The Best Backpacking Grill

  1. UCO Flatpack Portable Stainless Steel
  2. Coghlan’s Pack Silver
  3. Expedition Research LLC Combo 2-Pack
  4. REDCAMP Folding Campfire
  5. NASHRIO Portable Folding
  6. Bitty Big Q 316 Stainless Steel Ultra Compact
TOP #1
UCO Flatpack Portable Stainless Steel backpacking grill
UCO Flatpack Portable Stainless Steel backpacking grill

  • Stainless steel grill folds to 1.5 inches thick and fits in a backpack; can be used as a fire pit; comes in regular or mini sizes (sold separately)
  • Regular size features 13 x 10-inch grilling area for up to 6 servings; mini features 9 x 6.75-inch grilling area for up to 3 servings
  • Stable base for safe grilling; quick 30-second setup; sides of grill serve as a wind-break
  • Constructed from durable stainless steel to provide high rust and corrosion resistance
  • backpacking grill
TOP #2
Coghlan's Pack Silver backpacking grill
Coghlan’s Pack Silver backpacking grill

  • Heat up a meal or grill food in a pan, boil water, and brew coffee over a campfire on top of this freestanding backpack camp grill
  • Measures 12-1/2 x 6-1/2 inches and stands 7 inches tall; folds flat for easy storage
  • Affordable, essential gear for camping, backpacking, backcountry treks, and more
  • Sturdy, chrome-plated steel construction
  • backpacking grill
TOP #3
Expedition Research LLC Combo 2-Pack backpacking grill
Expedition Research LLC Combo 2-Pack backpacking grill

  • In 2018 we have increased the steel thickness and improved the welding.
  • Extraordinary stainless steel thickness and customized 3D mesh pattern results in the strongest open fire-rated mesh grill available worldwide. No other grill has the same weight capacity.
  • This grill is specifically designed by experts for bushcraft and expedition camping. Engineered to fit into most backpacks.
  • 2 PACK – About 9.5” X 5” and 5″ X 5″ in overall size and .5” mesh size
  • backpacking grill
TOP #4
REDCAMP Folding Campfire backpacking grill
REDCAMP Folding Campfire backpacking grill

  • HEAVY-DUTY & PORTABLE: Legs angle out for stability and help to take the weight
  • The over-the-fire camping grill is made of 304 stainless steel grate and the legs are made of 201 stainless steel
  • backpacking grill
TOP #5
NASHRIO Portable Folding backpacking grill
NASHRIO Portable Folding backpacking grill

  • High Quality – This collapsible grill is constructed from durable stainless steel and comes with a lanyard for easy hanging when in storage
  • Easy to Clean – Just wipe the rods with a towel and slide back into the convenient carry tube
  • Lightweight and Portable
  • Sturdy and Easy to Assemble
  • backpacking grill
TOP #6
Bitty Big Q 316 Stainless Steel Ultra Compact backpacking grill
Bitty Big Q 316 Stainless Steel Ultra Compact backpacking grill

  • It is compact, retractable and lightweight, 1.7 lbs. 
  • Unique PATENT PENDING design – Fully open to a grill rack, grilling surface 16 x 10 inches
  • 3 adjustable levels – choose perfect grill rack height above your fire
  • True one-piece design – No assembly required
  • Top-quality – Made by 316 medical/marine grade stainless steel for ultra durability
  • Dishwasher safe
  • backpacking grill

UCO Flatpack Portable Stainless Steel backpacking grill

UCO Flatpack Portable Stainless Steel backpacking grill

The UCO Flatpack Portable Grill and Fire Pit comes in two sizes, Regular or Mini, each of which folds to a slim 1.5 inches thick for easy transportation to the beach, campsite, or barbecue. Stainless steel construction provides rust and corrosion resistance making this a durable and easy to maintain camp accessory. Setup for the UCO Flatpack is a snap: just unfold the body, place the grates on top, and start grilling. The regular size Flatpack Grill features a 13 x 10-inch grilling area for cooking up to 6 servings, large enough for six big burgers, a dozen kabobs, 8 ears of corn, an entire pack of hot dogs, or a couple of bunches of asparagus. The compact 9 x 6.75-inch grilling area on the Flatpack Mini yields about half as much for up to 3 servings. The stable base and wind-break sides make the Flatpack great for grilling in windy conditions. Use the UCO Flatpack as a fire pit to help leave no trace when you are done. Regular Dimensions: 13.5 x 10 x 1.5 inches; weight 3.2 pounds; 10 x 13 inch grilling area. Mini Dimensions: 9.5 x 8 x 1.5 inches; weight 2 pounds; 9 x 6.75-inch grilling area; 1 year manufacturer’s warranty.

  • Stainless steel grill folds to 1.5 inches thick and fits in a backpack; can be used as a fire pit; comes in regular or mini sizes (sold separately)
  • Regular size features 13 x 10-inch grilling area for up to 6 servings; mini features 9 x 6.75-inch grilling area for up to 3 servings
  • Stable base for safe grilling; quick 30-second setup; sides of grill serve as a wind-break
  • Safely contains fire and keeps fire off the ground; constructed from durable stainless steel to provide high rust and corrosion resistance
  • Dimensions: 13.5 x 10 x 1.5 inches; weight 3.2 pounds; 10 x 13 inch grilling area; 1 year manufacturer’s warranty
  • backpacking grill

  • Package Dimensions: 13.5 x 10 x 1.5 inches; 3.2 Pounds
  • Material: Metallic-Fiber
  • Style: Regular (13 X 10-inch)
  • Brand: UCO
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 13.5 x 10 x 11 inches
  • Item Weight: 3.3 Pounds
  • Assembly Required: No
  • Type: backpacking grill

Hey I bought myself this flat pack, barbecue grill just took it out the box, that’s other unbox, just here the rest away with you. He just cut short here. This actually came as a recommendation from the viewer and I was kind of intrigued by it, and now that I see it I’m kind of torn about what the philosophy is used on this little bad boy.

So especially bears and I thought. So you can see there. You’ve got the kind of unit itself. Unless you do have this drill here, drill tray there, a clip which is just threw off the side right there. So the way they feel bad boy works, I believe it’s kind of the v-shape that everything acts very flat. So the cool thing is: if you look at how small everything gets compacted down, you could absolutely put this like a message: your bag.

You know it’s like no bigger than a full-size MacBook Air. You practical push this button. The case of the grill I don’t have a little handle when the legs off, like just you open it up like this and pull these leg down and now they they actually fold past each other, so one’s a little bit smaller than the other. You can see there and they kind of create this little p m.

Now, they’re capable the grill has little hold out here now like a pop-up 3d book, and then you can put the grill piece in it place it and it kind of gets up. There’s some openings on the side, which kind of look like they go over these off the round portion, so it’ll kind of braces it in laterally and forward, and back so I actually check the instructions and I actually have no idea.

What this thing is wasn’t sure if this one in the holes or something but couldn’t tell you so if you get it, don’t look to yourself for guidance now. It is like a kind of a manger trough like shape and obviously, if you pick it off, the legs are going to kind of fold back in on themselves. So it’s have to skate it on something the bottom of it is not vented.

So all the venting is on the side. Presumably there is like a piano style hinge in the middle, so you’re not going to get a lot of air coming out, but it’s also nice, because if you put something on it, you’re not gonna have to worry about too much grease or like say ash falling straight down on some things and then the other thing is- and this goes to my issue with the philosophy of youth- is even though it’s not that big.

It is relatively big. You can see here and I have a package of Hebrew National Franks on there. You could absolutely cook some hotdogs. You could couple hamburger, buns I’m, not really sure if it’s like meant for a tailgate or camping. It’s almost like not big enough for your convenient things where you would use charcoal, but it’s not really small enough to make sense to go into a backpack, so I struggle a little bit with it.

My guess is that, because of the small size and in the way it collapses, is that it’s more geared for backpacking or kind of high mobility travel, and so what I don’t think you would have in that case is lighter fluid and charcoal, and so I am making a fire here on the side. I’m gonna pull some hot wood out of it, so hot wood coals and put them in here and cook on that to see how it works, because I kind of feel like the size of this is going to be more aligned with you having access to hot coals, but from would not charcoal so I’m going to get a few of those coals up here, we’ll get them loaded in here and then we will start cooking and I’m going to try not to choke out the fire.

Then I’m going to put my Hebrew national hot dogs all up on this, so right off the bat I can give you a couple of observations which are may be problematic is one because the thing doesn’t have a top you’re losing a lot of that heat to really cook things. You know it’s there’s a lot of heat right at the bottom, that’s being reflected on.

You know the the food items that you’re cooking, but because you can’t cover it and trap in that heat you’re not doing a really thorough job of cooking as efficiently as you could be. The second thing is especially because I’m using wood based fuel here for the fire, even when I blow on it gently, you get a lot of little ash flowing around and you can see it kind of sticking to the food.

You know, even when I was blowing pretty modestly, just to kind of keep the airflow there to keep the coals red-hot. You know you, you end up getting a little bit of that ash flying around and, of course, it sticks to your food. Now now the hot dog world. It’s not that important, because you can pretty easily rinse it off, but especially if it stick around with me like a ground, beef or burgers, or something like that, it’s not going to be quite as easy, but obviously the ideal situation is to not have that flying around at all.

