's going on guys welcome to. Another episode of code TV today I'm coming at. You with Cabala's mini scale review I'm gonna go over. Some specs of this thing first so the first thing I want to bring up with. This is it has an 88 pound capacity like. You can weight finish up to 88 pounds with. This it runs on two triple A batteries it's got a really nice display. And it has four different weights. It has pounds and you can change. It between it has gin. It has kilograms and ounces. This thing is so compact. You can pretty much store. It anywhere you need to. Ihave some weights here to test. How accurate it is it's got an automatic on/off switch so. If you forget to turn. It off then it'll do. It on its own so you don't have to worry about. It if you accidentally leave. It on it'll shut off after about a minute that's pretty much the specs on. This thing my honest opinion of. This is I love this scale right. Now on Cabala's it's $12 it's usually on sale for nine. Igot this for eight dollars three years ago. And I actually have a story quick story before the test here. Igot this three years ago for $800. Idropped it in a lake three times every single year. And I let it dry it out. And still works fine. And this year I took. It saltwater fishing and I've dropped.

    It in the bay and I threw. It in my backpack right after. Because I couldn't do. Anything about it then about a week later after. Igot home from the beach. Irealized I forgot the air. This thing out and. It was all it was. All I don't know if. You can see it there but it's sort of rusted right on the edges here that's there was a bit of rust inside the battery compartment. And it wouldn't turn on, so I'm like oh. This thing's probably toast so. Itake it out of my backpack. And I let it air out. More and about a couple days later. Itried nothing give it two. More days and next thing you know. It turned on and it worked. It was soaked in salt water for literally a week. And a half and this thing still works. And we're gonna test. It right now so I could show. You all right so we got a plastic bag. And here's a 1/4 ounce weight.

    Or put it in the bag we're gonna test. This scale here power. It on so it should be an ounces right there. And we're going to hit. It so it turns to how okay so it's a zero. Now you don't want to put the fish on. When you first turn. It on because it needs to power up with. Nothing hanging on it so. It knows what the weight is already. This is a pound and a quarter, so we're gonna see. What this weighs it should come out to. One point two five on the scale so you're ready drop. It on the scale and. Once it picks up the weight. It locks on its own which is really nice, so we'll let. It hangs for a couple seconds take. It off all right one point two three point oh two ounces off which is not. That big of a difference. All right now we have a seven.

    And a half pound weight here, so we're gonna put. This in the bag all right so. We powered it on with double zero there. Now we're gonna hook. It we're gonna let it dangle for a. Few seconds down seven point five four so there's seven. And a half right there off five point zero four so as. You can see for eight dollars. This is a really nice scale it's pretty accurate. And you definitely can't go wrong for the money so. Iwould definitely recommend the Cabala's mini scale for you to check out I'll leave a link in the description below thank. You for watching this video. If you have any comments please comment I'll get back to. You as soon as possible peace.

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    Cabela's Digital Archery Scale

  • Easy-to-read back-lit LCD display
  • Three-minute automatic shutoff
  • Powered by two included AAA batteries
  • Our Digital Archery Scale boasts an easy-to-read back-lit LCD display that makes determining arrow specifications quick and simple. Extended three-minute automatic shutoff conserves battery life. Comes with a calibration weight, professional arrow holder and two AAA batteries.

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    Cabala's has an incredible dedication to helping people get started in the outdoors their outfitter is. That all the stores are phenomenal at helping you get the right thing they've got experts. And the fishing experts. And the hunting and the boating and the clothing and obviously in the archery standpoint. And when you go in there. And start working with the people on their staff they're gonna help outfit. You with what's needed for instance. If you're a guys starting out. And you walk in, and they've got a couple different modes there maybe it's the instigator package. Where it's the regulator package. And they're gonna be able to explain to. You the differences in the two. And how they're gonna best suit. You in the field what whatever you're doing their gonna look at your stature they're gonna look at your strengths they're gonna look at your experience. And they're gonna take a look at your budget to be able to outfit. You in the best manner possible so. That when it comes time to go home with your equipment you're gonna be practicing and you're gonna have. Something that's going to help. You become better so. That when the time comes. And you get the buck in front of. You in the outdoor you're gonna make the right shot.

