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  Osmo Nutrition PreLoad Hydration - 20 Pack - Women's CEP Progressive Run 2.0 Compression Socks - Women's Osmo Nutrition Acute Recovery - 16 Pack - Women's Julbo Breeze Zebra Photochromic Sunglasses - Women's Roka Falcon Titanium Sunglasses - Women's Tifosi Optics Wisp Polarized Sunglasses - Women's
  Osmo Nutrition PreLoad Hydration - 20 Pack - Women's CEP Progressive Run 2.0 Compression Socks - Women's Osmo Nutrition Acute Recovery - 16 Pack - Women's Julbo Breeze Zebra Photochromic Sunglasses - Women's Roka Falcon Titanium Sunglasses - Women's Tifosi Optics Wisp Polarized Sunglasses - Women's
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Brand Roka Osmo Nutrition Tifosi Optics CEP Osmo Nutrition Julbo
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Osmo Nutrition PreLoad Hydration - 20 Pack - Women's

The changes in estrogen and progesterone that come along with the menstrual cycle affect plasma volume and reduce the ability to hit high intensities. These are physiological truths that are addressed in the scientifically-developed Osmo Nutrition Preload Hydration for Women. Designed for use before intense efforts, ultra-endurance events, or exercise in hot conditions, this mix counteracts hormone-induced drops in body water, increases performance during hotter exercises, and maximizes sustained power while improving recovery afterwards.

  • Scientifically-developed mix for before intense physical activity
  • Mix designed to address physiological needs of female body
  • Increases performance, maximizes power, and reduces fatigue
  • Not recommended for ingestion during activity
  • Item #OSM000O
  • Osmo preload hydration for women was developed specifically for female athletes and to be used prior to hot events time trials long duration and. High intensity efforts preload for women. Increases your total body water and plasma volume supplies key buffering. Agents for anaerobic and aerobic metabolism and has branched chain amino. Acids to delay fatigue and expand total. Body water we all know that during exercise your working muscles produce. Heat and your body temperature rises when your body temperature gets above 103 degrees Fahrenheit your body systems. Become compromised resulting in a precipitous drop in power and performance what you may not know is that when an athlete begins to feel thirsty she's already at around a 2%. Body water loss which can result in an. 11 percent decrease in top-end power your body works to regulate increasing. Core temperature by moving blood to the skin and offloading heat through sweating for cooling to work though you need to maintain a balance of fluid in your body so you can sweat properly and maintain your plasma volume in hot. Environments and during high-intensity efforts water loss through fast breathing and sweating can be so rapid that it becomes impossible to replace fluids fast enough to maintain your optimal body water this drop in body. Water and the related rise in your core temperature hurts performance fortunately you can prepare for this by. Hyper hydrating which means going into. An event with extra body water keeping dehydration and it's related performance losses at bay that's where osmo preload. For women comes in female athletes face. Greater challenges with regard to body water and sodium losses in these environments simply because estrogen shifts fluid from the blood dropping. Plasma volume by 8% and progesterone. Decreases sodium in the body which also reduces the fluid women need to cool the. Core and to get blood to working muscles. There are three primary things that osmo. Preload for women does to improve the performance of female athletes first the. Sodium and extra fluid in preload for women increases plasma volume and sodium. Stores which in turn increase heart stroke volume and blood circulation this. Increased circulation allows your blood. To go both to working muscles and to the surface to dissipate heat with greater. Blood volume your muscles can metabolize properly and heat can dissipate from your skin at the same time second since. An athlete starts an event in a hyper hydrated state she has more total body water to support the body's thermo regulation system effectively slowing. The rate that her core temperature rises which slows fatigue and enables her to. Maintain power third the branch chain. Amino acids in preload for women helps. Delay central nervous system fatigue and expand total body water these amino. Acids also set up the body to have an elevated amino acid profile towards the. End of exercise reducing the muscle breakdown effects of progesterone and jump-starting muscle synthesis a key. Aspect of rapid recovery in short using. Osmo preload hydration for women before strenuous exercise sets the body up for. Success by boosting sodium stores. Maximizing blood volume and circulation and reducing central nervous system fatigue finally the addition of branched. Chain amino acids help reduce the breakdown effect of progesterone by circulating amino acids which allow you to recover more quickly.

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    CEP Progressive Run 2.0 Compression Socks - Women's

    As endurance athletes have known for years, oxygen is key to muscular performance. CEP's Women's Progressive Run 2.0 Compression Socks help your muscles move oxygenated blood faster and more efficiently so you can move in exactly the same fashion. Graduated compression construction means that these socks are tighter around the foot and ankle and looser around the calf, a design that prevents venous reflux and pooling while supporting your muscles to prevent minor injuries associated with your calves, achilles, and shins. For the dedicated runner or triathlete, these socks provide a welcome edge on race day or for recovery after long training sessions.

    • Graduatef compression construction means that these socks are tighter at your ankles and looser near your calves
    • Compression construction reduces fine muscles vibration, venous reflux, and pooling to increase oxygenated blood flow in your muscles for greater efficiency
    • Tended protectors provide support for your tendons, and a metatarsus compression zone supports your arch
    • Synthetic filament fibers are durable and feature a moisture-wicking finish to help move moisture away from your skin
    • Mesh structure and air channels vent away excess heat from your calves to the top of your feet
    • Wide, top bands comfortably fit around your calf to keep your socks in place
    • Toe seams sit flat against your foot to prevent pressure points and friction between your toes and your sock or shoe

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    Osmo Nutrition Acute Recovery - 16 Pack - Women's

    Get the recovery nutrition that matches your physiology and feel the difference in your performance with the Osmo Nutrition Acute Recovery for Women 16 Serv Tub. Women’s recovery physiology is largely influenced by the menstrual cycle, which results in progesterone and estrogen inhibiting muscle repair and glycogen restoration, making the recovery period critical. Osmo Acute Recovery for Women addresses these physiological realities and helps you make the most of your workout by getting your body stronger and working more efficiently quickly, while also accelerating the replacement of glycogen.