So a couple of issues that I see right off the bat with it. Now some of that can be alleviated with using charcoal, so they have been cooking here a little while I haven’t even rolled them over because they’re not super well cooked. To begin with, you can see they’re. They are starting to get a little bit of that kind of cooked hot dog.

Look, and so the issue here is that they’re gonna have to actually be on there quite a bit longer than you would on pretty much any other open, charcoal or barbecue grill, as you can see, as I was blowing to keep the coals warm and we’re getting more debris on the hotdogs, not a huge deal. I can actually put my hand over it.

Even though, when I’m down here blowing, you can feel how hot it is, but just because your lose heat so quickly away from those cold. It’s an issue that things are going to be much more slowly cooked. Now, if I don’t have that aluminum foil there. Obviously that’s going to help terms of what I would probably do if I were cooking hot dogs.

I’d, actually, probably roll them in the little bowl completely and just put them on there kind of a little bit like hobo, cooking, so I guess what I’m talking about on this thing is: if you have a fire and cool instead of moving them from there to a grill like this to cook on, why wouldn’t I just then wrap hotdogs in aluminum, foil and just talking with my fire right really, the only thing here that unique is to have a grill surface, while I’m camping, as opposed to just putting something directly in a fire which actually cooks.

It works very, very well. You know if you have charcoal and lighter fluid great, but you know this: isn’t that deep of a basin to cook anything on so I’m a little bit torn I can understand why? Maybe these aren’t the hottest selling things in the world? You know, maybe you can figure out a use for it for yourself, but for me, I either rather have a little tiny, camping stove, where you know it’s, it’s easy to carry like the wood-burning one that I showed you a little earlier or I would just take a little foil and just camp directly into or on top of my camping fire.

So hopefully that helps you. But this is the flat pack grill pitrnam bandha out.

I love stuff like this: oh it’s, nice, hey everybody, it’s the Walker! So what are we doing today today, I’m on a trail I have not been on for a few years. The trail goes up along a ridge and for a while it’ll follow a river, so people go up and down with their boats, it’s pretty cool, more so during the weekends or a holiday, and then the trail will break off and go into the woods so we’re still by the river section, but it’s cool something I looked down and watched people to zip by with the boats and stuff like that, that’s another matter today, I’m reviewing the you, co mini fire pit and grill.

Let’s take a look. This is nearly identical to the standard size, but a lot smaller comes with a stuff sack which I’m always happy about the same little tongs, which help move the grill a lot smaller, but pretty much the same thing as a standard, stainless steel, this flips the legs and cross, and that’s it there we go now. How do they come about to own this? I, like the previous one I bought on amazon so much. I went and bought another one, I’m always on a quest for a new stove.

This is a lot smaller. It’s a lot lighter, so I’m hoping that it’ll be nice to her from going along ridges and things like that. Also, I don’t have too many stoves which are small grills. I did review one I’ll show to you, so you can make a comparison. This is the eunuch year, I’ve already reviewed it compared to the UC. Oh, this is the only other small grill type stove that I had I will put up the weights for both of these and also link to where I reviewed this one I’ve already cooked on the grill with charcoal.

So this time, I’m using what most of the wood I could break up at hands and feet, but for what I can’t I’ll just saw it, you I think we’ll use some fatwood. It’s good stuff! You I’m going to intentionally put this on like this, so you take advantage. That’s not the right way to put it on, but an open flames right now. My reason for doing that we come to the to the grill cover very often to get a boil. The wood stove coals won’t.

Do it I’m talking about twig type, stoves open flames, so they’ll give me some room to put some twigs in. There looks like we have a boil. Excellent. Put this right over here for a second I’ll, get a little more of a cold base before I. Try to fry up something. Definitely a cooler down here than up here does throw off some heat and we just wait a bit going to go with um broccoli, rice and spicy beef jerkey to cut them back in those carbs, it’s pretty spicy, so maybe it’ll help with the bland cauliflower rice least.

That’s the hope, hey. You know the spice others, your Polti mix in with the property rice, exactly not bad, all right! It’s getting dark and it’s time to go. I did like the you, co mini fire pit and Grill I. Think I prefer the large for just overall performance, but of course the mini is smaller, so that has to be taken into consideration. Okay, if you like what you’ve seen give me a thumbs up, hit the subscribe button, and as always, thanks for watching.

I’m going to show you something really neat for solo. Backpacking I saw this the price, that’s I’m, an IQ that I get at least give it a try, put the link in the details down below where I got it, but look at this I used to used I still do I used to grill. He put the grill, he puts one pound, it’s a tube. You got assemble it.

It takes a little bit of assembling and then it’s from the flame you’re about this high, but it’s all open all the way around. So you’re gonna use it when there’s no wind- and sometimes you get put rocks around it to direct the heat, it can be a little bit of a pain, getting a steak to cook decently. But then I saw this no I even give this try.

Look at this thing. Watch start your timers boom set up. Look at that look at that look. How cool that is! Smits! Go all the way around the beat just cross over hook up put yourself some some grass down here, some tinder a few sticks going across one main thick stick bring a few coals, get it started, wind block all the way around directs.

Your heat here drove this on cut yourself, a two small rib eyes, a couple small bluegill, one big bluegill, one big steak. You got this little grabber thing here to cool the grill and then to close it up. Look at this look at that one’s bigger, smaller one goes through it. Crisscrosses you’re set up for putting it away.

I’m crisscross them pull these in cut yourself, this cool little bag to keep it from ripping your pack. This goes in between the grilling barbecue itself. Velcro real, tough camera, okay comes in two sizes in the details will be the size and the weight they’ll also be a link where you can buy it, and you can check out the size of the link there.

It’s not that’s pretty neat, so my next camping trip, not my next backpacking trip and that can’t be trip I’ll be I’ll, be taking this with me anyway. Just thought I’d showed you guys thanks for watching you.

If you’ve seen many of my videos, you know that I like pretty much anything that has to do with fire. Well in this video, we’re gonna, take a look at a really cool product that I first kind of glimpse up at the 2018 shot show, and that is a it’s actually in this little canvas cover. It’s a you, co flat pack, portable fold up grill and fire pit, and it fits right in here. It’s really stinking cool and that’s we’re gonna be taking a look at coming up next here on survival on purpose.

Welcome back to survival on purpose your home for information and gear reviews related to camping survival and general preparedness for regular folks. My name’s Brian. Thank you for joining me. So the folks at yuko were kind enough to send me one of their flat pack. Portable grills and fire pits. So I could show it to you and if you saw the any of my 2018 shot, show coverage, you may recall the yuko video, where I call us a little bit of a stir in their own booth that day, because um anyway, we smoked the place up.

Pretty good mess playing with some some of their cool fire stuff, so I caught my first glimpse of this thing at the shot, so like I said, and they were kind of to send me one so I could show it you even review it and truly cool comes in this. Nice canvas cover with a velcro flap on it so and it’s just a very simple to use portable fire pit and we’ll talk about the specs of this thing in a minute, but I thought look.

This is an opportunity for me to build a fire right here on camera right. So why not do that? So before you start doing the fire? Let’s talk about the specs real quick, so this thing Falls up to just about an inch and a half thick with, in the case, the waves about just over three pounds. Well, 3 2 pounds and the dimensions are 13 5 inches by 10 inches by 11 inches. It’s a pretty good sized grill. Here you could probably put one to at least like six burgers on here or a bunch of hot dogs or um.

You don’t even have to use it, you can make a fire pit out of it and then it’s constructed of stainless steel. So, instead of me rambling on about this thing, let me take you down to the old next to the stump top and we’ll uh get to doing a little bit of that fire stuff. Can you see me now? Okay, they boast a thirty second set up. So let’s see if we can do it in 30 seconds here it is turn it upside down unfold.

It cross the legs over flop. It back around I think that’s faster than 30 seconds. I’m gonna put the grill on it. You just put the two slots there, two slots there and it’s all set up now pretty stable. Take the grill off for a minute. It comes with a little wire handle unless you put the grill on it off. What do you need to do minutes later? I thought we’d. Do first, is build us a fire in here. So let me guess it looks closer okay, so I thought I’d be fitting that we use one of the Yuko sweet fire strike and while fire starts the interesting started.

So here’s what we’re gonna do I’m just going to strike this thing, and this is the storm proof one so it’ll burn brighter just set it down in here. Like so, and we’ll put me some of this, some really small wood over here, like so kind of let it get going, yeah I, put it out. I, just put it out, didn’t I I, don’t know, I didn’t know, I, didn’t it’s just burning slowly! Let me get this thing up tilt it back up with you and they get it going probably should have set it on top of some there we go get a little airflow in there, then we’ll just sit down there, like so put actually put a couple of these cedar shavings here like so to just go Kyle’s some more wood here like so, and we put some nuts in the bigger ones out here too, because I like to do that.

It’s okay! Well, as you can see a nice fire going here in a very amazingly portable fire pit- and it’s got the grill with it- you can either you cook over fire cook over coals or cook over charcoal. So basically you put one of these under the seat of your car and have it with you and you’ve got a fire pit. You can have with you anywhere. If somebody says hey I wish, we could build a fire, you can say: hey I can and you can cook on it too.

The price of the single Amazon is about 38 bucks, so not a bad deal at all, I’m, very high quality stuff from the folks at youko. That’s the youto flat pack, the grill and fire pit. Once again, thanks to the folks at Utah for sending me this, so I can show it to you and, as always, thank you for watching survival on purpose, I’ll put out a new video, every Friday and Saturday, and very often random videos.