    Now last year we followed along with Wade as. He tried out the Cabala's instigator boat package powered by bo tech a new Cabala's instigator boat by boat AK is a bow. That really caught my attention. You know the folks at Cabala's called. I and said hey look. We wanna we want to ship. One down to the store come in. And get it set up which. Idid and it's always a treat to go into the Cabala's store there. And work with the guys. Imean they rigged the bow up. And went made some changes went shot. It went makes more changes. And when I left they're just like. Anybody else could expect. Iwas dialed in to be able to go home. And now really set up. And finish my bow and. That instigator the way. It sets up is a great bow for not only a first-timer but also a seasoned Archer. Imean you can set. This bow from 35 to 65 pounds it's got a adjustable draw length up to 29 inches so.

    It makes it a great bow for somebody that's starting out. That wants to grow into. This bow and shoot. It for a long time and. It also makes a good bow for a guy like. Me that's a seasoned hunter an archer who's had success with them it's very lightweight will make a good bow to pack in. Ichose to hunt with. It here on opening weekend up in a competent I'll tree. Because I knew it's gonna a small compact boat. That I'd be able to maneuver in. Some fairly tight places. Because I knew my shots we're gonna be at. Some crazy angles and with. That lightweight bow. Iknew that I could be able to be able maneuver myself into position be able to get a shot very easily so. This new Cabala's instigator boat it's gonna be a bow you're gonna see in my hand on a couple. More hunts upcoming we'd also tried out the new Cabala's regulator boat package powered by boat tech on.

    Some hogs around deer camp the regulator offers a bit. More size and power with. All the versatility. And accuracy known in the Cabala's line of bows. And archery accessories without a doubt Cabala's. And boat tech I've got. It rights when it comes to the new regulator boat the entire hunt. Isaw time and time again. How well that this bow was gonna perform its quick shooting up to 325 feet a second. It also has a tremendous amount of kinetic energy at 82 pounds on. Some of those shots. You can adjust it from 26 to 30 inches without. Even using a press and it's gonna perform for you night. And day as you saw. All these hogs we're popping so. When you hit the field you're gonna hear.

    Nothing but big pops like we're hearing when we're taking these pigs out there I've really impressed for any of the boats seen used on today's show visit Cabala's dot-com. Or visit your neighborhood Cabala's retail store you.

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    OMP Versa Cradle Bow Vise and Stand

  • Work on any bow, anywhere in your shop
  • 360° locking ball head
  • Cam-lock lever system
  • Stand made of powder-coated steel
  • 17" x 17" base plate
  • 19.5" height adjustment
  • The portable OMP Versa-Cradle Bow Vise and Stand lets you conveniently work on any bow, anywhere in your shop. The cradle accomodates any bow and any limb width with no adapter. Its patented 360° locking ball head and cam-lock lever system make tuning compounds and crossbows a breeze. Polyurethane pads grip and protect the limbs. Vise is fully adjustable and mounts to a bench, counter or the included stand. Stand is made of powder-coated steel with a stable 17" x 17" base plate and has 19.5" of height adjustment. Includes Vise and Stand.


    Welcome to the Volvo hunting out the worst product review of the October mountain products OMP versa cradle 360 bow vises. You can see I got it mounted up on my workbench here just couple key features of. This it holds all bow types including compound bows wide Lambos single Limbo's then. However whatever bow type you're shooting nowadays. It is going to definitely hold those it's got a polyurethane grips. And pads on them you can kind of see here with the wide leg mount it's got six of them four on the bottom. And two on the top that goes across the inside of the limb here as. You can see I have a 38. And a half inch workbench is. What I got for this. And the reason why is I'm five foot nine so. Ilike everything right here about my level which. You can see my bow is the Berger button is perfectly. Ilevel is just one of those things. That I like to be able to visually check. Even with a level on the arrow. And the bowstring itself a great feature of. This is it this bow vise. You can get a floor stand to mount. It to or you can mount. It to your workbench so it's completely up to. You the floor stand. It do you know increase the price quite significantly so the good feature about. It is it will adapt to. Any mounting style that. You have especially on a workbench on the bottom of the mounting bracket there are. Some set screws in there with different angles.