  • Mix for helping you get more out of your workout
  • Mix address female physiology for a more efficient recovery
  • Recommended time window for consumption is 30 minutes after exercise
  • Item #OSM000M
  • Osmo acute recovery for women maximizes your ability to recover quickly by giving your body the right nutrients after a training session to stop the body's exercise-induced stressors and start the recovery process exercise. Stresses the body and one of the outcomes of this stress is damaged muscle fibers when you stop exercising the body goes into recovery mode and. Begins to repair the damage caused by exercise proper recovery leads to. Training adaptations which is how the body becomes stronger faster and more efficient to maximize the benefits of exercise you have to help the catabolic. Or breakdown effect as soon as possible after exercise thereby rapidly shifting. Into recovery and providing the body with what it needs to repair and adapt recovery is the most overlooked but one. Of the more important parts of training moreover the first 30 minutes after training is the golden window to tap. Into muscle fiber repair and realize the adaptations you're working hard to achieve although recovery will happen over time if you consume specific. Nutrients when your body needs them you'll maximize recovery and reap the. Benefits of adaptations more quickly women face unique challenges when it comes to post exercise recovery one of. The most significant fact is that the recovery window for women is shorter than for men women have 90 minutes to maximize nutrients for recovery whereas. Men have three hours qui elevated. Concentrations of progesterone inhibit muscle synthesis and women which means. Women have a harder time repairing muscle and gaining the training adaptations they're working hard to achieve furthermore estrogen in the blood reduces carbohydrate uptake reducing the body's ability to maximize. And restore glycogen the other key factor in recovery. The three most important components of. The acute recovery phase are shifting. From exercise mode to recovery by shutting down the bodies break down respond taking in protein to facilitate. Muscle repair and restoring the body's. Glycogen stores here's how osmo acute. For women tackles each of these areas. Cosmo acute has a proprietary ratio of. Glucose whey protein isolate and my similar casein to help restore glycogen and create new muscle cells osmo acute. Uses whey and casein to key milk. Proteins proven by science to halt the catabolic effect on the muscles which is the first part of the acute recovery phase osmo acute also supplies the. Nutrients necessary to facilitate muscle repair the second part of the acute. Recovery phase in terms of protein whey. Is quickly absorbed encasing is a slower. Release protein so muscles have access to amino acids for repair over several. Hours cosmo acute for women as well. Includes a small amount of caffeine peer-reviewed science makes clear that ingesting a small amount of caffeine with protein and carbohydrate increases. The rate of glycogen recovery by sixty-six percent when compared to. Recovery formulas with just carbohydrates and proteins in short the. Combination of protein carbohydrates and caffeine in osmo acute for women is the. Most effective option for rapid muckle. Reparation and glycogen restoration and all of this is based on science which is. Why we can say the osmo acute for women is the most effective after exercise formula you can consume as a female athlete leading to better recovery. Increased training adaptations and better overall performance because if. You train hard you need to recover hard.

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    Julbo Breeze Zebra Photochromic Sunglasses - Women's

    The Julbo Breeze Women's Sunglasses with Zebra Photochromic lenses will adapt to the changing light when your run starts in the pale morning light and ends well after the sun's reached full height. Featuring Julbo's top-of-the-line Zebra lenses, these sunglasses rapidly adjust to changing light conditions and resist fogging thanks to an anti-fog coating and fully venting frame. The frame has a women's-specific fit and weighs just over an ounce, keeping them light and comfortable during those high-mileage grinder days. But, since keeping a pair of sunglasses light isn't necessarily enough to make them comfortable, Julbo integrated fully adjustable temples that can be adapted to match the shape of your head, and installed 3D Fit nose pads that can be adjusted to match the shape of your schnozz for snug and secure fit.

    Proposition 65 Warning for California Consumers: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and/or birth defects or other reproductive harm.

  • Zebra Antifog Photochromic lenses
  • Panoramic lens shape
  • 3D Fit nose pads
  • 360-degree adjustable temples
  • Grip Tech temple pads
  • Full venting frame
  • Women's small to medium fit
  • Item #JUL004U
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    Roka Falcon Titanium Sunglasses - Women's

    Every look can be improved with iconic aviator style, so the Roka Falcon Titanium Sunglasses will fit in with all of your outfits. These sunglasses are more than just a pretty look though, they feature Roka's C3 optics for excellent color definition and enhanced details. The lightweight lenses are ballistic tested to ensure their durability, and coated for protection against scratches, fog, moisture, and more. The titanium frame is extremely strong, yet doesn't sacrifice the ultralight weight, as the Falcon still weighs in at less than an ounce. Geko technology gives the nose and temple pads a secure grip that doesn't sacrifice comfort—and won't even catch on loose wisps of hair.

  • Aviator-style sunglasses with an ultra-light feel
  • C3 optics maximize details and colors
  • Lenses are ballistic tested for impact-resistance
  • Coatings resist scratches, fog, and moisture
  • Titanium frame is durable yet lightweight
  • Geko nose pads and temples for a comfortable fit
  • Item #RKA0007
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    Tifosi Optics Wisp Polarized Sunglasses - Women's

    Proposition 65 Warning for California Consumers: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and/or birth defects or other reproductive harm.

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