So out the week you check out another one right there behind me: if you’re not subscribed, click right down there and take care of that be sure and click that little bell, so you don’t miss a single video I appreciate your support. Once again, my name is Brian you’re watching survival on purpose. Remember survival is not an accident, so be prepared. I’ll see you next time.

Hey everybody, it’s the Walker. So what are you doing today? Well today, we’re gonna do a review of the UCL flat pack, grill and fire pit. Let’s take a look: it comes with this nice pouch I like when something has a pouch with it. It’s one less thing: I have to worry about. I bought this on Amazon I was looking for basically a fire pan or a grill when I do de type adventures, so the weight wasn’t so important.

Actually, it’s a benefit cuz, it’s a little extra conditioning to carry extra weight when you’re just doing de type outings or short-range overnighters. So it comes with a little stainless steel grill top these tongs, which have a bit dual purpose and I’ve actually used him as a little tongs before to grab things the grill itself, the flat-pack grill. Well, as as the name would imply it’s um flat assembly is pretty quick second year they’re.

So basically these things cross each other and that’s how you get the down pack like that. The top goes on this top assembly is the only really tricky part other than quickly crossing the legs. So when it gets hot, you sides kind of want to go like that, but you can do it with these tongs. Basically, like that, you you that’s a pretty good song, you, you can be as hard as you want on this it’d, be very lazy, use a fire-starting cube.

Why not these just so I’m, not gonna worry about that. It’s pretty good split wood is extra work, but, and it burns nice and with the right tools, it’s not so hard. This is an amazing just an amazing amount of heat still, okay there. This is gonna, be very, very useful. Come this winter! Well, so not burning a lot of wood. I like that, a few more pieces on here. Let it burn down a little bit put the grill on start cooking and cauliflower rice cut back on some of these carbs to both get fit here.

Awesome, it’s got to be where the nicest cooking surfaces I’ve had on a stove, it’s just nice and it’s stable, even though this ground isn’t totally very impressed with this Rovi here, yep fetch that later I get the smaller wood to get that going. Let’s try the steak first, mmm very good good, that grill need the perfect job. It didn’t burn it. It just um, hardwood coals, awesome, totally awesome, cauliflower, rice, kind of a big win I’m, adding this to um a repertoire, very easy, restart house.

Nice call big chunks on there and off. It goes the model that I reviewed was the standard. They also make a mini I’m, going to give the you Co fire, pan and Grill a big thumbs up and we’re fantastic as a fire pan and awesome as a grill. Okay, if you like what you’ve seen give me a thumbs up, hit the subscribe button, and as always thanks for watching.

Hi folks John with a wingman Wallman 5-channel. Thank you so much for checking in I’m always excited when I’m out here grilling in the backyard. Now you used to see me out in the woods doing a lot of product reviews and I would have taken this out in the woods except we have a total burn ban in the entire state of California, there’s just wild fires from SoCal all the way up to the Oregon border. It’s just crazy.

The amount of wildfires, but the show must go on today. We’re gonna be showcasing the yuko flat pack, portable barbecue, grill and fire pit. Now they may come in two different sizes. They make a small version that is nine inches by six and three-quarter inches. This is the larger version which is 13 by 10 inches. So I threw some charcoal in there. We fired it up, we’re letting it burn down. We’re gonna break out.

Some hot links get that grilling, but first we’re gonna cut away. We’re gonna, do a quick, specs rundown, for you guys, show you, the ins and outs and all the techie stuff that you folks want to know. Then we’ll come back, see how we’re doing grilling the hot links and then we’ll bring it total 360 for some final thoughts, don’t get any better than this folks, grilling SoCal, perfect weather the show starts now.

Let’s get this party started today, we’re going to be roasting up, 100% premium, pork cheddar words from Hillshire farms, I just love these. Whenever I go camping we always bring a package or two with us, there’s something about barbecuing out in the woods which we can do that today, but we have to be responsible while I’m tending the grill. Let’s talk about some of the features of this grill. First off just the ease of setup, you saw how quick and easy it was to set it up.

I didn’t put a lot of briquettes in there. No need to the way that this grill is designed as sort of like a trough with a V. It just radiates the heat up so I’m, getting a pretty good, even cook, on these hot links. Now I really like this 13 by 10 size grill in the specs. They say that you could cook six hamburgers on there. Pretty easy and from the looks of it, yeah that wouldn’t be a problem also I could easily double the amount of hot links that I’m cooking right now to 10 or 12 hot links.

So, if you’re with a family you’re with friends you’re at a beach party you’re in the park, you’re up in the mountains after the burn ban has been gone away, it’s just quick and easy solution, because a lot of folks they don’t like cooking with gas. They don’t like the taste of it and that’s understandable. I could see that now the heat is pretty even he and I think that’s because of the way this is designed as a V.

It’s just radiating. The heat up I hardly feel any Heat down below so I’m. Getting a lot of good use out of the charcoal briquettes that I have on there. Now, this being a 13 by 10, you could easily cook six hamburgers on there and with these hot links, I could cook probably 10 or 12 no problem at all. Now another feature that a lot of my friends been using this grill as a fire pit for wood and I’ve Eve, even seen some RVs used like the -, our fire logs.

Here. Let me take that one off the heat, so we don’t get flare-up put a -, our fire log in there, and some people like that ambiance of just having a fire going while they’re camping, I, know I do and they make those fire logs. Now, where they’re, also food ready, you can make s’mores, you could basically cook off them. So I just love the versatility of this packs down ancient half thick I know when I did a lot of bicycle tours years ago.

This would have worked out really good for that, because a lot of times you just don’t want to eat fast food, you get burned out on it and you’re. Looking for that energy a lot of times a good meal like this is morale. You like that morale now for some final thoughts on the Yuko flat-pack, portable barbecue, grill and fire pit I’m, just gonna cut to the chase. I love it I wish it would have had this item out 10-15 years ago, when I was doing all those bicycle tours up and down.

California camping on the beach and stuff just want to made life a lot easier, plus I like the fact that say, you’re not grilling in it. You just want to have a little fire pit for that ambience sitting around camp, maybe making some s’mores doing whatever awesome you’re in the desert. Like I talked about earlier, you can’t have those ground fires, viable solution, you’re tailgating you’re at the park, your car camp and your RVing, something where you need a packable kit.

That’s not going to take up a lot of room. This is definitely an option for you now and they also have the smaller version, the nine by six and three-quarter inch. So if you were just a couple or your solo, hiker person goes to the park, whatever there’s definitely choices and options and want to say, affordability. For me, $39 99 will say forty bucks, Amazon I would pull the trigger on that all day every day and twice on Sunday.

Just for the ease of setup ease of use and made out of a stainless steel, and it just works, it doesn’t take a lot of charcoal as we saw and there’s always fuel readily available, if you’re in the woods, depending on your location. So if I have to rate this between one and five stars, you guys know how I do that. One is the dumper. It goes through. The boneyard five is Grand Slam. This definitely is a Grand Slam.

It does what it advertises that it’s gonna do and, like I said earlier, you could grill up to six hamburgers 10 or 12 hot links or hot dogs and you’re good to go. I just don’t see anything negative with this product. This is something I’m gonna leave in the Jeep all the time. My youtube mobile studio, if you guys follow along on the channel, you guys seen this numerous times on the channel. I’m gonna leave this in the back.

I mean it just fits in this. So when they lift the burn ban and I’m able to go up in the woods, we’re gonna go up there and we’re gonna. Do some woods cooking over some open fires, so I’ll leave links in the video description below. If you want to learn more about this item folks, this gentle, the wingman one one five channel I. Thank you. So much for watching and I’ll see you on the next video I get to get on some of these hot links.

Now they’re starting to get cold, take care folks.

Overview of the UC o or you go mini flat pack, grill and fire pit. So there’s two versions of this: this is the mini, there’s a larger version. This is the box that comes in so warning guys like I said this is just an unboxing: it’s not a full in-depth review. I’ll be testing this later on, I’ll be taking it on a camping trip and when I come back, I’ll do the review.

So this weighs about two pounds: it’ll serve, maybe two people, usually when I go backpacking or camping, is just me and my girlfriend. So this is perfect for that. I, like this girl a lot because it’s not just a girl, but it’s a fire pit and in some places, you’re not allowed to have like a fire outside of a fire ring. So I think this will be pretty safe, I, don’t think anyone’s going to complain if you had a fire contained in this fire pit and stove alright.

So first, let’s look at this really nice end. This back ooh I knew I had a canvas bag. I didn’t know that this really nice leather pad sure this may be new. It’s really nice, so um yeah, I I go backpacking and and camping and I have like really small grills or like over powered gas. Grill uh stoves, but I wanted something kind of small something that I could cook a steak on like a large steak.

So that’s where this comes in. Let’s look at the grill here am: I need some assistance, so the grill over the stove is made out of stainless steel, as is the grill here, there’s no flex in this whatsoever. So it’s really durable. This is a pair of tongs it. Actually, you can use it to set the the grill into the stove. Give me one second here and now: let’s take a closer look at the flat back, it’s really easy to set up.