    And stuff that if. You mount on the left side of your workbench. Or right side of the workbench. Or close to a wall or. Something like that. You can actually just turn the vise itself the entire thing and make. It works for your workspace as. You can see I got my ez press behind. Me makes it kind of difficult. If I'm standing on this side. You know I'm contacting my press wheel so. Iadjusted it a little bit to work for my workbench so. What I did is I mounted. It if I'm looking at. It on the very right side. This is my workspace over here. Ican access the locking mechanism right here. And I can move my bow obviously down.

    And out away from me. If I need to work out here. If I need to work out here I'm gone ahead. And lock it into place. You know do whatever kind of work. Ineed to do in this area. Ican also lock it up for setting up your Center shot. And whatnot put in your level on your strain here arrow. Iturn the bow away from the workbench. That way my arrow comes out then have. Any contact with any of my stuff up here. If I need to work on the sights. And the rest I can obviously just turn the bow. All the way around here everything's right in front of. Me both hands-free we're. All set to work on this. And do what we need to do overall. This is probably one of the best investments I've ever made never had Bo vise before. Ilove it so far so good the price a little bit much in my opinion but overall it's going to be worth.

    It's an investment. Idon't have to take my bow to a bow shop anymore which is really nice. Because over the years. Iget tired of paying their fees so. This is something I can do. Some simple work at the house with October Mountain products versa cradle 360 bow voice check their website out subscribe to our channel evolve bow hunting outdoors check out our Facebook page check out our YouTube channel will be posting up. Some stuff here real soon. All kinds of product review getting ready to go on a turkey trip to Kentucky here in about two weeks for opening season stick with. Us folks it's going to be exciting summer subscribe to our Channel vault bow hunting outdoors.

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    PSE Roller Glide Cable-Guard Slide

  • Provides smooth, quiet draws
  • Rolls with the cables, reducing friction and slide chatter
  • Fits on the cable guard of most compound bows
  • Enjoy smooth, quiet draws when you outfit the cable guard on your compound bow with PSE's Roller Glide Cable-Guard Slide. Rolls with the cables and rolls for horizontal and perpendicular string travel, reducing friction and slide chatter during the draw cycle. Fits on the cable guard of most compound bows.

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    Hey guys I'm here doing another video. This one's going to be on the new 2011 PSE red cable slide as. You can see it's right here. This the packaging it comes in doesn't give. You much information on the back. This cable slide is five dollars I'm gonna go ahead. And show how to put on your bow. And go ahead and tell. You the advantages this cable slide gives. You over the original white. One so as you can see. Ido have a white one on the 2010 money maker on the white ones were used. All the way up until 2011 until PFC came out with the new red ones which are. Now equipped on all the 2011 bows which is pretty nice, so I'm gonna go ahead. And show how to take. And put on the new one first you're just going to have to just push down on your cable here. It out does both sides just like. That you're going to go ahead. And slide the old cable slide off here's your new. You can see you look on here you'll see. One has a little bit. More of a gap it allows the cable to slide out a little further. That one's going to go on the outside.

    And slide on just like. This slide it on go ahead. And put your cables on. And then you have installed your a new cable guard slide. You guys don't know the advantages. This cable guard slide I'll go ahead. And show you the old. One which is one here um had a little bit. Sharper edges on. You can see I mean it's I've had people telling me. It tears into their string and. Iactually have to replace the string and the cable guard so. It doesn't continue tearing in. And with this new you guys can see it's got a little bit. More rounded edges which. It prevents the string to being torn. And replacing your string as well. You guys can see this I'm gone ahead. And slide this on here show. You a close-up comparison. Idon't know you guys can tell on the camera but the red cable guard slide actually allows for the cable to be moved out a little bit.

