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  Kelty Cosmic 20 Sleeping Bag: 20 Degree Down - Men's Kelty Tru.Comfort 20 Sleeping Bag: 20 Degree Synthetic - Men's
  Kelty Cosmic 20 Sleeping Bag: 20 Degree Down - Men's Kelty Tru.Comfort 20 Sleeping Bag: 20 Degree Synthetic - Men's
Brand Kelty Kelty
Claimed Weight [short] 2lb 5.5oz, [regular] 2lb 8oz, [long] 2lb 12oz [reg] 4lb 14.7oz [long] 5lb 7oz
Degree 20 20°F
Draft Tube yes yes
Insulation 600-fill DriDown ThermaPro synthetic
Manufacturer Warranty limited lifetime limited lifetime
Material [shell] 20D nylon, [lining] 50D polyester taffeta 50D polyester
Max User Height [small, regular] 6ft, [long] 6ft 6in [reg] 6ft [long] 6ft 6in
Recommended Use backpacking, weekend camping weekend camping
Shape mummy oversized mummy
Stuff Sack included yes
Stuff Size [short] 7 x 15.5in, [regular] 8 x 15.5in, [long] 8 x 16.5in [reg] 12 x 19in [long] 12 x 20in

Kelty Cosmic 20 Sleeping Bag: 20 Degree Down - Men's

True to its name, the Kelty Cosmic 20 Sleeping Bag loves being out under the stars. From campgrounds by the lake to weekend backpacking treks in the mountains, you've got three-season performance to keep you warm on chilly nights wherever you rest your head. It's filled with lightweight and packable 600-fill down that not only insulates well, but resists moisture to keep you warmer when things get a bit damp. Whether you're trekking through drizzly weather or surviving the damp cold, your down will stay dry for longer and keep its loft better when wet. Its thermal-comfort hood wraps your head in snug warmth on cool nights, a natural fit footbox ensures that your feet don't feel trapped or uncomfortable while you sleep, and a draft tube along the zipper ensures that the cold stays out.

  • Versatile bag to keep you warm wherever chilly nights find you
  • Hydrophobic down lofts well even in damp conditions
  • Mummy design with hood wraps you in full-bodied warmth
  • Draft tube along the zipper keeps the cold from getting in
  • Included stuff sack lets you stuff it down small in your pack
  • Electronics pocket keeps phones and headlamps close by as you sleep
  • Item #KEL00AE
  • Ihave the Kelty Cosmic 20 sleeping bags. It stuffed down into its stuff sack as. You can see This is about. How small it is stuffed down If. This in a compression sack. You could probably get. It to be a little bit smaller. Ijust wanted to give. You an idea of the pack size The next thing I want to mention is the EN rating which is basically just a comfort rating. That Kelty gives their sleeping bags This is not a gender specific bag It gives an EN rating of 21 degrees for men. And the comfort rating for women is actually 32 degrees So consider the comfort rating when purchasing a sleeping bag So. We have got the bag spread out here. You can see it is a traditional mummy style sleeping bag So. It has a nice hood at the top. It tapers down into the feet Starting with the hood. You do have a draw string at the top. And the draw string goes around the top of the hood. And around the bottom So. You can really cinch. This thing down When. It starts to get a little bit colder. You can cinch that down to trap in your heat There is a Velcro closure at the top here And. This does two things One. It keeps the zipper from opening when. You don’t want it to open. And the second thing is. You can actually unzip. This to vent the bag a little bit. While still keeping the top of the bag secure so. You don’t lose track in the night of where the top of the bag is If. You are not using this little Velcro closure. You can just put it over like. It is a little flap so. You don’t have that in the way at. All It is just kind of nice feature If.

    We open the bag up you can see. This nice collar on the inside You can flip. You want you know for colder nights You can have. It down It is just a nice little added feature And. You have a {?} too along the inside of the zipper so. You are not having a lot of cold air come through the zipper Kelty has added a piece of fabric. All the way up the zipper which makes. It a little bit easier to zip so. You don’t have that bunching and. You don’t have that getting stuck in the zipper which makes. It a lot easier to zip On the inside of the bag. You will notice four small red loops. One here on the other side. And there is actually two on the inside at the feet That is for a Kelty travel liner. You have a wicking liner as well Those are sold separately but.

    You get those with your sleeping bag. You can actually clip those on the inside of the bag. And the sleeping liner. And the sleeping liner are oriented correctly so. You don’t have those getting messed up in the middle of the night The zipper goes. All the way down It doesn't go completely to the bottom It goes. Most of the way down to your feet This keeps your feet a little bit warmer And. Iwill mention that the zipper is a two-way zipper So. You can vent from the feet. You want to while the top of the bag is still zippered can sort of vent. That way A couple of last features to mention: You have four sleeping pad security loops two on. This side and two on the other side Now Kelty sleeping mats don’t come standard with snaps but. You can use these loops to secure.

    This bag you would like On the bottom of. This bag you do have two hang loops And. That is just for drying out the bag. Or hanging it you are not using it All in. This is a simple straight forward design. You are looking for a comfortable cost effective down sleeping bag The Kelty Cosmic Down.

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    Kelty Tru.Comfort 20 Sleeping Bag: 20 Degree Synthetic - Men's

    You have a lot of camping trips on your checklist, featuring destinations as diverse as Southern California and South Dakota. Sleep comfortably no matter where you're laying your head down for the night with the Kelty Tru.Comfort 20 Sleeping Bag: 20 Degree Synthetic. Ideal for car camping trips and cross-country epics, it features an innovative Tru.Comfort design that lets you customize your level of warmth and a synthetic insulation that can withstand the soggiest environments.

    Tru.Comfort features a built-in insulated blanket underneath the main flap, so you can open up the main portion of the sleeping bag on warmer nights without completely exposing yourself to the cold or chilly drafts. When nights fall on the colder side of the spectrum, cozy up under both layers and cinch down the adjustable hood for maximum warmth. Giving you even more control is the Comfort-Tuck zipper system, which lets you unzip the bottom of the bag so you can stick your feet out for cooling relief, while still remaining comfortably tucked into the bag. And since the ThermaPro insulation offers excellent compressibility, it's easy to keep this bag stashed and ready to go in your camping kit at all times.

  • Weekend camping sleeping bag focused on comfort and warmth
  • 50D polyester outer holds up to repeated wear and tear
  • Thermapro insulation traps body heat and compresses effectively
  • Oversized mummy shape allows for tossing and turning if necessary
  • Sleeping pad security loops keeps you centered on your pad
  • Oversized hood with adjustment blends comfort and warmth
  • Built in blanket further boosts comfort and warmth on cold nights
  • Item #KEL00AM
  • For side sleepers back sleepers hot sleepers cold sleepers and everyone in between the oversized adjustable mummy design of the true comfort is a real dream packed with temperature regulating. Features the true comfort 20 and 35 degree bags keep you warm using thermo pros synthetic insulation like to snuggle up with a blanket then you'll love kelty's patented built-in blanket designed to keep you extra cozy or you can use it on its own for warmer nights and if you're getting a little too warm cool off using the comfort tuck zipper system and let those tootsie's breathe this oversized bag lets you sleep on your side or even with your knees tucked up and the best part Kellie has perfected the hood light so you can live the good life with your favorite standard size pillow from home these loops here allow you to strap the true comfort securely to your favorite sleeping pad this bag packs down, and they included stuff sack and it has convenient hang loops for storage when you get home so tuck in for a long comfortable night of shut-eye and wake up truly rested with the true comfort sleeping bag from Kellie.

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