That’s all you got to do so. Let me show you again: all you do is open this up and the legs there’s a narrow, narrower set of legs, and that just goes in between the wider legs open that up. I’m gonna weigh my knife here and the way you set this up is there’s a an a channel here and here that allows this curve to nestle inside that keeps everything nice and spread.

So obviously, when you’re you’re starting your your clothes you’re going to not have the this grill on it, so you’re just going to light it up, let the clothes start going and then you which use the tongs well. This is an example. You would be touching as much as I am, but there’s just an idea once I get this in the field, I’ll really figure out the best way to just set this grill might be upside down.

Actually, okay. Well, if there it is guys lecture, let me put it back into the canvas, so you close it like that. Like I said, it’s really clever the way they designed this. So so, the the grill surface, the cooking surface, you’re gonna, have seven inches by nine and a half inches and the height of the stove once it’s all set up, it’s like eight inches, so basically 8 by 7 by 9.

Alright. So this is like I said this is gonna, be 7 and 9 inches here and you keep it. One super large, like tomahawk steak on here or just two average-sized steaks, most likely from using beef steak and fish for my girlfriend and the height of the the stove is 8 inches and once again the weight is a little bit over 2 pounds for the stove. Here’s the canvas bag, I’m, always looking for ways to make camping more fun for for my girlfriend, so that she’s willing to go into the woods more often with me, because she’s kind of a city girl, oh yeah, so with this like I said you have a fire pit and you have a grill stove.

Oh okay, guess! Well! That’s it for this unboxing and quick overview. If you have any questions, please leave them below and I’ll do my best to answer them all for you until next time.

And I’m pretty excited to show you this product, it’s not a review, but it’s a first burn. I’m gonna try this product out today. It’s the you co flat pack, grill and fire pit, and this is the mini version. So I’m gonna make my lunch with this today. So let’s get started. Okay, so, as you can see, this comes in a canvas bag. It’s got a nice leather emblem here and it’s got a Velcro and closure, so I’m taking the gloves off here, so it basically has three pieces to it.

Take all of these out of the bag. You have the grill plate and the grill plate holder, which can actually double, is kind of hotdog tongs. This allows you to take it off of the grill without burning your hands, then you have the actual unit itself and I’ll get into the specs as far as how big this is. This is the mini. This is the flat pack mini. So this is the smaller of the two versions that they offer so now, I’m just going to show you how I really quickly set this up.

It basically opens up like an accordion. You pass one leg through the other and bam. It’s ready for your firewood or your charcoal kind of resembles a fold-out, hibachi really and then after you’ve got your coals, nice and hot not before by the way you can go ahead and put your grill plate on and it makes a stable surface very stable now. The reason I say not to put your grill plate on until it’s heated up is because some of the other videos I watched to other people.

They gave that advice, because you can then get it. This can get warped. So it’s best to just let your fire get get to heat it up and then put this on all right. So now I’m going to go ahead and put some wood in this, and we will get this thing started windy out here today. So the cool thing to note is how it’s getting enough air through here and feeding the fire pretty well I get this a while too I’m gonna get this a while to ignite and get hot enough. Sorry and the next step will be putting this grill plate on alright just for safety’s sake.

I went ahead and put this on like on the ground. It’s pretty safe. On top of a picnic table, however, the fire starter, I was using started doing some dripping and I did not want to ignite the table, so we’re just going to keep on the the ground from here on out just for safety. The reason I was able to even take it off of the table. It’s because down at the bottom, the legs actually stay cool. When you get towards the bottom of the grill or fire pit, it does get a little warm, but down at the bottom, I was able to grab it, take it off the table and it was cool to the touch.

There was no problem, so that’s not just another great thing about it is that you can move it around if you’re, careful, okay, it looks like the the wood is starting to get a little white spots on it. So in the interest of time, and just because I’m getting hungry I’m going to go ahead and put the grill plate on now and start cooking, so this will give you an idea of the cooking surface. These are your normal-sized brats, so the other thing to consider what this is that you’re going to have because of the design of this you’re going to have a hot spot.

You know along the center here and as you get farther out on each edge, it’s going to be significantly cooler. So that’s something to remember: it almost makes more sense to do it. This way, although that’s counterintuitive to how everyone cooks- okay, so that took about 10 minutes to get these to where I want them so about 10 minutes now, what I’ll do is I will sit here and enjoy these, and now what I can also do is test. This thing out and I will try this out as a firepit all right.

Well, that cools down I took some of the wood out of it and put some water a little bit of water on it. But while that cools down I want to talk a little bit about stats, our specs I should say so. This weighs two pounds right at two pounds now before ultralight guys come in here with the comments I didn’t I didn’t say this was for backpacking, it’s more for car camping, but I am going to try it out for backpacking just once once or twice so, I understand it’s too heavy get it.

It measures the grilling area, measures nine inches by six point, seven five! So if that gives you any indication of at least for this one, how small it is- and it’s the way it when it’s packed up, it’s nine and a half inches by eight inches by 1 5, so 1 5! That’s why they call it the flat pack- and it has one year, warranty. Okay, so that is the one I just showed you. They also have another offering which is larger and I want to go over the specs on it it it is.

It says it weighs 3 2 pounds, it’s 13 5 by 10 inches by 11 by 11, inches packed okay. So it’s bigger says it folds up to less than I had one and a half inches to pack in the backpack and 3 2 pounds. So those are the two offerings, the price, the one that I got is I, believe it was $29, 99 and I believe the bigger one is $10 more so I think it’s 39 99, not that much really for what you’re getting for stainless steel, and so what I’m gonna use it for in the in the future is I’m gonna.

Try it out on backpacking a couple of times: I’m also going to try it out truck camping and I want to see if it’s safe enough to use on my tailgate may not be, but we’re gonna give it a try, and so that’s that’s. Basically the use and I you know so far I’m impressed with it. So if you have any questions or if you want to see a link to it, I’ll link to it in the description and I hope you’ve enjoyed this. This is just a first burn. I will come back later when I’ve used it for a while and I will give you my impressions then anyway, thanks for watching get out.

Thanks for and we’ll see you later, peace.

This time it is a grill, the Uco, Flatpack, Grill and Firepit. So if you like, grilling bbq-ing or just making campfires without damaging nature, Whatch this video! Welcome to the review of the Uco, Flatpack, Grill and Firepit and well yes, this is all there is to it. It is three centimeters in thickness, It is 34 5 centimeters in width and in length. It is 27 centimeters So. This is a very small pack size. The weight is 700 grams, and that is fine. If you travel by car and therefore it is not for backpacking Well, she might be able to see the pouch.

It is quite a tight fit because of all the tension. There is on it Now. Let me open it. -, there’s a piece of velcro – and the fact that it is quite a tight fit. Is that I already tore a bit apart here, which is a pity and I did that when I was putting the grill back in there, so a slightly bigger pouch would be really well appreciated. By me at least Now. Let me take it out. We’ve got the stainless steel handle Put it on to the pouch Here. We’ve got the grill, which is steel wire frame, and this is the hole well fire pit.

Basically, because that’s the grill, of course Now all there is to it- is just to open it like a Chinese hand, fan twist the legs underneath here Now, it’s like this and turn it upside down again- and this is the beauty of the Uco As, you can see it is v-shaped and it is heart shaped on the top, which It not only looks cool, but it’s also quite well designed because the grill fits onto the well. Basically, the half rounded heart parts Which is I. Think very nice As. You can see. There is a little opening underneath here for the air flow and there are four ventilation openings on each side.

What I’ve discovered is that if you want to regulate the amount of fire and heat a bit, it is just a matter of taking the Uco by its legs and turning it in or outside the wind direction, because if this is the direction like now, there will be a lot of airflow going on and if you turn it like this well, the air will be blocked. It is not always 100% effective, so I’ve been well basically trying something with aluminum foil and that works as well Now. Let’s start a fire! Yes, and this is the magic of course of video -.

In the old days it was television -, but now I have some wood here, I’m here in a nature, reserve and I’m not allowed to cut any wood where I am so I brought some from home, What I always do is I. Just like old fashioned matches. This is wood, which is really full of resin, which always works, but of course the best trick is of course, birch wood, just the bark of it the last bit. This is really a super material. I’ve got a. This is like a paper-thin one, You see it’s getting darker and the geese are flying back to their night resting place or maybe into a field.

To get some dinner. I’ve always got got some. Oh, no, just more birch bark I’ve got my knife and I always take some really nice small shavings -. Is that how you call it in English? And? Now we skipped a moment because there was a dog And I, don’t mind dogs, but I’m, not a doglover, because I’ve been bitten too often So more of these shavings Now save that one for later And now just take my match and light the fire Maybe. You think this is not the real deal, because you maybe I, should do it with a fire.

Steel Yes, that’s possible too, but well. This is the easy way Well. Now there you have a fire and I’ve been trying the Uco Flatpack Grill, just with normal regular wood also, but what I collected when I was on holiday in France, but also, of course, with just a normal charcoal that we used to do a barbecue with, and it doesn’t really matter. If you use wood or charcoal it really works the same. It was really fast. The good thing is and I won’t turn it a bit it’s that, because of the shape, the wind direction.

If the wind is blowing from this direction because as ventilation holes you’ll get a really nice airflow in the Uco And, if you think it’s going too fast, just turn it the other way around And. Now it’s going to take just a little time to make a decent fire to start grilling Well. As you can see, the fire is really going. Nice I’ve got the grip -, which looks flimsy -, but it works really well. Then I’ll take a piece of wood just to get it down there, I can lay the grill on there And. This is how you change the fire pit into a grill Now, I’ll jus.