    This takes a lot of the stress off your string in cable therefore allowing the bow to be a little bit faster. And shoot a little better. Some people might not care about. They haven't they hadn't noticed. It but let it really does make a difference. This new one also as. You don't tear into your string as much which. It which lengthens the life of your string which is also pretty nice. You could probably get about 500 to 750 shots. More with this new cable guard. Then with the old one so it's definitely worth the 5 dollars. You guys are looking at. Idefinitely recommend. You guys have any questions on. It pleases throw me a private message. It in the comment box remember to rate comment. And subscribe I will talk to. You guys in the next video thanks for watching you.

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    Sims LimbSaver® Sims Bow Lubricant Pen

    Protect your gear and reduce corrosion and noise with this odorless archery oil. Works on cam wheels, O-rings, limb pockets, releases, treestand pivot points, accessory bolts and arrow rests. 0.25-oz. pen with needle applicator tip.

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    Bohning Mini Server

    So compact and portable, the Bohning Mini Server can be kept in your bow case. This mini version provides the adjustable tension and smooth thread flow you need for quick and tight center servings. Perfect for travel and quick fixes, the Mini Server's compact design eliminates the need for a cable spreader, and it works well with short-brace-height bows. Fits fingers for a secure grip and greater control. Includes 13 ft. of serving thread on each of its two bobbins.

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    I'm tim ruler of whitetail journey TV. Imet boning archery today talk to my good friend Mike Collins about brand-new product for 2013 from boning it's a new mini server Mike. This thing I'm telling you. What you know so many times. We talk about some of the simplest products on the market. Some of the simplest changes make the biggest difference in the world. You guys have hit it rights on the head with a new mini server. It down next to a traditional server. And right away you see the biggest difference obviously here in the name is the mini server but look at the size difference there. You said it the mini server is about half the size of traditional serving gig with. That comes the exact same benefits features. And then some added to. It yeah lets's talk about. Some of those at an inch. And a half you know. This was designed around today's modern bows today have gone everywhere the rage is kind of shorter. And smaller more compact not only axial but. Everything is compressed between the cables. And the string the brace heights of these bows have really shrunk down. It makes it virtually impossible to use a traditional server without putting the bow in a press using a string separator so.

    Many other additional tools. You don't have to worry about. That anymore with the mini server no not at. All the tight compact sizes at. All drop away arrest those seem to be a. You know a staple anymore with having to tie those ins. Or working on your cable strings etc can get in there with. This exactly not a problem at. All right I'd put the bow in your lap. You can work out now with the mini server yeah. One of the other things. You incorporated into. These wing features. You call exact tell. Me why you did that well. Because it's so small. You don't have quite the handle. You might have on a larger traditional sized serving jig. We had to incorporate. Some way to make this easy to use naturally it's small so. That makes it easy to use but. You throw those wings on there. When you're flipping. That around your string in a matter of minutes you're done surfing yeah just a lot easier to use the tool the other thing. You put on here is a tension button on the side yes 10 people asked.

    They raise raised questions about well with. Something so small I go set my tension. Or make sure that but incorporating a thumb screw on the. One side it allows for you get your hands in their play with. It finds your sweet spot. And your attention you will. And then you're good to go. You know not only does. This make it easy for the do-it-yourselfer. Or the home guy that likes to work on his bo eliminates. All those tools there's so. Many applications for this in hunting situations you're not having to go on a long say a Western hot. Or a hunt up in Canada. Wherever you might be going for a week two weeks at a time. And carry a lot of extra tools with. You can take you don't have to bring the boat brush.

    You don't have to bring a spreader. You can work on your boat in the field in the 10:00 at night with a flashlight on your lap yeah. You can reinstall a drop away. You have to you can fix a serving you're not gonna have a lot of extra cumbersome stuff which is really important on those bad guys. All know that goes especially pack hunts. Where guys count bounces. Imean in the Midwest. We might count pounds but. You get out laughs they count ounces. When you're hauling in. You know 30 40 pounds a year the last thing you want is. Something like you may not know. If you're going to need. Or use well not only. If you're using this but you've got a key area. All the other things with. You exactly to use this is all-in-one you're not gonna have to carry. Anything else except. This you're gonna be able to fix. Anything on your bow. That requires any kind of serving it comes with over 13 feet you're right a serving thread on.