Let it die down a little bit more, so it gets into ashes and then I’ll start grilling my evening meal And, while the fire is getting more like a grill fire. There’s one thing that surprised me about the pouch itself: It might be a bit too narrow, but when I saw some sparks come from the fire getting onto the material itself, this proof – and that’s what I think at least -. This is some sort of a natural canvas because it doesn’t get affected by sparks And I tried it with a metal rod, put it into the fire and try to get some birthmark (oeps) some burnmarks in there, and it just didn’t work.

So, even if you managed to put a very hot Uco in there, this won’t get damaged. Well, it’s taken about 10 to 15 minutes to get the wood into charcoal And. Now it’s time to get some dinner and, of course this is video magic number two, because I’ve got my veggies of course prepared as well. This is what I like to do. And? What I didn’t tell you yet is that this is of course well not the real deal, because my family -, who is not wanting to be in the video it’s waiting over there for their dinner.

Basically So I’ll, just give you a small taste on what the Uco is about. Let’s clean this up a bit Hapakidosi! Well, let’s some veggies And. What I also like something that I prepared at home are these small skewers with a sort of chilli chicken And I’ve also got a vegetarian variation on this one for my youngest daughter, because she is a vegetarian What I do like about the Uco grill. Is that the basically the grill itself, it’s placed lengthwise You, see some grills. They have the wires into this direction and what happens then, if you approach the grill from this side and you put small sausages on there or small skewers they just drop directly down into the fire, This is always the better way.

Now all I have to do is wait until my food is already well. This is ready, Well, this ready! I’m, going to have my dinner and afterwards cook. For my family, because they are hungry, Now I just got to do one more thing and it’s over to the verdict. Well, the Sun is almost gone. So, let’s get on with the verdict:. How do I rate the Uco, Flatpack, Grill and Firepit? I think it is a very well designed and excellent executed. Small foldable, grill The fact that it is made out of stainless steel, makes it very durable.

The packsize is quite small, and the weight of 1700 grams is fine for people who travel by car or camper If. You are a backpacker, it might be a bit too heavy, except for a a day, hike where you go barbecuing with friends, for example, The way how the grill operates is very easy and the grill really works well And when you’re done grilling, the firepit is excellent, too Because of the ground clearance. You don’t get any burns on the ground itself. That is good if you are camping on grass, for example, The pouch I, like the fact that it seems to be fire retardant On the downside.

It is also a bit too small, resulting in some damage So. If I want to be a nitpick, please make it a bit bigger, And, -, again – there’s one remark that I would like to make, and that is how to regulate the fire or the air flow, and I would like to see some regulators on the ventilation openings, because that would make it a bit better The price. It is 63 99 euro’s, which is about 50 dollars. That is a bit more than I am well accustomed to pay for small foldable grills But. They are not made out of stainless steel, and this one is so.

This is the durable and sustainable choice. And therefore I rate, the Uco Flatpack Grill and Firepit at 8, 6 out of 10 points, total! I hope you liked review, and then it was useful to you and if it was, please give it a like and leave a comment below For those who just tuned in to my channel I, am a 100%, independent, reviewer I’m not being paid by manufacturers to make my reviews I don’t have any affiliate deals and I don’t have advertisements on my website. And I would like to keep it this way.

So please, if you value independent, reviewing subscribe to my youtube channel, follow me in Instagram and like my Facebook page And, if you do many, many may, thanks in advance! Enjoy, the outdoors!.

Ever outdoors, so in this video, we’re gonna be taking a look at you, SEOs flat pack, grill just keep watching alright guys so I apologize in advance for any noise. You might hear in the background we’re just at a small local campground, but there is a lot of construction going on nearby right now, but other than that, it’s pretty quiet outside you can see. We just got a rain storm, so not too many people are out and about I thought it would be a good opportunity for us to take a quick look at this grill.

Now again, this is the flat pack grill from you see. Oh, this does come in two sizes. This is the larger version that we’re gonna be taking a look at today. There’s also a mini and I’ll go ahead and throw the dimensions up on the screen for both, but I will say right off the bat that this is definitely not a ultralight piece of cooking equipment. It is not terribly heavy, but it is a few pounds and it is definitely a you know a little bit on the larger side, although it does pack flat, as the name implies so a couple of things I like off the bat, it does come it with a nice sleeve or a bag that it slides right into you.

You can see everything is fairly compact. Considering and it’s pretty simple. You basically got like three pieces to it. You’ve got the grill itself. You’ve got this little hook, deal which I guess is kind of for, like dragging the the grill around being able to move it and stuff while it’s hot, and then we have the main body of the grill itself, and this is super easy to set up. Everything is hinged, so all you got to do is drop the legs down, open it up, and then the legs basically cross over each other and once you’re done with that piece, you just got to drop the grill itself in you can see it just those sides tuck right in there and that’s all there is to it now with the way.

This is designed you are going to have to remove the grill itself in order to to feed this thing, so, whether you use wood or like charcoal briquets, either way, you don’t want to get everything kind of set and going and then drop your grill in and go ahead and cook what you need to cook otherwise, you’re gonna have to take that off in order to really be able to manipulate it. But in my experience so far, it really is very easy to maintain. In fact, you can see those ventilation holes on the side there that’s plenty to allow it to breathe and due to the design of this, the kind of V shape to it.

It’s really efficient a lot more efficient than you would probably think. In fact, when I first started using it I loaded, this thing up with wood I wasn’t really sure how much it would take so I kind of piled it up and I got it going and I realized. It was way more material than I needed. I mean this thing goes: shooting flames, you know two feet up out of it way. Overkill. So definitely remember you can go pretty small on this. So just keep that in mind, especially when you first start using this.

You don’t need to use a ton of material, whether it’s wood or charcoal like we’re gonna, demonstrate today either way it’s very, very efficient. It does a great job of directing the heat right onto the cook surface and the shape of it I think, has a tendency to kind of keep feeding itself. You know all that material as it burns down it keeps shifting towards the middle and then that heat again keeps getting directed up and out. So it works very, very efficiently. All right now, of course, just like any other charcoal grill we’re just going to give these briquettes a little while to cook down, but one of the things I want to show you guys in the meanwhile is just how much space you get with this grill again.

This is the larger version, not the mini, but you can see. This is a Pathfinder bush pot and this is a either a 7 or an 8 inch, frypan and I’m actually able to fit both of these. On this grill, with a little bit of room to work, so very nice size without being huge, so perfect for car camping, if it’s a couple people or maybe, to take out to a bushcraft camp, something like that, but a really nice size, while still being compact and portable. Of course, that also means you’re gonna have plenty of space to throw on a good pot of water, or maybe some soup or beans, or something like that, as well as maybe like a steak or a couple.

Hot dogs or a hamburger go ahead and throw this pot on there, while we’re waiting for those coals to sit for a little bit, all right so we’ll go and let those cook for a little bit, but back to this little hook. Guy right here, like I, said I. Think this thing it works pretty good for kind of trying to lift up the grill and stuff like that, but I think just looking at the design of it kind of what their thought process was is that you could hook that in there like this, you see it kind of locks in there and that’ll.

Allow me to move the grill side to side if I need to, while it’s heated up all right folks. So this is about ready for me to sit down and enjoy my campfire lunch, but just some thoughts on this grill in terms of the price point they’re pretty reasonable. You can get them for under forty bucks in the US. The overall design is really good. It’s very, very effective. It folds and packs up really easy and I like the fact, because of the way it folds up when you’re done with it all of the mess stays inside.

So if you can’t completely clean it out at your campsite, you know it’s its touch inside the grill when you slide it into the bag, so it doesn’t get everywhere so really easy to set up really easy to break down, and overall it’s a pretty durable design. You get a little more weight that goes along with that, but you know this thing is built to last about the only real negative I could point out would be the grill itself I feel like they could have made that a little bit heavier duty. I get the feeling honestly that this part is gonna wear out before the rest of it.

I’ve used this thing a handful of times and I’m already, starting to see a little bit of warping and stuff, and some of the different parts of the grill and I don’t really know exactly. If it’s gonna be possible or how easy it would be to get a replacement grill itself or if you would just end up having to buy a new set up. Even with that, though, it’s not like I expect it to break down anytime soon. I still think I’m gonna get a lot of use out of it. Overall, though, a really nice piece of kit for when you’re not concerned about going ultralight and a really good value, and at the end of the day it gets the heö seal of approval.

So again, this has been our review of usio flat pack grill. Of course, if you’ve got any questions, feel free to drop those in the comments below and we’ll also have links in the description, so you can check it out for yourself until next time, stay happy stay outdoors.

We’re gonna take a look at another fantastic product from Yuko. It’s there flatpack fire pit and grill. So I’ve reviewed a lot of stoves on the channel. The ultralight, backpacking alcohol stoves, the gas stoves, the bio fuel stoves from the ultralight, titanium ones on up to like the rugged firebox I’ve, even reviewed some solar ovens.

But today we’re gonna. Take a look at an item, that’s sort of in-between. You can see it’s flat enough to throw in a backpack. It would work great as a frame a rigid frame. If you don’t have you know that type of thing in your pack like a hidden woodsman truck, for example, or a frost river pack that doesn’t have a frame.

You could slide this in and give your pack some integrity there. So you can see how small it is. It weighs 3 2 pounds, so it’s a little bit heavy. You know it’s not something. You’re gonna take backpacking, but certainly something you could take hiking, certainly something you could take camping and there’s all sorts of other applications forward as well.

You know there’s times when I don’t want to take my even my small Weber grill, which works great, a little charcoal grill or even the camp maid flip grill. You know that works great as well, but it does not pack down as small as as the the Yuko flat pack does here. So this thing operates on charcoal or as we’re gonna do today we’re gonna, try it out with some wood again.

You can see it’s very, very low-profile comes in this nice storage case, which has the velcro here and before I, open that up size-wise. You know, I just want to show you. You know the firebox it’s about twice as big as the firebox, but you know you’re gonna get twice the cooking space, so if you’re cooking for multiple people, you know this may be the way to go, and it also comes in at half the price of the firebox as well.

So when you slide this open, there’s just two parts to it: really you just have the stove itself, and then you have the grill portion to it. You basically just flip it over lock your legs and just like that. You’ve got a portable fire pit and something that you can grow on. So, of course, you throw your charcoal in there or your your biofuel, such as your your wood and then the the grill just attaches to the sides here that locks in place, which is nice, you it’s it’s relatively sturdy.

You know this thing’s not going to tip over, but you know you can see size-wise. It makes a great companion camping, for example, maybe you’re going to a spot that doesn’t have a bonfire pit that you can that you can use. This is a great option for that. You’ve got a lot of cooking space here. So, instead of being able to just boil one pot at a time like you can do with the firebox or smaller type stoves, you can put multiple items on here.

So I could use a frypan. I could put a kettle on here as well. I could also put a few different pots on here and be cooking up food and boiling water at the same time or boil two pots of water. You can see that it would even take the larger bili pot size pots as well, and then also you can of course use it as a grill I’ve used it to cook brats I’ve used it to cook pork chops, use it to cook chicken.

Now I’ve only done a charcoal in it, since it does have that v-shape design to it. You know the charcoal does tend to sit down in that. Well, so you know you have cooler spots out here on the side, but it actually works kind of well, because you can you have a hotter spot in the middle and then cooler on the side.

So even though it doesn’t have a lid to it, you can sort of control the temperature that way, so it’s actually sort of a benefit in that respect. On the side here, you can see that the the grill just locks down on these tabs here just rests on these tabs, and then you have ventilation holes on the side and again, as you saw, the whole thing, just packs up, very, very small.

So let’s go ahead and get a small wood fire in here. I had a comment on my Instagram saying that it didn’t work very well with just traditional wood, so I’m gonna go ahead and test that out, I’m gonna cook, some chicken on it and I’m gonna. Take you along with me so I just had some fat wood shavings in the bottom.

They’re gonna go ahead and just light these up again. You’ve got the wind proof barrier there, so it makes it quite easy to light a fire and, of course, you’ve got the open pit there. So you don’t have to struggle with you know, trying to feed wood in, like you do on some of the smaller stoves, then I’m just gonna throw some bigger pieces.

On top of that now it’s been raining the past two days, so this stuff is sort of wet. So hopefully this is gonna work, okay, but really what I want to do is not cook over the fire. I just I I want to cook down to some coals. So I also have some seasoned oak here and hopefully be able to get that going, even though this stuff is semi wet as well thinking if I just lay it on top there you’re getting that ventilation from the side, so hopefully I’ll be able to get some of this oak going and we can get a coal bed and cook some chicken.

So after a short struggle with some wet wood, I think we got to go in here. You can see it’s pretty windy today and it’s handle in that just fine, so whether you use it as a grill or just as a small fire pit, it works pretty damn good, so I’m gonna let this stuff burn down to coals before we start cooking on it.

So it’s been about 20 minutes. You can see how evenly it’s burning. It’s pretty much just set it and forget it whether you’re, using charcoal or I’m using the seasoned oak die I cut it to length there. So it’s working well, one thing I wanted to point out is that these legs stay cool. You know kind of about 3/4 of the way up starts to get a little warm and then, of course, the bottom of this is is something you wouldn’t want to touch, but you could certainly move this around whether you wanted to lift it up onto a table or you know, move it around.

You could certainly do that. I also went ahead and put the grill top on there to sort of burn off some of the the food that I cooked on here previously. So it’s a little too hot yet to to cook with so I’m going to let it go a while longer, but I’m, certainly enjoying just sitting next to the fire out here on a cold day.

So I’ve just got a few chicken breasts here butterflied, you could probably cook four of those on here. You could probably cook four large pork chops or maybe six smaller ones. You could cook several burgers on here, a bunch of hotdogs on here, so you really do have a lot of cooking space here, not to mention you could use half of it to cook and the other half to boil water.

If you wanted to it’s getting cold out here and it’s getting dark quick, so I’m just gonna go ahead and throw these on here. Gonna sort of serum, because I did I still do have some flame in there, we’ll just sear these up and just flip them faster than I. Normally would there’s definitely a nice. You know hotbed of hotbed, of cold down in there, and it should cook these right up so when cooking meats, in particular on any open flame you’re bound to get some flare-up.

So you want to watch that on this, as you would any other stove if it starts to drip, you’re gonna get some flare-ups, but it’s maintaining a pretty consistent heat and it’s cooking. These very well again I’m cooking in the center there, which is the hottest portion of the grill. If I needed to cool it down or cook it a little bit slower.

You can move it off to the edge here where it’s not quite as hot. So I like that that, even though it’s a you know uniform cooking surface, there are different areas on the edges there, where it is a little bit cooler if you’re getting those flare-ups just you just have to flip your meat more often, but these are looking great they’re starting to brown up and they’re gonna taste great as well.

So remember this little piece that came with it in the beginning. This allows you to lift your rack off the grill, which is really nice. You can pull your food right off, take it to where you’re going to serve it or you could add more wood if you needed to so. My chicken is done now. Cleanup is super simple.

Just let the stove cool down dump your ash and fold it back up. So what do you guys think? Let me know in the comments section below I think it’s a fantastic piece of kit. Again, the price is right on it. You can cook a lot on it. It works real. Well, it works with dual fuel, so you can put in wood or you can burn charcoal.

So it makes it perfect for not only camping, you can even you could even take it hiking, you know, cuz, it’s flat, it’ll fit in your packet even will serve as sort of a frame for frameless packs and I find that nice as well. The other nice option would be for a job site. You know a lot of times. People just want to cook up some food instead of the expense of buying food every day, and this would certainly allow you to do so.

Just bring a bag of charcoal, and you know you could have a great meal right on the jobsite. So of course, there’ll be links below to Amazon, where you guys can pick. One of these up would also make a great gift for the upcoming holidays. Anything you do purchase through my amazon link does help greatly to support my channel and I appreciate that so I hope you guys enjoyed the video.

Please give it a big thumbs up for me, make sure you share it to any friends or family on your social media and if you haven’t already done so, click that red subscribe button and that notification Bell to be notified of new videos.

Coghlan’s Pack Silver backpacking grill

Coghlan's Pack Silver backpacking grill

Outfit your camp kitchen with this Pack Grill from Coghlan’s, which allows you to easily create a grill surface for pots and pans over a campfire. Made from chrome-plated steel, it folds flat for easy storage or packing. Its grill surface measures 12-1/2 x 6-1/2 inches and it stands approximately 7 inches tall. Coghlan’s makes the outdoors more comfortable and enjoyable with over 450 accessories for camping, hiking, fishing, and RVing — from cooking gear to first aid kits, insect netting, firestarters, tent repair, and more.

  • Heat up a meal or grill food in a pan, boil water, and brew coffee over a campfire on top of this freestanding backpack camp grill
  • Measures 12-1/2 x 6-1/2 inches and stands 7 inches tall; folds flat for easy storage
  • Affordable, essential gear for camping, backpacking, backcountry treks, and more
  • Sturdy, chrome-plated steel construction
  • backpacking grill

  • Product Dimensions: 12.6 x 6.69 x 6.69 inches; 12.35 Ounces
  • Item model number: 8770
  • Manufacturer: Coghlans
  • Brand: Coghlan’s
  • Material: Steel
  • Color: Silver
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 12.6 x 6.69 x 6.69 inches
  • Item Weight: 0.35 Kilograms
  • Type: backpacking grill

I’m gonna be doing a review of the nylon oxford bag for the grill. So that way it won’t poke anything my pack and once it gets black and I can put it back in this bag. It’s not gonna get anything in my pack, black, so I’m gonna go ahead and pull it out. I’ll show you what I got now. This is a luxury item at ten and a half ounces, though it is still, in my opinion, ultra light.

Okay, this is the cosmos pack grill and it’s packaged. Now again. This is only ten and a half ounces. Now I spend a lot of time. Outdoors and I. Don’t know how many girls have come across sitting at old campsites. You know sitting on the fire the fire ring hanging on trees. This is a packable grill. It’s big enough to cook fish, I’m, actually gonna cook a steak on this in a little while I’m gonna go ahead and kind of like let the fire build up a little bit of coals and I’m.