    It so your weight you're gonna be able to get through. You know weeks probably a season yeah. You could do yours and your buddies at camp. Ineeded to I'll tell. What folks you got to check out the new mini server from boning look them up online at boning com.

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    Plano® Broadhead Box

  • Slim, compact box designed specifically for broadheads
  • Foam inserts protect broadheads
  • Holds up to 5 broadheads
  • Great for storing or transporting broadheads
  • With foam inserts to protect sharp broadheads from blade damage, the slim, compact Plano Broadhead Box is great for the range, the repair bench, or a trek into the deep woods. Holds up to 5 broadheads.
    6"L x 2"W x 2.65"H.
     Cancer and Reproductive Harm-

    Hi this is fish and gamer doing a quick overview of the Plano broad head box basically. It measures just about seven inches across. And it is about five inches high. And tapers a but basically it's uh anywhere from three. And a half to four inches deep inside the box left here. We have a utility tray. Idon't want any things is a broad head wrench take. This out and it accommodates broad heads. You know four blades three blades. And such just put the brought in there. And twist it on against your arrow underneath. That we have foam insert. That has eight slots in. It these can accommodate. Each of them ties run its. You can stuff them in. And basically keep your fraud secure. And see all together it's pretty inexpensive unit it's well constructed it's heavy-duty plastic. Ido like it and we recommend.

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    TRUGLO® Kisser Button

  • Supersoft, durable material
  • Improves accuracy
  • No bow press required
  • Absorbs string vibration
  • Weighs less than 9 grains
  • Built of a supersoft, yet very durable material, the TRUGLO Kisser Button features smooth, rounded edges that make it exceptionally comfortable, and it also helps absorb string vibration. Weighs less than 9 grains. No bow press required for installation.
    Colors: Blue, Green, Black, Red, Pink.

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    Easton® Elite Multi-Pliers

  • Easily service D-loops, serving and nocks
  • Patent-pending 5-in-1 design
  • Hot-forged steel construction for years of reliable use
  • Make bowstring maintenance a breeze with Easton's Elite Multi-Pliers. A patent-pending 5-in-1 design sports a tweezer tip for fine serving work, vertical cleat for serving thread and D-loop pulling, pliers with jaw gap for gripping D-loop, separate side jaw for one-handed D-loop stretching and two internal holes for servicing brass nocks. Hot-forged steel construction ensures years of reliable service, while dipped ergonomic grips reduce hand fatigue. Imported.

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    Accubow® Band

  • Adjusts poundage of your AccuBow from 10 to 70 lbs.
  • No let-off – great for training
  • Easily replaceable design can be quickly installed
  • Use the AccuBow Band with your AccuBow to build your pulling strength, improve your holding stability and increase your shooting stamina. It allows you to adjust the poundage of your AccuBow from 10 lbs. to 70 lbs. with no let-off, making it a great training tool for archers of all strengths and skill levels. Easily replaceable design can be installed in a matter of minutes. Recommended that bands be replaced every four to six months with consistent and regular use. Per each.
    Colors: Red (not shown), Purple.

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    Axion Limb Damper

  • Reduces post-shot vibration, resulting in a more accurate shot
  • CNC-machined body easily attaches to split limbs
  • Fits 3/4" to 1" split-limb gap
  • Axion's Limb Damper reduces post-shot vibration, resulting in a more accurate shot. CNC-machined body easily attaches to split-limb bows or crossbows and features one Mathews Lite Harmonic Stabilizer that dramatically decreases noise. Fits 3/4" to 1" split-limb gap. Per 2. Made in USA.
    Wt: 3 oz.
    Camo patterns: Lost Camo®, Lost Camo® XD.