Gonna. Put this on there, throw my steak on and make myself some dinner. I got some steak and mashed potatoes coming pretty excited pick up my steak on there now and the shaker comes from GSI outdoors. They make it. They make a single one, which is just the bottom part, and then they make the triple one, which is the bottom and then two of these top parts right now I’m going to put this is seasoning salt, garlic powder and then I have salt and pepper on the body.

Now I’ve used these four different things. I’ve even put my iodine tablets in here. If I decided to take iodine, I can put the ID on one side neutralizer on the other, and you know to keep them separated and on the bottom. This is intended to be used to fill up one side, but when I use my tablet’s I go ahead and I put this on here. That way, I can take my tablets out of one side turn to take my tablets out of the other, but it kind of just fits in the bottom and the scat goes on.

I did salt, none will be pepper, the pepper now we didn’t do so go ahead and throw some more fuel underneath there and see if I can get my steak cooking. Now, I brought two pots with me this time and an alcohol show, but they go over the two pots. First. This is a halfpenny that I made a couple years back, actually more than that. It probably made that about four years ago, a bunch of shopping bags good for all kinds of stuff.

This is the they’re. Both a Musa pots from Walmart I have a seven hundred, milliliter and I think this is a 1 2, liter and $2 and $3, respectively, purchase at Walmart and I brought both of them today. In order to make my mashed potatoes and gravy okay, I’m gonna go ahead and heat up. Some water I put some markings on the inside of this pot a while back so that well therefore, I know where my 1 1 & 1/2 and 2 cup marks are so I’m gonna go ahead and put 2 cups of water in this for the mashed potatoes and there’s a to the mashed potatoes, another one, the gravy and then I’m gonna go ahead and put some more seasoning on the side of the state.

This here is going to be my best outdoors dinner ever I’ve never had steak in the wilderness. To be my first time. Who knows, it might be my last pepper on that? Yes, so right, all right, guys, hi-de-ho in buttery golden selects and McCormick’s brown gravy now I’m here I’m using the cotton bandana to move this stuff around. There’s a cotton won’t burn there we go so the grill is big enough right now.

For my steak. In my two pots, it’s not huge. It’s not like you’re gonna cook a meal, for you know 10 people on this, but for one or two people like this is this: it actually be a decent two-person meal. I tend to eat a lot I’m, a big guy. So for me this is a meal corn. This is gonna stuff me, though I’m gonna have to work on this for a good 45 minutes to an hour, get all this mashed potatoes a steak down, but I’m not gonna, leave any leftover, so I’ll tell you that it’s got a long day lot, I walk in and I’m kind of hungry.

Alright, let me go ahead and start my my gravy. The waters barely starting to simmer so I’m gonna go ahead and mix this up crazy, takes it and close to being done here, oh yeah, just about just about almost medium. It’s about medium, rare right now, I think just a little bit longer and it’ll be good to go. Gravy’s you’ve done in just a minute and right about then I think the mashed potato water will be done and okay flame, like that steak par, be done too.

Take this pour off to the side. That’s it for just a couple minutes! Nothing! You ready my gravy yes textbook to now I’m sleeping for granny, yes, delicious steak, mashed, potatoes and gravy all mccoggins can’t grill, okay, I’ve! Let the pack real cool off I’m gonna, go ahead! Put it back in this bag, get it ready to go home. I’ve constructed this bag out of an island Oxford for durability.

Why, though, when we next one I’ll make a quarter-inch wider, so it slips in a little bit easier, but that’s it now. This bag is going to keep the contents of my pack clean, so the COG glooms pack drill ten and a half ounces. The bag I think, is about point nine ounces, nine-tenths of an ounce. So under eleven and a half ounces you get a grill that you can use cook fish cook steak.

You know, put your pots on. You know what not and you’re able to keep the constant soup at clean and pack it out. I’m Anthony with while you got us, take care of thanks for watching.

Hey y’all Irish guy here wanted to do a review and I may mispronounced this, but it’s the coop cog lens or cool ins, Pat grill and you can find a link within this video’s description to where you can order it online. But what’s so cool about this, you can see now I’m going to put it on its side. So you can see it’s got these legs and then basically you just prop it up, and you have your your hot wood or whatever under there.

So when you’re backpacking and you want to grill a steak or or something else, I mean. Obviously you can always do hot dogs on a stick. But if you want to freeze you some steaks, Maronites, um steaks and freeze them and then just take them in a small backpacker to get your fire going pop. This out, put your put your steaks or whatever, on that, just a really good stainless steel, grilling surface and what’s so cool about this, is that it’s it’s pretty high.

You can see if you had even a significant size log right there. You would have plenty of space to have some some hot woods to to cook on top puzzle: nothing tastes better than then meat grilled on a campfire, not beans. It’s just awesome and see when you’re done. You can just simply clean it off fold it up, and it’s literally that timing and it’s very lightweight its stainless steel, but it’s very lightweight, so you know just simply lash it on and I’ll demonstrate this when I when I take it back packing, but you could simply lash it on to the outside of your frame pack.

All frame packs are different, but most all frame packs have a way to lash something. So even if you lash it down below where you keep your tents or if you put it on the back, if you’ve got webbing on the back, so I’ll demonstrate that, but just a really cool thing to take when you’re in the backcountry and you want to eat something better than just a hot dog on a stick or some MREs.

So again, you can find a link within this video’s description, where you can order this online and again it’s the and I may mispronounce, the Coggins Pat grill just really impressed with the quality. This is the size, the weight and just can’t wait to use it and grill some grill, some filet mignons on the campfire.

Thanks for watching share this video with others subscribe youtube com forward, slash Irish gap and enjoy all my backpacking videos. Y’all have a good day.

Expedition Research LLC Combo 2-Pack backpacking grill

Expedition Research LLC Combo 2-Pack backpacking grill

2-PACK. FREE CARRY BAG. The Bushcraft Grill provides easy campfire cooking with its sturdy stainless steel mesh and compact size. The Bushcraft Grill is custom built with thick edge-to-edge welding which creates a strong cooking space, unlike other grills that sag due to size and construction. This eco-friendly grill is ultralight and flat which makes it perfect for fitting into any backpack. The Bushcraft Grill is reusable and easy to clean. Grill Care: Even stainless will rust if not cared for properly. Wash and fully dry your grill before storage. Keep the heavy duty zip lock bag that your grill was shipped in to keep moisture out when storing in the offseason.

  • In 2018 we have increased the steel thickness and improved the welding.
  • Extraordinary stainless steel thickness and customized 3D mesh pattern results in the strongest open fire rated mesh grill available worldwide. No other grill has the same weight capacity.
  • This grill is specifically designed by experts for bushcraft and expedition camping. Engineered to fit into most backpacks.
  • 2 PACK – About 9.5” X 5” and 5″ X 5″ in overall size and .5” mesh size. Shipping in a 6mil Mylar retail zip-lock bag with a black nylon carry bag as shown.
  • Full stainless steel edge-to-edge welding across the entire mesh grill. Handmade in WA, USA.
  • backpacking grill

  • Product Dimensions: 5 x 9.5 x 0.01 inches; 4.48 Ounces
  • Manufacturer: Expedition Research LLC, Seattle WA, USA
  • Brand: Expedition Research LLC
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 5 x 9.5 x 0.01 inches
  • Item Weight: 0.28 Pounds
  • Type: backpacking grill

Two pack free carry bag, campfire cooking with its sturdy, stainless steel, mesh and compact size. The bushcraft grill is custom built with thick edge-to-edge welding, which creates a strong cooking space, unlike other grills that sag due to size and construction. This eco-friendly grill is ultra light and flat, which makes it perfect for fitting into any backpack.

The bushcraft grill is reusable and easy to clean, grill care. Even stainless will rust, if not cared for properly wash and fully dry. Your grill before storage keep the heavy duty ziploc bag that your grill was shipped in to keep moisture out when storing in the off season. You.

REDCAMP Folding Campfire backpacking grill

REDCAMP Folding Campfire backpacking grill

HEAVY DUTY & PORTABLE: Legs angle out for stability and help to take the weight. Legs can also be folded up for easy transport and compact storage. The outdoor Stainless Steel folding campfire grill with carrying Bag is essential gear for camping, backpacking, backcountry treks and more.

  • HEAVY DUTY & PORTABLE: Legs angle out for stability and help to take the weight. Legs can also be folded up for easy transport and compact storage. The outdoor Stainless Steel folding campfire grill with carrying Bag is essential gear for camping, backpacking, backcountry treks and more.
  • HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL: The over-the-fire camping grill is made of 304 stainless steel grate and the legs are made of 201 stainless steel. This helps the grill resist oxidation and corrosion. Stainless steel also makes it lighter and more durable than iron.
  • TWO SIZES AVAILABLE: The large heavy duty grill itself measures 17*12.6*5.7(LxWxH)when unfolded and 17.3″*12.6″*1″(LxWxH) when folded. The mesh grill itself measures 16.9*12.6*6.1″(LxWxH) when unfolded and 16.9*12.6*0.78″(LxWxH) when folded
  • VERSATILE COOKING OPTIONS: Use the camping grill for cooking over an open fire with existing outdoor cookwares to make delicious outdoor feasts, hot coffee, stacks of pancakes, fried eggs and crispy bacon. You can also heat up a meal or grill food in a pan, boil water over the campfire on top of this freestanding backpack camping grate
  • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: REDCAMP offers a 365-day limited manufacturer warranty. If you’re not satisfied for any reason, please contact us immediately and we will give you a reply within 24 hours
  • backpacking grill

  • Brand: REDCAMP
  • Material: Stainless_steel
  • Color: Silver Large Mesh
  • Type: backpacking grill

Material, the heavy-duty folding campfire rolled steel, which is durable and reliable in performance dimensions, perfect fit on your campfire, a fire pit to serve you delicious dishes. Unfold size is 17 x, 12, 2, x, 7, 8, 7, 43 x, 31, x, 20 centimeters, which can accommodate multiple pots and pans diamond-shaped mesh grille top the camping grill features a steel mesh, grill top, which allows heat to flow through from a campfire below stability with folding legs.

Durable, locking legs ensure stable placement can be folded for easy transport and compact storage. When you are done cooking, the grill will be hot when cooked cool before touching practical, campfire grill, making it easier to cook a hot meal with this portable outdoor folding grill, when you’re outdoors, designed for use with outdoor cookware, frying pans, skillets and pots for cooking over an open fire click.

The link in the description to get this product today at the best price.

Product parameters, material, 304 about 20 kilograms, product weight about 300 grams specifications, approximate open, 160, x, 160, x, 125 mm 6, 30 x, 6, 30, x, 4, 92, enclose, 160 x, 160 x, 15 mm 6, 30 x, 6, 30, x, 5 91 in package included, one pcx, camping, cooking rack, one pcx tote bag features. Note this package only contains burner support, but burners or other products, for example, burners hanging pots, gas, cylinders, etc.

There are photography reference objects. This bracket is convenient for you to stew, chicken or make soup during camping. It is stable enough to support big burners to make enough food for many people. If you use the small burner, you may accidentally spoil it into the ground. This bracket is stable. To avoid these problems, this stent can be a good stability to avoid such a thing must have for self-driving tour.

Besides the camp grill that we provide for you, here’s a handbag for you. It’s much more convenient to carry this grill while using a handbag. It comes with one-year warranty, guarantee and friendly customer service.

NASHRIO Portable Folding backpacking grill

NASHRIO Portable Folding backpacking grill

NASHRIO Campact Camping Grill


What better way to spend your summer than going camping? The weather is warm, you are around great people, and you get to take a break from“real life.”

When you go camping, one of the biggest concerns is ”what are you going to eat?” Though, you also need think about how you are going to cook that food.

The challenge of creating a satisfying group meal while away from home just got easier with the Portable Camping Grill – a lightweight, portable, stainless steel camp grill large enough to cook food for 3-5 people at the campground or the next tailgate party. The Grill offers 91 square inches of cooking space, can conveniently be set up in under 3 minutes and takes just 1 minutes to breakdown. The grill breaks down and all components pack up within the hollow side rails for clean and easy transport. The aluminum legs are 6 inches high. Dimensions assembled: 11 x 11 x 6 inches. Dimensions collapsed: 12.4 x 1 x1, Weight: 12 oz(342g). Grill is completely dishwasher-safe and allows backpackers, boaters and other outdoor minimalists to take charcoal grilling with them wherever they go.

Package Include
1 x Pocket Grill

Product Warranty
BLACKFAST Customer Sevice Team is dedicated to offer our valued customers a great and professional services – Timely email reply, Helpful solutions, Refund & Return Warranty. All BLACKFAST products supply 45 days money-back & 12-month warranty. Any questions you have, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will get you back within 24 hours.

  • ✔ High Quality – This collapsible grill is constructed from durable stainless steel and comes with a lanyard for easy hanging when in storage.
  • ✔ Easy to Clean – Just wipe the rods with a towel and slide back into the convenient carry tube.
  • ✔ Lightweight and Portable – The camping barbecue grill weighs only 12 oz and when packed up its dimensions are an incredibly small (12.4″ x 1″ x 1″). All grill parts are stored inside the tube and easily slide into your backpack.
  • ✔ Sturdy and Easy to Assemble – As long as the first and last rods on the grill are screwed in tight, the middle rods will be secure and won’t budge. Very sturdy.
  • ✔ Great Design – The grill’s neat and compact design leaves plenty of room in your pack for other essential items. No need to carry a heavy portable grill and propane tank on your next backpacking or camping trip. Assemble your grill in about three minutes and then gather some tinder and small branches to build your fire under it. Even when you are roughing it, you can still eat well!
  • backpacking grill

  • Product Dimensions: 12 x 1.18 x 1.18 inches; 8.01 Ounces
  • Manufacturer: NASHRIO
  • Brand: NASHRIO
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 12 x 1.18 x 1.18 inches
  • Finish Type: Electroplating
  • Model Name: S0002A1
  • Type: backpacking grill

This is about the size of it, with everything packed into it, about 12 inches long, it’s fairly lightweight and it is made from stainless steel. These are your tension rods, your grilling rods, and these are your four legs for it. This is everything out of the package and ready to set up. The first thing you want to do is: take your tension. Rods put them through the holes on the side here, run them all the way through and then thread them in just a few turns just to get them started.

So that way, you leave enough room between this section and this section to put in your grill rods all right. Now we have all our grill rods in, as you can see, and then we’ve tightened down our tension rods right here. I just give them a little twist until they’re, nice and tight, and everything is nice and snug, see no movement, and next you’re gonna flip it over and you’re, going to put your four legs on and these four holes here all right.

Now that we’ve got our four legs on, I like to use a multi-tool uh, something that you can get a nice little grip on and I like to give the legs each a little turn just to tighten them up. So they don’t wiggle loose on you as you’re grilling, your food, all right, we’ve tightened up our legs and they’re nice and sturdy, no wobble to them. Make sure when you, if you do use a little tool to tighten up, you don’t tighten too hard.

It’s uh! You don’t want to strip out the threads on there for the legs and so uh as soon as our fire is ready to go here, get a little charcoal warming up, getting ready to cook a nice little seasoned, hamburger, patty and uh all beef hot dog. So as soon as the fire is ready to go, uh we’ll put the grill on there and we’ll get to cooking all right. Now that we’ve got our fire, nice and hot.

Our coals are nice and white. There we’re gonna, take our food and put it on the grill and uh get the cooking here. All right! We’re cooking! Now we got the burger patty on there and the hot dog and, as you can see from the smoke coming up, the hamburger is definitely cooking with the grease drippings there. So it should be done in just a few minutes, and the nice thing I like about this with the straight legs is it’s.

You can adjust it to the height that you need. If it’s a little when you get higher, you can pull it up. If you need it lower closer to your fire, for whatever reason you can push it down a little further into the soft ground, wherever you’re camping, all right first side is done. Uh we just flipped it over onto the the raw side still and a couple minutes there and we’ll be good to go uh.

When I went to go and flip the burger uh, the spatula was able to slide right under. There was no sticking like, which is what happens on our uh gas grill a lot. So I’m really liking the fact that uh that’s with the stainless rods, but nothing stuck to it at all. All right, we’re all done. Grilling- and here we’ve got our perfectly cooked hot dog and hamburger and uh tell you what I really like this grill, besides from it just being portable and easy to carry around in a backpack, it’s very sturdy and seems very durable, still get out on the fire here and it looks like it should be pretty easy to remove.

I’m just gonna take my spatula here, go in between the tongs and lifts it right up out of the fire. Nice and lightweight definitely convenient, and I will definitely recommend this to all of uh, my friends in the boy scouts. So thanks for watching and I hope uh you found this informative and good luck with it. Thanks.

High quality, this collapsible grille is and comes with a lanyard for easy hanging when in storage, easy to clean, just wipe the rods with a towel and slide back into the convenient, carry tube lightweight and portable. The camping, barbecue grill weighs only 12 ounces and, when packed up its dimensions are an incredibly small 12 4 x 1×1. All grill parts are stored inside the tube and easily slide into your backpack sturdy and easy to assemble. As long as the first and last rods on the grille are screwed in tight, the middle rods will be secure and won’t budge very sturdy.

Great design. The grille’s neat and compact design leaves plenty of room in your pack for other essential items, no need to carry a heavy, portable, grill and propane tank on your next backpacking or camping trip. Click. The link in the description to get this product today at the best price.

Bitty Big Q 316 Stainless Steel Ultra Compact backpacking grill

Bitty Big Q 316 Stainless Steel Ultra Compact backpacking grill

  • It is compact, retractable and lightweight, 1.7 lbs. perfect for outdoor open fire cooking. Great for kayak/canoe/RV camping, hunting trip, bushcraft etc. Also can be used in your kitchen as a roasting rack and cooling rack.
  • Unique PATENT PENDING design – Fully open to a grill rack, grilling surface 16 x 10 inches. Easily serves 3-5 people. Fold it up after use, folded dimensions 6.70″ x 3.46″ x 3.43″. Easy for transport.
  • 3 adjustable levels – choose perfect grill rack height above your fire
  • True one-piece design – No assembly required. Easy and fast setup
  • Top quality – Made by 316 medical/marine grade stainless steel for ultra durability. Dishwasher safe. Easy to clean, scraper included. Easy to carry-carrying pouch included
  • backpacking grill

  • Package Dimensions: 7.48 x 4.13 x 4.13 inches; 1.7 Pounds
  • Manufacturer: Yehs Innovations Inc.
  • Brand: Bitty Big Q
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Item Weight: 1.7 Pounds
  • Type: backpacking grill

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