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    Trophy Ridge® Blitz Bow Stabilizer

  • Boosts your hunting bow's feel and performance
  • Rubber compound construction
  • 6" design helps balance bow at full draw for improved shot accuracy
  • Trophy Ridge braided wrist sling and leather mount included
  • Boost the shooting performance and feel of your hunting bow with the Trophy Ridge Blitz Bow Stabilizer. Made of a noise-dampening, shock-absorbing rubber compound that eliminates vibration and mitigates noise, the Blitz smooths the bow during and after the shot. 6" design also helps bowhunters balance the bow while holding and sighting at full draw for increased accuracy. Comes with Trophy Ridge braided wrist sling and leather mount.

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    Doinker Quick Disconnect

  • Fully adjustable V-bar mount
  • Made of machined aluminum
  • 5/16-24 threads
  • Fully adjustable V-bar mount on Doinker's Quick Disconnect makes it easy to set the right angle. Constructed of solid machined aluminum. Features 5/16-24 threads and weighs 1.3 oz. Made in USA.

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    This is the rather simple but took. Many years to perfect package. This is the quick disconnect package which includes. All the different you know products in. This video which would be a. And MTM twist and seal em 22 to 3/8 inch connector then. We would connect to our 3/8 inch coupler so a 3/8 inch female to female coupler. And then from there. We would have the inlet to our pressure washer spray gun the Maas Matic. Or MTM whichever. One you're using in. These products are. All stainless the all the high pressures connections with the exception of the twisting seal which doesn't really need to be stainless simply. Because the outlet from the hose from the pressure washer is brass. And then 99% of this gets covered up. And you're never going to be disconnecting this so. Ididn't see the need to add the extra expense from there. We have the outlet of our gun which would be a quarter inch male to female quick couple to quick disconnect coupler which would then connect to our wand which could connect to our want. It could connect directly to our spray nozzle.

    And then we have on the exterior of the other side of the lawn, so we'll have two of these we'll have. Another quarter inch so. These are quarter inch outlets quarter inch male to female a quick disconnect. Ido recommend and include. This in the package a stainless steel replacement for you. Or for your MTM foam cannon. Whatever foam can you have. This is a quarter inch male to male plug. And then before we get the water into our pressure washer. We have a pair of male. And female MTM quick disconnects for the low pressure hose the inlet hose. You don't have an inlet hose. One on the store it's made by Ely so. This is the complete quick disconnect kit on the pressure washer on the Franz 1122 TST so. We would have to imagine. This with the hose so included would be the low-pressure brass — brass which would then run through the hose would be sold separately into the inlet of the pressure washer so.

    We have our second pair of male-to-female quick disconnect coupler. And plug and then you know water travels through our pressure washer out our hose. We have our twist and sealed plugs. We just mentioned to our female 3/8 inch stainless coupler which then connects to our spray gun. This is the Maas Matic the higher in Maas Matic with the built-in swivel so. We have our you know again our 3/8 inch plug which quickly connects to our spray gun. And then we want to be able to break. This down for different applications so here's our quarter inch male to the female coupler the reason why we want to be able to do. This on the exterior of the spray gun is.

    We want to be able to connect very quickly our MTM orifice nozzle with the krandle. Idon't include this in the package. You can buy this separately. This in the store you know. This is different depending on your pressure washer so. You connect that like so. And then of course we have our want. We have a inlet to the want that's quarter-inch. We need a quarter inch female connection which is a bit. More obscure hard cover to find these at your home depot especially in stainless. You wouldn't find that out our want. And then we have our other quarter inch connection which. We want to be quickly connected here so. We can remove our spray nozzles so that's the entire setup the entire package available in the store also to mention included in the package is a roll of teflon tape. You want to tape all of these connections. And make sure you don't have. Any leaks what happen. When the force pulling you back your foot actually comes off the gas to keep your foot to the floor dialed in.

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    Sims LimbSaver® LS Hunter Lite Stabilizer

    Knock out vibration without adding too much weight to your hunting bow with Sims' LimbSaver LS Hunter Lite Stabilizer. Vibration-dampening broadband node plus dampening particles throughout the riser to ensure shock-free, quiet shots.
    Length: 7".
    Wt: 3.6 oz.
    Color/camo patterns: Black, Realtree XTRA® Green, Mossy Oak® Break-Up Infinity®.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm-

    It go everybody my name is Jason with hunters friend. And we're gonna take a look at the ulema les hunter lot stabilizer. Ialways say stabilizers are kind of tricky for the. Most part it comes down to. What you as a shooter would really like. What you would find the. Most cosmetically appealing what suits. Something heavy enough lot enough. Imean a lot of picking out a stabilizer comes down to. You as a shooter and that's that's a lot of the fun. Imean customizing everything to fit. And to Phil rights use its kind of. Something about I really enjoy so with. That said stabilizers are kind of tricky thing to explain to people but keep in mind. If you're getting a stabilizer from a trustworthy manufacturer it's gonna probably do its job as a stabilizer. Everything outside of. That is just customizing its. Now I'm gonna bust in on. This is actually a stabilizer. That is worth a closer look. It sort of pulls offs. Something that a lot of them in my opinion don't really do.

    You know extremely light. And it's a lot all the way throughout. This really just feels really well-balanced. It looks good and slick. You have to hold it in your hands. That really kind of get. It the package says. It weighs approximately 32 ounces but. Iwaited just for the sake of knowing and. It weighs exactly three point two ounces which is. You know on paper is. One thing but you actually fill. It's just it's extremely a lot. Ihad them throw it on the books I'd never shot. It before I took a. Few shots it actually really works so. It has yeah I'll just read. And I'll show what it's talking about the LS hunter a lot is a lot of stabilizers.

    We have ever created. It features a vibration dampening broadband node. That is removable and compatible with additional weight systems. This band right here so. That will come off you can do. You can take and shoot. It for other systems like it's talking about the removable portion. And it's talking about. That band being there is actually a good idea. It keeps when we're dealing with vibrations. That keeps that rubber from actually vibrating at. All its kind of clever so like. Isaid picking out a stabilizer a lot of. That comes down to what you as a shooter would personally want. What you think looks good. And shoots good and feels good. Igotta tell you with.

    That said these are actually. Something like they look at them. They look great I'm a big fan of black. And red color schemes I've had black boats for as long as. Ican remember I've always just really liked. That way before something. You could buy you know commercially. Iused to make them but to be honest. That is an extremely well done good-looking stabilizer so. You are in the market for a good stabilizer. Somebody that is looking to make your rig Lotter that's. Something I want to stress. This is a very light stabilizer it's full the material inside of. It not sure exactly. What it is but whatever. They on the packaging it talks about. It helps keeps vibration down so. Though it's a lot I can go ahead. And tell you after shooting it definitely does help keep aberration down so. This is a good design. It being so light it kind of blows my mind so yeah like set in the market for a good light stabilizer that'll do you're right check.

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    TRUGLO® Deadenator™ XS Stabilizer

  • Rubber-molded dampening fins effectively reduces vibration
  • Engineered for today's performance hunting bows
  • Coated with Soft Tru Touch
  • The rubber-molded dampening fins on TRUGLO's Deadenator XS Stabilizer increase its surface area for reduced noise and vibration. Engineered for today's performance hunting bows. Soft Tru Touch™ coating. Standard threaded mount accommodates most bows.
    Length: 4.6".
    Wt: 4 oz.
    Camo pattern: Realtree XTRA®.

     Cancer and Reproductive Harm-

    The detonator excess stabilizer from true glow it's exactly. What his name is the detonator cool. These rubber dampening fins increased surface area decreasing noise. And vibration its unique Kentucky design with true touch coding is the only rubber stabilizer. That is dipped in official licensed camo patterns the detonator excess is engineered for performance hunting bows its four point six inches. And weighs about four ounces. This little stabilizer is small but mighty hmm. He has new stabilizer.

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